TOUGH MASTER Screwdriver Cordless Electric 3.6V DIY Rechargeable



  • Powerful Motor: The cordless electric screwdriver from TOUGH MASTER has a fantastic 3.6V motor, as well as an electric brake for quick start-and-stop functions. This helps to prevent improper use and decreases the risk of surface damage
  • Multi-Speed: Make your usual, analog screwdriver a thing of the past with this cordless screwdriver’s 3 speeds, including slow (4NM), medium (5NM) and fast (6NM). Having multiple speeds to choose from will improve your accuracy and allow for faster application of screws
  • Professional 52 Bits: This cordless screwdriver comes with S2 bits which are manufactured from high-strength, heat-treated, S2 grade steel. Bits are shock and wear-resistant, and feature precision machined tips to provide an optimum fit
  • High Torque Performance: This innovative screwdriver tool has an all-copper motor which allows 250rpm rotation speed and 6NM maximum torque, lowering energy comsumption and maintenance. Install wood, plastic, and metal components without the ache of strained wrists
  • Magnetic Bit Holder: Thanks to the bit holder’s magnetic feature, there’s no longer a need for long pauses to mess around with drill bits. Increase your productivity today with TOUGH MASTER by easily inserting and removing your screwdriver bits

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