Einhell Bench-type Circular Saw TC-TS 2025/2 U





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No annoying dust

The dust extraction on the housing and on the transparent saw blade cover ensure a clean workplace during sawing. A wet/dry vacuum cleaner can be connected to the suction connection on the back of the circular table saw to quickly remove dust.


Everything safely stowed in one place

The accessories holder ensures safe transport and storage – the sliding carriage and the tool for changing the saw blade are well stowed away. A cable winder is integrated on the device to prevent cable chaos!


Planning extensive sawing work? We have just the thing!

The Einhell circular table saw TC-TS 2025/2 U is equipped with a high-quality carbide saw blade, making it ideally equipped for extensive sawing work in the home, workshop or garage. The fold-out table extensions create 165 mm more space to the left and right.


Straight cuts with the parallel stop

The parallel stop can be quickly adjusted with the eccentric clamp and provides straight cuts on the workpiece. A scale with a lens is attached to the worktable to set the sturdy metal slide exactly to the dimensions you need.


2-in-1 saw blade adjustment

With a crank combination attached to the housing, both the height and angle of the saw blade can be adjusted easily and individually for each cut with just one hand.

  • The Einhell TC-TS 2025/2 U bench-type circular saw is a powerful helper with a rating up to 2,000 W with which keen DIY enthusiasts can perform work on solid wood, wood fiberboard and similar materials.
  • The bench-type circular saw has a carbide-tipped precision saw blade, the height and angle of which can be easily adjusted with just a single hand maneuver using the 2-in-1 blade adjustment facility.
  • The upgraded, extremely sturdy parallel stop makes light work of precise longitudinal cuts, and for angle cuts the angle stop (+/- 60°) and the tilting saw blade can be used.
  • The sturdy side tables enable the support surface to be made even larger: There are width extensions to the left and right for wider workpieces. The sturdy base frame provides a comfortable working height of 850 mm.
  • For keeping the workplace clean while working, dust can be vacuumed via the the housing and the saw blade cover. A device for winding up the power cable is integrated on the housing.

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