Yard Force 40V 32cm Cordless Lawnmower Plus Cordless Grass Trimmer with ONE Lithium-ion Battery & Quick Charger LM G32 + LT G30

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Brand Yard Force
Power Source Battery Powered
Colour Black,orange
Style LM G32 + LT G30
Weight 12.25 Kilograms
Cutting width 32 Centimetres
Number of positions 5
Operation mode Manual
Product dimensions 102D x 97W x 40H centimetres

  • 40V lithium-ion Samsung interchangeable battery
  • Mower with 32cm cutting width, rear roller and 5 cutting heights (20mm-60mm)
  • Trimmer with 30cm cutting width and flower guard, wheels support for easy trimming & Edging
  • Lightweight, manoeuvrable and easy to use
  • Ergonomic soft grip Comfortable handle
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From the brand

From the manufacturer

twin pack lawnmower and grass trimmer

cordless lawnmower

yard force

Yard Force is an internationally recognised brand with years of industry experience and knowledge, specialising in petrol, electric and battery-operated outdoor equipment. Full of unique and innovative technologies and ergonomic designs, Yard Force offers a comprehensive range of garden power tools delivering reliability, durability and high performance.

Yard Force 32cm Rotary Li-ion Cordless Lawnmower and Grass Trimmer 40V Twin Pack

Lightweight and powerful 40V lithium-ion Lawnmower and Grass Trimmer twin pack, with one battery system, easy to interchange between the tools.

  • 40V Lithium-ion Samsung interchangeable battery
  • Mower with 32cm cutting width, rear roller and 5 cutting heights (20mm-60mm)
  • Trimmer with 30cm cutting width and flower guard, easy for trimming or edging
  • Lightweight, manoeuvrable and easy to assemble


central height adjustment mower

collection bag for lawnmower

small & compact mower

Interchangeable Battery

40V 2.5Ah Lithium-ion Samsung interchangeable battery powered grass trimmer.

Central Height Adjustment

The single lever height adjustment with 5 cutting positions ensures the ideal cut throughout the season. Ranging from 20mm-60mm.

Grass Collection Bag

Fitted with a 30 litre, hybrid grass collection bag with full level indicator, designed for free flow of air, compacting the grass clippings for less emptying and longer mowing times.

Small and Compact

For gardens with lawns up to 300m², this lawnmower’s small and compact design is perfect for keeping todays modern gardens neat and tidy.

lithium-ion battery


plant guard


Interchangeable Battery

40V 2.5A Lithium-ion Samsung interchangeable battery powered grass trimmer.

Edging Facility

The edging function adds a lovely neat finishing touch to your lawn by trimming the edges.

Plant Guard

The handy plant guard will help you to avoid shrubs, flowers and garden furniture when trimming your lawn.

Adjustable Handle

This grass trimmer comes with adjustable handles and an automatic line feed for quick and easy trimming. The adjustable handle means that you can reach the most difficult areas.

Additional information

Weight 12.25 kg
Dimensions 40 × 97 cm
Part Number

‎LM G32 + LT G30

Product Dimensions

‎102 x 40 x 97 cm; 12.25 Kilograms


‎1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Item model number

‎LM G32 + LT G30


‎LM G32 + LT G30




‎LM G32 + LT G30

Power Source


Item Package Quantity


Included Components

‎Lawnmower, grass trimmer, charger, battery

Batteries included?


Batteries Required?


Battery Cell Type

‎Lithium Ion

Item Weight

‎12.2 kg



Delivery information:
Date First Available

3 April 2019



10 reviews for Yard Force 40V 32cm Cordless Lawnmower Plus Cordless Grass Trimmer with ONE Lithium-ion Battery & Quick Charger LM G32 + LT G30

  1. Wee Eck

    Easy to use.Bought it wFrom Amazon Warehouse. It was a bit more damaged than I thought it would be but managed to fix it so all ends well.

  2. Michael

    Cannot complain for the priceDid my first cut of the year on the highest setting this afternoon after buying this yesterday. I like probably most were sceptical of the battery mower and its low price, especially with it being a bundle but I have to say I was shocked at how good of a deal this bundle is. Maybe a slight caveat as I only used the highest setting (However I did reduce to number 3 on the small front lawn).My battery arrived with 88% charge so I charged it to the full 100 to see how much it used, I have two lawns but they are not massive by any means, once id edged all around both, cut the front lawn on the highest setting then again on the middle setting then cut my larger back lawn I still had 41% remaining so I could possibly get away with doing it again if I was quick?.Good points:*I didn’t realise how much of a difference being cordless would make, no more messing around running extensions leads from the conservatory and having to fight a wire all the way around, did both gardens in about half the time.*Super lightweight and easy to maneuverer, I was only using one hand most of the time, just moved effortlessly.*Cuts really close to borders and walls, I did not need to strim in half the places I use to have to with my old mower.*Fairly quiet, both strimmer and mower didn’t seem to make half as much noise as their corded friends in the shed.*The strimmer is quite tame, powerful enough to strim with ease but without throwing all sorts of debris up, the strimmer can also rotate into an edger with a wheel on which, if you’re anything like me, stops you from cutting new unwanted borders into your lawn.Minor complaints:*I found the bottom screws a bit troublesome to get in but apart from that setup is straight forward and easy.*The side button which activates the mower I found sticks a little bit so sometimes takes 1 or 2 goes to start up, may loosen up with a few more uses but this was probably me being a bit too cautious on my first go.So far im really happy I chose to go cordless!

  3. Bar_man_andy

    LightweightLoved howlightthe lawnmower is and gets the job done on 2 small to medium gardens. Depending on how long the grass is, one charge of the battery might not be enough. Love the hight adjustment to the lawnmower, however the lawnmower struggles on the low height setting, especially if the grass is long. I previously had a flymo, which has great power, but it was very heavy, and took twice as long to cut the grass than it did with my new yard force lawnmower. You can forgive the lack of power and battery charge for the speed and weight of this mower. It also has a safety key in the battery compartment for safely cutting the power off rather than removing the battery when clearing the grass from the grass collection bin of the mower. Overall 8.5/10

  4. Darryl W.

    Lightweight mowing.For me the mower was too lightweight. But I guess if that is what you are looking for it will be a bonus.You also need to keep an eye on the ride height settings lever, a few occasions it has jumped to a lower setting without my noticing, possible caught on some overhanging plants like daffodils.I liked the fact that the wheels are inside the cutting area which allows you to cut right up to the edge of the lawn without the wheels falling off the edge of the lawn.The battery charging is very fast.I also liked the grass box having an extension into the mower which stopped the cut grass falling out when you removed the box for emptying.Overall, I didn’t like the mower to start with due to its lightweight. But having used it a few times it has grown on me, and I now consider it a good purchase.

  5. I. P. Gearing

    Not without drawbacks.The original delivered had to go back because it’s had poor fittings on the stanchions, that is the holes were incorrectly drilled and the bottom of the stanchions were corroded.First off on the cuts that was set to the 4th of the 5 optional cutting Heights the whole thing was done with about 77% of the battery.When the battery was recharged to 100% it dropped overnight to 99% but stayed there for the next 10 days.The lawn I am cutting is about 230 square metres so should come roughly within the advertised 300 square metres that this is supposed to be able to cover maximum.I wish.Today it managed about 140 square metres before the battery went flat. The grass was still quite long, cutting on a number 2 setting, it came to a halt on several occasions as it went across the lawn. Basically the motor cut out when it became too much to cut the grass, so this is somewhat reserved for shorter grass lengths rather than long ones. I see from the reviews that others have had this problem too.I do not really want to spend another £60 on a spare battery so I will have to look at cutting the grass more frequently in order to get it within the units parameters safely and comfortably, though the battery degradation at new does give me cause for concern.The closer the cut the more battery this uses, not unreasonably I suppose as it meets more resistance from longer grass. One way to deal with the longer grass is to drag the mower rather than push it and use the rear wheels as a way of raising the height then lowering it to cut down. Sounds finnicky but it works reasonably well when you get used to it. The back lawn referred to above I have now cut back at the lowest setting and about 90% of the battery is consumed in doing so. The front lawn, roughly the same dimensions but with longer grass (I quite like the meadow effect) takes about 140% of the battery capacity dragging rather than pushing and on the longest grass, ie trims the least amount, setting.Overall you pays your money and you takes your choice and if you’re going to go for a bottom end price cordless lawnmower then this is a reasonable option but of course it will do so at a price that comes with a limited performance and in my experience some quality control issues. Must admit I did expect better of Yard Force on this latter issue but machine was replaced without fuss.

  6. Richard M

    Great Value and very good performanceI bought this as Used/ good as new – it came without the manual and there was a slight scratch on the body work but everything was there and the unit was very clean – possibly not even used.The battery is very good with the indicator of the amount of charge left. It takes about an hour to fully charge from 5-10%.My lawn is about 100 sq m overall and i could do it all on a 30/ 40% charge easily. My lawn is also a little uneven, so having a wheeled mower is more convenient than a hover mower.I had to do a few initial cuts to get the grass to a reasonable and uniform length (after the winter) and I would say that you cannot just cut anything with this mower, you may need to do a few runs and reduce the cut height each time otherwise the motor may cut out.The unit is so light and easy to manage.For the money (£124) I cannot complain but here a few possible issues that may deter some people, 1)the motor may cut out if you try to cut long grass at the lower settings,2)because the mower is so light you have to make sure that the front wheels are on the ground and not lifting up, 3)the start button (specifically) and pull bar are a bit tricky – it took me 3 goes to get it right the first time, 4)a 30l box is fine for trimming but you will have to empty several times on a long cut on a reasonable lawn.All minor issues.Overall this is a really nice mower with the main conveniences of a petrol mower but the affordability of a corded mower.

  7. Joan G.

    easy to handlecame in a box which when i unpacked and put everything together(easy) i found the battery was missing. contacted customer services who said the couldnt send me out a battery i had to return everything. the other option was for a refund so i could buy a replacement battery, which i agreed to, they refunded £39.99 which at the time was good or so i thought until i started to look for batteries, i was rather shocked to find they were in the region of £80, so that was a disappointment and i felt let down. fortunately my son lent me a battery that fits and i must say i am very pleased with the lawnmower very easy to use. cant say i,m happy with amazon though.

  8. George

    Fantastic value – but a NIGHTMARE to assemble!Great lawnmower and strimmer – fantastic value… but a NIGHTMARE to assemble. Two grey poles are supposed to slide into the body of the mower, then you put a screw through the hole in the pole that lines up with the body. The problem is that where the hole in the pole has been made, it makes the pole warped/too wide to fit into the body of the mower. Believe me this wasn’t from lack of force… I was worried I was going to break the wheels at one point by pushing down so hard! In the end I had to grease up the poles and put them in ice (to try and make them contract/shrink) just to get them to fit. The greasing of them helped the most – but it was still a struggle to get them in.This aside – once I finally managed to assemble the rest of the mower and the strimmer after and hour and 45 mins – I took them both out into the garden and was very impressed. Off one charge I managed to use both the strimmer and the mower to cut all of my small back garden. Both were easy to use and lightweight. The battery charges surprisingly quickly too.Great value for money… but only if you can be bothered with the nightmare of assembling!

  9. Allan

    Nice Light Easy to Use Lawnmower But with Appalling Support ServiceThis was my second purchase of the Yardforce G32 cm Lawn mower. The first one arrived with a damaged grass cutting collecting box. I contacted the support department at Yardforce who confirmed the broken component was covered by their 3 year warranty, but it is not in stock, and has no time scale of delivery.So Amazon accepted my refund request; The entire kit was rejected and returned and a new mower delivered.I enjoyed using the mower. It was very light-weight, easy to carry up the rockery steps to the lawn, and able to cut my 160 sq meter lawn with half a charge left in the battery. Unfortunately the mower could not cope on it’s lowest setting, but I was happy to set it one cut higher, and do that twice a week as it only took 12 minutes or so each cut.But within 6 weeks of use the rear roller broke while in use on a level lawn with no obstructions or obstacles, and inspection of the component showed how poorly constructed it was. But hey, no worry, it’s warrantied for 3 years, so I contacted the support number.My mower had already been registered with the manufacturer, but the call-taker was not familiar with my model, or my registration, and he felt satisfied that his job was done simply by “raising a support ticket” for which I could expect a response in an “unspecified time frame”.I thought this was ridiculous, so I looked on the coreservice website where they carry spares for Yardforce products. The rear roller should be a warrantied item, but again it is not in stock, and there no time scale of delivery.This is not acceptable service from a manufacturer, and the unit has been returned and refunded by Amazon.I do not recommend this product.

  10. GA

    Surprisingly Good Lawn MowerThe lawnmower looks like a toy but it does a great job cutting my elderly father in law’s three small lawns. I’ve been using it during his illness but he won’t struggle once he’s better. The three lawns are each about 20sq metres, or yards and I do them twice. Higher setting, then lower the setting and go again. It’s super fast with no cables to slow you down. No issues with the battery life.My only gripe was the button on the side of the handle was a bit ratchety, requiring a hard press or a sort of double press. Not smooth like it should be. I could manage with it no problem but my father in law found it difficult. I’ve returned it as faulty and ordered a replacement, expecting that to be different. I’ll update when I receive it. Amazon brilliant in dealing with the return by LiveChat.

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