Galax Pro 1400W 5500RPM Circular Saw




  • Efficient and powerful motor: 1400W Powerful pure copper motor windings, this circular saw can deliver full-size performance at 5,500 rpm to cut through tile, wood, metal panels, plastics and flooring in a single pass with accurate blade; with the robust plastic lower guard designed to prevent injury from sparks or chips when operating
  • Adjusting the depth of cut and bevel angle: This circular saw has a depth fast and accurate adjustment lever to allow for adjustment of the saw’s base plate. Maximum cutting depth at 90 degrees is 62mm and at 45 degrees it is 46mm. 0-45° bevel tilt function, perfect for mitre cuts, bevels, framing and edging. Angle guide and quick adjust which locks for peace of mind
  • Laser and rip fence: This electric circular saw is equipped with an adjustable fence for thinner cuts, with graduated ruler markings on the base and fence; The integrated adjustable laser allows following the line along the length so novice and expert alike can saw perfect lines;Circular saw equipped with a hex key/nut for easy blade replacement, no special tools required;The motor housing is flat on the rear so it will stand with the blade up allowing simple and fast blade changes
  • Integrated dust extraction: Powerful integral blower keeps the line of cut sawdust free. Dust extraction facility for maintaining a clean work area and keeps the cut line free of dust for improved visibility; Only 4.22 kgs, it is lighter than regular ones to reduce your fatigue. Double switch requiring thumb and finger action allows one handed use but prevents accidental activation to guarantee your safety
  • What you get: GALAX PRO Circular Saw, 24-teeth TCT Circular Saw Blade, Rip guide, Hex Key, Dust Blower

Technical Details

Product description

Powerful Cutting
Pure copper 1400W motor running at 5500 RPM delivers fast and powerful cutting on a wide range of materials.
Iron chassis with steel reinforcement and high hardness gears delivers the perfect balance of strength, weight and cutting ability.

Flexible Adjustment
At 90 degrees the cutting depth can be adjusted from 0-62mm (2.45 inches), at 45 degrees from 0-46mm (1.81inches). Adjusts to any angle or depth within this range.

Muti Function
Laser guide and graduated ruler design offers straighter and easier cuts. Lightweight plastic guard provide added durability and offers protection. Integrated dust blower keeps the line of cut sawdust free to provide clear line of sight.

TCT Circular Saw Blade
24 tooth carbide-tipped blade lasts it a longer cutting life and can be applicable for cutting of wood.

More Safety
Double switch controlling prevents accidents and robust plastic lower blade guard guarantees your safety.

Unique Design
An ergonomic handle is convenient to hold the machine and makes this saw an extension of you!

Max Watts Out: 1400 watts
Voltage: 230V/50HZ
No Load Speed: 5500 rpm
Bevel Capacity: 45 degrees
Blade Diameter: 185 mm
Depth of Cut at 90 degrees: 62mm
Depth of Cut at 45 degrees: 46mm
Tool Weight: 4.22kgs

Package Contents:
1* GALAX PRO Circular Saw
1* 24-tooth Blade
1* Rip Guide
1* Allen Wrench
1* User Manual


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