Yeegewin 1800W Heat Gun Heavy Duty Hot Air Gun Kit Dual-Temperature Settings


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  • ►【Fast Heat Up & Dual Temperature Control】 1800W heat gun provides strong power and quickly heats up in 1.5 seconds. The heat gun can switch the temperature between the low setting of 425°C/800°F and the high of 600°C/1112°F with a single push of a button to easily, which can help you finish household home improvement tasks and meet different needs in your life.
  • ►【Durable & Easy to Use 】Compared with conventional mica heating elements, our heating gun uses ceramic heating elements, provide high heating efficiency, stability and longer service life. It is along with a all-copper motor, making it low noise and high efficiency. Lightweight, compact and no excessive button design for easy to use and handling.
  • ►【Overload Protection & Free Hand 】 Yeegewin heat gun possesses overload protection to prevent the main power line from overheating and damage Internal parts and circuits. The design of rear cover flat and bracket is ideal for stand by itself upright to free hands so you can bend a piece of PVC pipe at just about any angle without using any adhesives or elbow joints.
  • ►【Four Nozzles Accessories】Wide Nozzle: For paint or adhesive removal. Glass Protection Nozzle:Welding plastics, soldering and shrink wrapping. Reflecting Nozzle: Heat shrinking tubes, shaping PVC tubing or thawing frozen pipes. 3-Layer Focusing Nozzle: Welding plastics, soldering and shrink wrapping. 4 Attachments meet different application needs.
  • ►【Attention】The heat gun will emit white smoke in a short time after starting up, which is a normal phenomenon.It can operate in AC 220V-50Hz. After using several times, the front tube will become darker, which is normal due to the high temperature cycles.Anything happened about the product, please feel free to contact us at any time, we are always here for you.

Technical Details

Product Description

Dual Temperature heat gun

  • Overheat protection: When the internal temperature of the heat gun is too high, the heat gun will switch to overheat protection mode: automatically stop heating and will restart when the heat gun cool down.


  • Normal conditions: There is a thin anti-rust coating on the outside of the heating coil. After opening the heat gun for the first time, the heating coil heats up and the anti-rust layer melts, producing white smoke and an unpleasant smell. This is normal and can be used without worry.


  • The included 1.5m cable may not be enough for all needs. It can be used with extension cords if desired.


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  • Safe and Reliable: The built-in overload protection of the hot air gun prevents the circuit from being damaged. Pass the fireproof material test to eliminate safety hazards. Ensure safe and reliable use.


  • High and Low Temperature Settings: You can switch the temperature between the low setting of 426℃ and high of 600℃ with a single push of a button to easily help complete household home improvement tasks.


  • Ergonomic Design and Ease of Use: The convex non-slip handle and balanced weight distribution prevent repetitive strain injuries.


Be careful when using the heat gun on flammable objects and objects made of low melting point plastics. For safety reasons, do not place the heat gun near objects that are to be heated or dried.

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