Wolf Creek 58G Multi-Tool 58cc 2 Stroke 5 in1 Long Reach Hedge Trimmer, Strimmer, Pruner Chainsaw, Brush Cutter & Extension Pole

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Brand Wolf Creek Tools
Power source Petrol
Colour Orange and Black
Item weight 6.5 Kilograms
Cutting width 25 Centimetres

  • Wolf Creek 58G 5 in 1 Garden Multi tool
  • Interchangeable heads (Hedge trimmer, strimmer, brush cutter, pruner and extension pole)
  • Superior performance and reliability for all your pruning / trimming / strimming needs around the garden.
  • Certification: CE Quality
  • Powerful 58cc 2-stroke


Product Description

Wolf Creek Multi-tool 58G

Wolf Creek Multi-tool 58G

The Wolf Creek Multi-tool cutter has been designed and built to deliver superior performance and reliability for all your pruning / trimming / strimming needs around the garden. Features a 58cc petrol 2-stroke engine, our most powerful 2-stroke engine ever.


1. LONG REACH HEDGE TRIMMER Design and manicure your garden hedges with this top of the range Hedge Trimmer. It’s multi-positional head rotates from 120 to 270 degrees and is fully adjustable to 10 different positions. When attached to the engine unit it has a total length of 236cm / 93″. With the extension pole attached the total length is approx. 320cm / 126″. The overall length of the cutting shears are 45cm / 18″.

2. STRIMMER HEAD A must for all keen gardeners to keep weeds and meadow areas cut back. Features twin nylon line strimmer head with an 18″ diameter across the head giving a large area cut. With orange protective cover for added safety and protection against debris. Opposite thread nut to ensure tightening on strimmer head. When attached to the engine unit it has a total length of 222cm / 89″. With the extension pole attached the total length is approx. 320cm / 126″.

3. BRUSH CUTTER Heavy duty steel blade for brush cutting and ideal for cutting thick brambles, shrubs, brush, nettles, larger twigs and thick overgrowth. Triple arc brush cutting blade – double-sided 1.4mm thick blade with 255mm wide cutting blade. When attached to the engine unit it has a total length of 222cm / 89″. With the extension pole attached the total length is approx. 320cm / 126″.

4. LONG REACH TREE PRUNER / CHAINSAW The tree pruner / chainsaw is made for cutting small and medium branches from trees and shrubs featuring the world renowned Oregon cutting chain. Pruner has 25cm / 10″ cut with a chain pitch of 0.325″. Self-priming chain oil lubricant bottle (on pruner head). When attached to the engine unit it has a total length of 222cm / 89″. With the extension pole attached the total length is approx. 320cm / 126″.

5. LONG REACH EXTENSION POLE You also receive a snap-in / snap-out extension pole that enables extended use of all the tools. The length of the extension pole is 84cm / 33″.


Engine Model Wolf Creek 58cc
Engine Type 2-stroke vertical single cylinder
Displacement 58cm3
Engine Speed (Idle / Max) 3000 min-1 / 7800 min-1
Compression Ratio 7:1
Fuel / Oil Ratio 40:1
Fuel Tank Capacity 1.2L
Ignition CDI System
Starting Method Recoil
Cooling System Forced Air
Sound Pressure Level (LPA) 102dB(A) K=3dB(A)
Sound Power Level (LWA) 111dB(A) K=3dB(A)
Spark Plug L7T or equivalent
Dry Weight (Approx.) 5.2kg

Additional information

Item Weight

‎6.5 Kilograms

Material Type

‎Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel

Power source type


Item model number

‎Wolf Creek Multi-tool 52



Date First Available

20 May 2015


‎Wolf Creek Tools

10 reviews for Wolf Creek 58G Multi-Tool 58cc 2 Stroke 5 in1 Long Reach Hedge Trimmer, Strimmer, Pruner Chainsaw, Brush Cutter & Extension Pole

  1. Amazon Customer

    A worthwhile purchase, but not to be undertaken lightlyI picked this because it seemed to be very good value for money, I need a strimmer and brush-cutter, and the occasional access to hedge trimmer and chainsaw is useful. I am an experienced user of 2-stroke garden power tools so although I have never used any Wolf Creek equipment, I expected to be able to deal with this.The equipment arrived promptly, and was not too difficult to assemble; however if you are not competent at DIY you may not find it so easy. The manual describes how to fit the throttle cable and assemble the trigger mechanism, but this was already in place. The manual is unfortunately a bit sketchy in places!I spent ten minutes trying it out as a strimmer, then thought I’d test the hedge trimmer attachment with extension, so fitted that. Now I couldn’t get it to restart. After much trying, and contact with Equipmart’s tech support, I noticed that the primer bulb wasn’t filling with petrol and not pulling fuel into the carburettor. This isn’t immediately obvious as the siting of the bulb is on the underside of the carburettor where you can’t see it without a bit of effort. Further discussions with tech support suggested that the plastic feeder tube in the petrol tank was either kinked or the filter dislodged or blocked. After emptying the tank, I managed to get the tube hooked out of the filler cap and was able to see no problem with the filter on its end. Finally I was able to obtain an endoscope camera to see into the petrol tank and confirm no kink. Someone I know who maintains such machines thought there might be a problem in the carburettor. At this point, tech support promised me a new engine, gave me advice over the phone as to how to remove the drive shaft from the current engine, and told me to package it ready for the courier to collect this when they delivered the new one. Happy to report that the new engine was delivered next day, I was able to fit it and test it with strimming and hedge-cutting, and it works fine. Overall I consider the problem unlikely to be of Equipmart’s making, and to give them credit, diagnosis over the phone is hard, and when they determined no resolution was possible by me they addressed and solved the problem quickly, albeit needing a fair degree of technical competence on my part.So, what is it like in use? I find that now, this new engine starts very well both from cold and when warm, and unlike some of these tools I have used, doesn’t sulk if partly cooled down from earlier use. The strimmer and bump head work well, but I haven’t refilled the strimmer line yet so cannot comment on this. The hedge trimmer is ok, but not as effective, the angle gearing is a bit bulky and tends to drag on the hedge below the blade. Changing the blade angle is pretty easy once you’ve worked it out – it isn’t like the manual, there is a spring bolt to pull out that releases two levers that you squeeze together to release the angle (a third hand would be useful here!). I haven’t yet tried the chainsaw attachment. Overall impression: not the best but reasonably well built, competent enough and excellent value for money.A few points to note:1. Like any 2-stroke tool this is not low maintenance – it’s not plug in and use like an electric hedge trimmer or strimmer. In addition to this kit you will need to obtain the petrol and 2-stroke oil, a mixer bottle so as to get the proportion right easily, a bottle of chainsaw oil, some lithium grease and a grease gun. Look after the kit and it will give good service.2. It is apparently important to USE ONLY RED (SEMI-SYNTHETIC) 2-STROKE OIL, NOT THE GREEN OIL, irrespective of whether the bottle of green oil claims to be suitable for garden 2-stroke engines. Failure to do this apparently causes deposit to build up round the spark plug and will result in the engine no longer starting. Beware!3. When starting a warm engine you need the choke open, but it is very easy to catch the choke lever as you pull the starter, inadvertently closing the choke and making it harder to start until you notice what has happened.4. It is also very easy to nudge the Stop switch as you handle the throttle trigger during starting (though not during normal operation). If you do nudge it, and it’s easy not to notice, then of course it will not start until moved back to the ‘run’ position.5. Changing attachments, or inserting the extension shaft, is quite easy once you work it out – here the manual is nearly useless. When the plastic knob on the female part of the join is loosened, a spring loaded cover opens, and under is a spring catch you press to lift a flange which engages with the slot on the male shaft. When you push the shaft into the female socket, it can take a bit of jiggering to get it all the way in, as the drive shaft in the centre of the tube needs to seat in the relevant socket inside the female tube. Once it is fully in, twisting the tube to either side enables the flange to locate in the slot, which you will be able to feel. Then push the spring cover shut and tighten the plastic knob until it is finger firm. To remove again, undo the plastic knob to release the spring cover, and press the catch until the flange lifts enough to pull the shaft free. It’s awkward the first couple of times but does become routine!

  2. Roger-Marie Howes

    but came down on Wolf because the engine was twice the capacity and I knew Wolf tools to be good. The value for money of the WolThe first thing that was obvious on opening the box was the sheer quality of the product, but then Wolf has always produced quality tools. I am still using Wolf tools I purchased more than a quarter of a century ago! I compared the Wolf against the Titan available from Screwfix, but came down on Wolf because the engine was twice the capacity and I knew Wolf tools to be good. The value for money of the Wolf is exceptional. The listings says that it has been reduced from £600 to £200. I don’t know about £600, but it’s certainly worth more than £200I have given this multi-tool 4 stars. The reason I have not given it 5 stars is:1. When cutting a high hedge (using the hedge trimmer) the cutter was higher than the engine, but even with only a partial tank of petrol there was a small leakage from the filler cap that (because the filler cap is on the left-hand side of the petrol tank) seeped petrol onto my work clothes on my right hip. I subsequently needed to change my clothes after using the tool, and have a shower. I checked a number of times that the filler cap was on correctly, and tightly, but the problem remained. Had the filler cap been on the other side of the tank it would have been OK for right- handed people, but still a problem for left-handers! I will need to use some polythene sheet on my right hip to avoid this. I have to assume that when strimming or using as a brush wood cutter, and the petrol tank is higher than the cutting end, this would not be a problem. But, when trimming a hedge, one would expect to use the tool at all angles and heights!2. The electrical on/off switch is situated immediately above the the throttle control and, when wearing gloves, it is so easy to accidentally push the switch (which requires only a very short travel) to the off position. This then requires off-loading the tool and restarting the engine. Frustrating!3. The user manual states that the maximum thickness of branch that should be cut using the hedge trimmer is 3/16″, even though the width of the cutting teeth will accommodate at least 1/2″. 3/16″ is a trivial thickness for a tool of this power. My Aldi electric hedge trimmer can manage a lot more than that! I suggest Wolf need to rethink this as this multi-tool is a professional bit of kit and this limit is unrealistic.4. The user “manual” leaves a lot to be desired as quite a few details regarding assembly of the tool are simply not included. I had a number of wrong fixings until I figured it out. Also, the manual states that the shoulder harness has a quick release mechanism that can be used in emergencies. The harness that comes with the tool does not have this.5. The throttle mechanism that fits around the shaft can move around the shaft, even though the fixing screws are tight – a previous reviewer has pointed this out. As one has to hold the control when using the tool, I didn’t find this a particular problem, but I can quite understand that this might concern users.In conclusion, this is a super quality tool at an exceptionally cheap price, but you just have to be aware, and make accommodation for, the odd limitation. But, nothing major.Added 24/11/14: I spent some time attempting to ensure that the petrol filler cap was really on square; I managed it by screwing it on whilst forcing one side down with my thumb. It actually worked, so, as a result, I no longer get petrol seepage from around the cap. It seems to be an iffy screw thread on either the petrol tank or the cap itself – or both.

  3. Dan H.

    You get what you pay for.The crankcase is leaking after only 3 hours of use.The engine kept cutting out until I replaced the spark plug with a four year old one from my previous brush cutter.Out of 4 hours of use I have spent 1 hour trying to restart the machine.If I had not been on tight time schedule to get the job done, I would have sent the machine back.Im a bit disappointed but hey, I guess you get what you pay for and this was cheap.

  4. Russ C.

    Very versatile bit of kitIt’s a bit heavy but once you get used to it it’s fine.

  5. Ms. J. Breslau

    Works well but very heavyWorks well easy to swap attachments but very heavy especially with extending pole and hedge trimmer

  6. Peter Molloy

    Naturally I was sceptical when it arrived thinking it was bound to be cr@p but if I get a few summers out of it I’d be happy. II had been looking for a petrol driven multi tool for a while and settled on this one, perhaps lured by the price which was £200 or so down from £600. Naturally I was sceptical when it arrived thinking it was bound to be cr@p but if I get a few summers out of it I’d be happy. I couldn’t have been more wrong. This is a great tool. OK there are probably lighter ones on the market and easier to assemble ones, but those two points aside, for the money this is great value. It looks durable to me and if treated right, has the look of something which will last. The hedge tool made mincemeat of massive laurels we have and the little chainsaw is super effective. The brush blade is amazing too on long/thick grass and weeds. This tool is so good I’ve had neighbours asking to borrow it and passers by asking whether I was a pro gardener! We live near some cycle ways and it’s so good I’ve even found myself maintaining the hedges along them as it’s minutes work not hours. Take the time to set it up properly and not rush through the instructions. It doesn’t come with oil either which isn’t immediately obvious but as I have a motocross bike I had high performance two stroke oil in the garage.

  7. martin waller

    GreatUsed it a lot in the last 3 daysWorth the money would buy again

  8. Amazon Customer

    It is OKThe instructions were for a previous model and were confusing. I don’t think of myself as ‘dense’ but the instructions needed deciphering. As I am mid way through a renovation of a 450 year old thatched cottage – much of it by myself I am used to practical tasks. The product itself seems well made for the price, though as yet I have not used it much. Thank you

  9. Paul Pring

    Heavy and the tools are a little flimsyThis is essentially a decent brush cutter, but the add on tools are a little flimsy. The hedge trimmer did not survive the first use, the drive mechanism works, but the joint between the end of the pole and the hedge trimmer broke and the tool no longer operates. Pretty poor really, but the brush cutter is good. Not tried the chainsaw attachment yet.

  10. Forsh

    Very heavy to use!Ok. This product does all the jobs that it says. It’ s quite difficult to get the hang of setting it up and you have to tighten the handles really tight – better to pack the joints with something non-slip and then tighten. The real issue is the weight – especially on long reach. If you don’t get the balance right than you need to be Charles Atlas to use it. And no way should you go climbing ladders with it – it’s just too dangerous. Not recommended for anyone over 50! – look at the electric chargeable options instead. These can be annoying as they run out of charge quite quickly but at least they are a good deal lighter than the petrol driven multi-tools !!!

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