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  1. I recently bough a Flexamol drill on Amazon, as you know. I am sorry to have to report that the drill has failed already. Something has sheared in the epicyclic gearbox and the chuck stops rotating as soon as load is applied.
    I am sorry to report this, as the set, overall, is a good one. Having bought this through Amazon, how do I get it repaid/replaced.
    Paul Stead.

    1. Hi Paul and sorry to hear that you’ve got a faulty machine! You will need to log into your Amazon account and organise a return through there. I hope this helps!

  2. Hi. I’ve ordered Indian Sandstone in a light grey colour and I’ve also just received Sika flint colour jointing compound. It maybe an obvious question, but I’m struggling to understand which process should come first: should I lay the paving and then use a sealer on the stone ( to prevent staining generally), or should I lay paving, joint with the sika compound and then apply a sealant? I can’t understand what the standard process is and given the above comments whether there is a benefit or risk of applying the sealant before jointing? I worry whether the resin joint will fix to the stone if it has had the sealant applied.

    1. Hi Jay, I personally would joint the paving first, wait a few days for the paving jointing compound to properly set, give it a good clean and finally seal the patio.

      Ultimately you’re supposed to re-seal the patio every couple of years or so (check the bottle of patio sealant for clarification) which means that next time you’ll end up sealing it with the jointing compound anyway.

      I hope this makes sense!

  3. I’ve used this product twice, first when it was installed by the landscaper, after pressure washing the slabs 2 years after installation I succeeded in blasting the jointing compound out aswell. So had to re do the joints. I watched him use it and he did not wet the Indian sandstone to start just brushed it in. there were no problems with residue or staining and on both uses It set hard. Have you any experience with customers pressure washing their patio and loosening the compound ? Could it be because the patio was not wet at installation or is it common? Ive avoided cleaning the patio for a couple of years to avoid £70 for more joining compound each time!

    1. Hi Helen, although you are suppose to wet the area before applying the paving jointing compound, it does eventually harden either way. Unfortunately, whether you use a mortar mix or the jointing compound for your pointing, jetwashing your patio always runs the risk of blasting some out.

      However, if you use a pointing trowel to properly compact the compound when applying (instead of just brushing it in), you should get better results!

  4. Hi i have used the sika fast fix buff on my modak indian sandstone patio and have done exactly what is said to do on the tub two days gone bye and still not set is this the set time weather dependent .

    1. Hi Robert, I wouldn’t worry! We’ve had the paving jointing compound take a good week before setting before, I think it often depends on the weather!

      Apologies for the late reply, after 6 days has your Sika Fast Fix jointing compound hardened yet?

  5. Hello, we had our garden patio laid last year – gardeners used sika but I felt it never properly dried out. They used the charcoal sika on grey Indian sandstone and although looks great the residue is awful – no amount of sweeping seems to clear it completely. Any ideas? I’ve actually been looking in to outdoor hoovers as it bother me so much!

    1. Hello, after a year I would have thought that the residue would have cleared long ago! I wouldn’t have thought a hoover would pick the residue up, instead I would recommend jetwashing your new patio with hopes of removing the residue. If you blast any of the old paving jointing compound out of between the paving slabs then I would just re-appy the jointing compound, this time being careful to not get it everywhere (I know it wasn’t you that applied the compound previously).

      Just apply what you need into the gaps and compact with a pointing trowel. I hope this helps!

  6. My patio (pale grey) always has darker edges next to the grouted joints after using this stuff. I suspect due to the resin leaching into the stone. Fades after a while though, and not noticeable if applying sealer after grouting.

    1. Hi Pete and thank you for your comment! This can also happen when we point a patio with a mortar mix instead of the paving jointing compound but as you said, it does fade after a while! Sealing the patio afterwards is great advice!

  7. After drying i have noticed some staining to my Modak sandstone and i have washed with warm soapy water and tryed hyperchlorite on one slab to see if it would get rid of them and it hasnt any ideas on how to get these stains out as i want to seal it .

  8. We have got stains on our Indian sandstone after using sika at the weekend. It was swept over but can’t remove the staining and it looks quite oil based on the slabs? My husband has sealed other areas before starting in case that helps. He has followed all instructions but it’s not looking like it will come off. Any help gratefully received!

    1. Hi Corinne, I see it’s been 5 days since you posted, has the resin started to come away from your paving slabs? In my experience and looking at other comments in this article, others have had the same problem when using the Sika fast fix paving jointing compound but after a week or so the resin does come off. Please share your results as time goes by.

  9. How long does it take to harden? I used it yesterday and the weather has been dry (wetted the area before hand), went out to check it this morning (almost 24 hours later) and it is still as soft as when I applied it nearly 24 hours earlier!

    1. Hi David, yes this is completely normal! Sometimes it has completely hardened within 24 hours but other times when I’ve layed the paving jointing compound it has taken a few days.

  10. Hi, I had a landscaper install new patio slabs in my back garden and they used the grey/charcoal coloured sika in between the joints. We had dry weather at the time and during the first week following the installation. However the few days after installation we noticed some areas the sika although it was hard/set (felt solid at touch) it was coming out of the joint – it appeared as solid strips, so I was having the stand on it to fix back into place. Four weeks later and there are now more areas where its either parts or completely missing or strips of joint sticking up as its loose. Whereas other areas seem fine..is there a reason why this could have happened? Thanks

      1. Hi yes I believe they did. I recall seeing an area covered in water (but I didnt see when they did the other areas).

  11. Your comments are so helpful. My supplier definitely didn’t wet the patio first. He had to grind out the old sand and cement mortar, but some places he missed, (got bored I reckon with a 200 sq metre patio!) and just lay the Sika over the top of the old grouting. This has now come out after pressure washing, although it was done by a professional, and he used a big circular head, not a jet and was very careful. How deep should the Sika have been laid? I had no problem with staining so found the comments interesting. Some weeds were starting to come through after only 6 months. I would really value your comments. Thank you

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