Wingfly Electric Nail Gun 100 Nails High Strength Framing Nailers 30/min



  • Powerful: Electric nail gun has 1800W high power and strong penetration ability, strong penetration ability, which is a hit and wear, perforation and outside easy to penetrate to ensure hardwood.
  • Save Time: The nail gun is 30 / min high speed quick link setting no need for heavy air pump, quick connector, continuous operation to ensure efficient nailing.
  • Exterior Design: These pneumatic nailers have a lightweight aluminum housing, which makes them a tough tool, and the rubber handle is designed for a secure hold and greater comfort.
  • Various Uses: This nailer stapler is ideal for interior and exterior cladding & trimming, furniture, carpentry work, stairs, skirting boards, window frames, chair railing foot profile and much more.
  • Service: Note: Head width 1.87mm, shank thickness 0.73mm, shank width 1.2mm;We are confident that the quality of our product is 100% certified. If there is any question, please feel free to contact us.

Technical Details

Product Description


F30 single-use nail gun can be used for straight nailing:

F15 (length 1.38 cm),F20 (length 1.8 cm), F25 (length 2.4 cm), F30 (length 2.9 cm),

Beat wood, suitable for household DIY to make cabinets, boxes, home improvement, and nail cargo logistics racks



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