Trueshopping 700W Drywall Sander



  • Allows you to sand large surface areas with ease
  • Extends for use on high ceilings and walls
  • Features LED lights to illuminate target area
  • Dust extractor keeps particles to a minimum
  • Product arrives with 6 pieces of sand paper

Technical Details

Product description

Our 700W Dry Wall Sander allows you to cover large and hard-to-reach areas to create a smooth finish on any primed plasterboard wall or ceiling, making light work of what otherwise would be a much harder task.

This lightweight tool is easy to carry around and doesnt take up much room in storage, standing upright with minimum fuss. It features a large sanding disc to cover a wide coverage area so you can get the job done quickly and to a high standard. Six pieces of sand paper also come with your purchase, meaning you can get to work right away.

The 3-metre cable means you wont be tied to closely to the plug socket while the extendable feature allows you to reach spaces that are usually hard to tackle. Just as importantly, the 700W Dry Wall Sander also comes with a dust extractor to keep dust spray down to a minimum (although we would still advise you to wear a mask).

Use the pivoting head to find the right angle to suit the wall being sanded and there are six different settings to choose from to find the right level required. This 700W Dry Wall Sander also features LED lighting to illuminate the surface area being worked on, so every part of the wall can be tackled and sanded down to perfection.


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