Concrete Pavement Breaker 52CC 2 Stroke Petrol Blasting Jack Hammer



  • Replacement chisels included: There are two types of chisels: flat chisels and pointed chisels to meet various construction needs. They are all made of heat-treated alloy steel. Once clamped, it will never fall accidentally.
  • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE AND TOP QUALITY: It has 1900 watts of motor power. Backing it up is a heavy-duty metal construction that symbolizes extreme durability and corrosion resistance.
  • 360° rotating shock-proof handle: In order to adapt to different positions in different environments, a 360-degree adjustable front handle is designed. Its non-slip rubber greatly enhances friction and absorbs vibrations, allowing complete control of the hammer.
  • Maximum comfort and unparalleled control: the trigger and lock buttons allow you to control the speed more safely. Oil ports make machine maintenance easy. Finally, thermal vents will effectively dissipate heat and take safety to a higher level.
  • Wide range of applications: The blasting hammer enjoys a high reputation in the demolition, trenching, chiseling, and hole-breaking of concrete, blocks, bricks, tile plaster, etc. You may find its versatility in a variety of situations such as plumbing, interior finishing.

Technical Details

Product description


Pull Launcher:
Place the machine flat on the ground, hold the operating handle with one hand, quickly pull the operating handle 50cm with the other hand, slowly loosen it to 20cm, then quickly pull the operating handle 50cm, repeat this operation until the engine starts.
90# and above, after adding pure gasoline to the fuel tank, cover the fuel filler cap and shake well.
Oil: Two-stroke oil must be used, and no other oil can be used, otherwise it will easily cause problems such as cylinder pulling.
Steps to install the collet:
1. Put into the tank area.
2. Rotate the latch to lock the pick.
3. Check whether the installation is in place.
Wide Application:
Suitable for tearing up foundations, ripping up driveways, demolishing re-enforced, concrete floors or walls, breaking through solid rock, etc.
Product Description:
Engine displacement: 52CC
Mixing ratio: 25:1 (gasoline:oil)
Fuel tank capacity: 1.3L
Shock frequency: 1500BPM
Engine power: 1900W
Impact power: 20-65J
Impact frequency: min/700-1350 times
Flat chisel*1/7-piece set*7
Oil distributor*1
Tool kit*1


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