8″ 200mm Cyclone Dust Fume Extractor/Ventilation Fan + 5m Duct



  • Supply: 230v 1ph Power: 130W, Fan Diameter: 200mm, Fan Speed (max): 2800rpm
  • Air Delivery: 1300m3/h, Static Pressure: 200Pa, Noise: 65dBA, Fan Weight: 6.3kg
  • Robust welded steel construction, Flared end for attaching ducting
  • Balanced carrying handle for transportation, Guarded on/off switch, Anti-vibration rubber feet, Fitted mains plug
  • Ideal For: Workshops Welding Booths Factories Laboratories Roof Spaces

Technical Details

Product description

The Cyclone Dust Fume Extractor allows you to extract or supply air. Rapidly remove stale air, fumes or dust, or bring fresh air in, to create a safe and clean environment to work in, with the Cyclone Dust Fume Extractor. The Cyclone range of Dust Fume Extractors are made to the highest standards with high quality components that are made to last. The core is made from high class cold-rolled silicon steel, which results in a smaller energy loss and less than 50k temperature rise. Use of high grade, 100% enameled, copper wire with better insulation. Strong oscillating overload capacity means the motor is better protected and lowers the risk of burning it out. Durable aluminium allows for high precision with low running noise. Steady ball bearing performance which is able to run for 5,000 hours continuously. Thermal protector, further protects the motor. Other features include: flared ends to allow easy attachment of ducting, balanced carry handle for easy transportation, guarded on-off switch and anti vibration rubber feet. Ideal for use in many applications where you need to either extract stale air out or bring fresh air in e.g. building sites, workshops, welding booths, factories, laboratories, roof spaces etc. This product comes with 5m flexible PVC ducting.


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