My thoughts on the Parkerbrand Petrol Pressure Jet Washer 6.5HP 2900PSI


I feel that at £189.99 it’s really important to write a review on this petrol jet washer whether you are looking to use it for home use or business use. Before I begin with this review, it’s important to know that if you use this for business use then it will void the warranty, which I assume is because it’s not meant for heavy use.

My first impressions of the Parkerbrand petrol jet washer 6.5HP 2900PSI

Being a landscape gardener, I don’t have much time to perform Jetwashing jobs, but every now and again I’ll put on my waterproofs and welly’s and get stuck in! Being as I only use my electric Karcher Jetwash once every 4-6 weeks or so, I wasn’t worried about the warranty side of things. Although that’s what I thought!

Don’t get me wrong, my first impressions of the Parkerbrand Jet washer were great. It arrived via next day delivery in a Parkerbrand box, and I had it all put together in no more than 10 minutes. It seemed sturdy and well built and very much looked forward to using it the next day.

So the next Morning came, and I couldn’t wait to show up at my customer’s garden with my new petrol Parkerbrand petrol Jet washer. I really felt like I looked the part compared to using an electric jetwash and after connecting the jetwash all up and pulling the cord, it fired up straight away and ran lovely.

I could not believe the power of this thing! I have always struggled to remove the black spots from paving (lichen) even when using chemicals, yet the Parkerbrand petrol pressure jet washer was removing them with ease. After 2 hours of use and always wanting to look after my equipment, I turned it off to give it a break for 30 minutes. I remembered it saying something similar in the instruction manual. But this is where the problems began!

When did the problems start with my Parkerbrand petrol pressure jet washer?

So after 30 minutes I was looking forward to using the Parkerbrand petrol pressure jet washer again and went to start it up, with no luck! And after a few more attempts the pull cord was stuck from the pressure. I thought, ok, fair enough, maybe I had left water in the system after turning it off. So with a spark plug spanner readily available, I removed the spark plug, pulled the cord to release the pressure and put it back together. Pulled the cord and hey presto! The jet washer started straight up and ran lovely again, for 30 minutes anyway! Then it cut out and I had to repeat the process all over again.

After repeating this 3 times, the Parkerbrand petrol pressure jet washer failed on me altogether when I noticed fuel leaking from the carburettor. After searching the van for some sealant, I removed the carb and sealed all 3 gaskets stopping the leak. Fired her up and all went well…For another 20 minutes until I lost all power again! I just couldn’t believe it! For a petrol jetwash to work so well when running, to be let down just a couple of hours after use.

I called Parkerbrand who advised that the customer service had to be done via email, and although I wasn’t happy about this at the time, I have to be honest and say that they were surprisingly quick with getting back to me. After a short discussion, we agreed that the carb was faulty and that they would send another one out via next day delivery, which they did. But after changing the carburettor, this made no difference to the machine.

The problem with Parkerbrand when buying their petrol jet washer is that they don’t accept returns of a used item. You can only send it off for repair. At this point, I just thought what’s the point and lost all faith in the petrol pressure jet washer and stuck with my Karcher which had never let me down.

My overall thoughts on the Parkerbrand petrol pressure jet washer

Of course, I could have had the only faulty Parkerbrand petrol jet washer on the market. But in my experience alone, unless your prepared to keep repairing the machine, it’s just not worth buying. I essentially paid £189.99 for 2-3 hours worth of jet washing, this wouldn’t have been good for even domestic use. It’s such a shame as when it’s working, it’s an absolute brilliant machine!

I would love to know your thoughts on the Parkerbrand petrol jet washer! Have you purchased one? Please let us know in the comments below! Oh and if anyone has had the same problem as me and repaired it, then please share also!

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  1. David Fox says:

    I bought a PPPW 3100 at end of Oct 2020. Like you I thought it fantastic to start with. I only use it to clean my monobloc (private user). On my 6th use the jet stopped. The hose had split.

    Parkers said the hose was damaged by the exhaust and refused to replace it – operator responsible for the damage. I then went and looked more carefully at the machine. The hose outlet is about 7cms from the exhaust and directs the hose towards the exhaust. The hose will curl towards the exhaust when in use.

    Parkers could not supply me with another hose (not even with me paying). They told me to go to Ebay.

    I then asked them to tell me how to set up the machine to prevent the same happening again. They do not seem willing to reply. I suspect they are well aware of the problem and do not want to enter into correspondence about it.

    Think carefully before buying this machine.

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