Yard Force 1500W 36 cm Electric Scarifier with 5 Working Depths – EA U36, black/orange

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  • Powerful, electric 1500W scarifier for healthy looking lawn
  • 36cm working width and 12cm working depth
  • 5 working depths from +10 to -12cm
  • Large 45l grass collection bag
  • Foldable handles for easy and compact storage
  • Power source type: AC/DC
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Yard Force garden power tools

Yard Force is an internationally recognised brand with years of industry experience and knowledge, specialising in petrol, electric and battery-operated outdoor equipment. Full of unique and innovative technologies and ergonomic designs, Yard Force offers a comprehensive range of garden power tools delivering reliability, durability and high performance.

1500W 36cm Electric Scarifier and Aerator with 5 Working Depths

For healthy-looking lawn

  • Powerful, electric 1500W scarifier and aerator
  • 36cm working width and 12cm working depth
  • 5 working depths from +10 to -12cm
  • Large 45l grass collection bag
  • Foldable handles for easy and compact storage
  • Comes with set of blades for scarifying and a set of tines for aerating





Depth Adjustment

5 working depths for all-year-round lawn maintenance from +10cm to -12cm. It will help to remove moss, dead grass, and thatch down to the roots.

Powerful and Efficient

This powerful 1500W machine has 2 functions for scarifying and aerating to maintain a healthy-looking lawn all year round.

Large Collection Bag

45L grass collection bag and a long cable for easy and quick maintenance of your lawn.

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 42 × 31 cm
Product Dimensions

‎53 x 42 x 31 cm; 12 Kilograms

Part Number

‎EA U36

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Power source type


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Date First Available

30 Jan. 2021



4 reviews for Yard Force 1500W 36 cm Electric Scarifier with 5 Working Depths – EA U36, black/orange

  1. the Colonel

    Depends on what you expectThis machine is mainly plastic. Nothing wrong with that – makes it non-rust and easier to clean. Handles and their fastening are a bit spindly, but then they’re not required to heave around a heavy machine. Only real concern is whether the plastic is strong enough in the right places not to crack (once had a petrol lawnmower with a plastic body – after 30yrs it was the engine that failed, not the body).This machine is certainly light weight. Would have preferred an orange electric cable rather than black to make it more visible so as to avoid accidentally running over it.How does it perform? If you want to remove moss / thatch it will certainly do that. Just throw away the collection bag as others have said. When I started off I couldn’t understand why, after one metre, the machine wouldn’t go forwards any more. It was the collection bag full getting stuck on the ground. So continued without and cleared up with a rake and wheelbarrow. No problem.Only gripe is the depth advertised is misleading – 12cm is not possible when the blades are only c. 5cm long. Meaning at full set depth, with the wheels on the grass it’ll only scratch the surface of the ground.In my case, I was removing dead grass and was hoping to disturb the first inch or so of soil to prepare for re-seeding, but that proved virtually impossible (I was using the rotovator blades, not the springs).When using the blades the amount of junk it pulls out is incredible, but be warned – it does this rather well to the extent if one went over a second time there’ll be no grass left!

  2. Amazon Customer

    LawnIt works very well ( eddy)

  3. Mrs. L. Hurndall

    Got the moss up and out of the lawnto be honest I didn’t realise that we had so much moss growing in the garden, as we filled up many garden waste bags. Great bit of kit for the garden.

  4. R. Sheffer

    Excellent value compared with similar product in price rangeI found this to be a very sturdy and well built product once assembled. The product does have some weight to it and the comes with a set of scarifing blades and one set of raking tines in the form of quick swap cassettes which also have some weight and are of very good quality.It is very straightforward to assemble as well as operate and swapping between the scarifier and rake cassettes takes only a matter of seconds.My first use left me very impressed. The product has five settings, +10, -3, -6, -9 and -12. The height positions are controlled by a single dial on the front of the scarifier. I found that position 0 when used with both the scarifier and rake cassettes was more than enough to remove surface debris and weed grasses from the lawn whilst leaving the lawn greener due to the rubbish removed.All in all, great value for money against comparable scarifiers that I have used in the same price bracket. Very sturdy and should last years.

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