Wilks-USA TX850 Petrol Power Pressure Washer 15.0HP 4 Stroke Engine 4800 psi / 331 Bar Pump Jet Wash for Patio Car Driveway &

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Brand Wilks
Power source Corded Electric
Colour Black
Maximum pressure 331 Bars
Item weight 71.65 Kilograms
Hose length 12 Metres
Product dimensions 55L x 76W x 62H centimetres

  • 12 month warranty and free to call UK based technical support line
  • Super convenient usability, simply put it in the boot of your car or on board your boat and this tap or barrel fed wonder will give you high power cleaning in an instant
  • Includes five “Snap in” nozzles, each one gives you a unique cleaning function
  • Producing ultra high peak power of 3950psi, perfect for cleaning your car, driveway, paving, home, decking and more
  • Features a 8HP 210cc four-stroke engine with stubborn reliability and it’s fuel-efficient so you can keep cleaning for longer between refills


From the brand

Product Description

Wilks TX850 high power water jet petrol pressure washer

Wilks – The Petrol Power Washer Market Leader

Unbeatable Performance and Reliability

Wilks is the market leader for petrol jet washers due to their unparalleled performance, reliability, and high-pressure output. The TX850 is designed to be suitable for domestic use too. The top performer in its class yet it’s still maneuverable due to its heavy-duty wheels and clever design.

High Pressure Output, Low Fuel Consumption

The TX850 produces a remarkable 4800 PSI at 331 Bar from a quality Wilks 4-stroke OHV 450cc Engine. Wilks have created a superior design that outperforms other pressure washers. The huge power output means that you will complete cleaning in a fraction of the time and with low fuel consumption to keep running costs to a minimum.

Quality Brand, Fantastic Reputation

After many years of designing jet washers, Wilks provides unbeatable machines that will be sure to keep you loyal to the brand for years to come.


  • 4800 PSI / 331 Bar Max Pressure
  • 3600 PSI / 248 Bar Sustained Jet Pressure
  • 840 Litres per Hour Flow Rate
  • Wilks 15HP 4-stroke Engine
  • 20 Meter Hose and Recoil Pull Start
  • Oil Type 10W-40
  • Fuel Type Unleaded 95+ / 5 Litre Tank
  • Includes all accessories as standard

Wilks ultra reliable jet wash pump

Power washer quick fit 'click and go' nozzles, the detergent nozzle is ideal for car cleaning

Petrol power washer heavy duty travel wheels

Wilks Ultra Durable Pump

When you combine a Wilks 4-stroke OHV 450cc engine with an ultra durable Wilks pump, you get unbeatable reliability. Featuring an anodized crankcase, forged brass cylinder, fully adjustable pressure and quick connectors.

When you buy Wilks, you will get the very best design and materials.

Variety of Click & Go Nozzles

This comes with 5 ‘click and go’ nozzles, each with a specialised function. The red is for blasting, yellow for stripping, green for cleaning, white for washing and blue for detergent application. With Wilks, you will be able to clean almost anything.

Massive Power, Transportable

This pressure washer defines what is possible from a pressure cleaning machine. The unit features large heavy duty travel wheels to make moving the unit so easy. Also the handle folds down to allow for easy storage.

Petrol pressure washer with feed from tap or barrel

Jet washer with solid steel frame and a high power engine

Power washer long 20 meter high pressure hose

Feed from a Tap or Pond

Suitable for use almost anywhere with the functionality to feed with water from a tap, bucket or pond. A hose and filter system is included to keep debris out and protect the engine.

Robust, Heavy Duty Build

Designed with durability in mind. This power washer has a solid steel frame. Also, with an automatic stop/start pump, you can be sure to only get the water flow when you need it.

20 Meter High Pressure Durable Hose

This comes with a 20 meter high pressure hose so you have plenty of reach. With the long reach you can spend more time cleaning and less time moving the unit.

Additional information

Weight 71.65 kg
Dimensions 76 × 62 cm
Product Dimensions

‎55 x 76 x 62 cm; 71.65 Kilograms

Part Number


Item display height

‎62 centimetres

Item display length

‎55 centimetres

Item display width

‎76 centimetres

Item display weight

‎71.65 Kilograms

Power source type

‎Corded Electric

Manufacturer reference




Date First Available

4 May 2022



10 reviews for Wilks-USA TX850 Petrol Power Pressure Washer 15.0HP 4 Stroke Engine 4800 psi / 331 Bar Pump Jet Wash for Patio Car Driveway &

  1. phil

    1 year reviewI’ve had this Wilks pressure washer for just over a year now and I can safely say it’s been brilliant. From march to around October last year I used it about once a month on various patios and drives. It’s started and run smoothly every time. It doesn’t leak thanks to the plumbers tape that was provided. It doesn’t rattle itself to pieces and seems well made. Just use common sense when you use it and follow all the instructions . Keep it on level ground when in use, make sure oil is up to the required level, release all the air in the system before firing it up. Fully uncoil the high pressure hose etc etc. It’s a great machine!!

  2. wILL oWEN

    PowertasticGreat powerwasher, oodles of power, easy to assemble, fantastic run time on a full tank. The only negative I have is the fuel cap, it could do with a better seal / rubber washer, it’s not as tight as I would like it to be.

  3. A seasoned buyer of internet things

    Well made, powerfull and decent price.Have always wanted a washer but was never sure of the quality / power of electric washers. Also, the thought of electricity and pools of water always worries me. I’ve got a petrol mower and strimmer so I’m comfortable with ‘gas’ tools. My patio hadn’t been cleaned in best part of 20 yrs and was in quite a state to be honest. I asked for quotes on FB marketplace to have someone clean it so I could weigh up buying against hiring against getting someone in.Searched for weeks and the Wilks brand kept coming up (on amazon and e b a y) with mostly decent reviews. Most negatives seemed to be based around getting a petrol engine to start. Theres plenty of reviews advsing basic commonsense tips and being familiar with small petrol engines I wasn’t put off. Thought that if I’m investing then I may as well pay a few quid and get a decent one. The Wilks TX750i is used professionally by a guy on youtube id seen so thought it will probably be reliable.Was just about to buy at full price (£379) but noticed the “Used-very good condition ‘ for £221.99’ and thought ‘blow it! Its a punt’ and Id already considered buying a washer off ebay second hand for that anyway so hit the buy button. Its got a 12 month guarrantee so knew I’d have that to fall back on. Flapped a bit  wondering if Id made a big mistake getting a ‘discounted’ item but toughed it out. Paid the tenner for express delivery.It came a day earlier than I was expecting by courier (good job i was in or the neighbourswould have been peeved) . Guy took it to the garden for me. Nice chap. The box says “used-very good condition’. There was some very slight scratches in a couple of places but it looked brand new to me. Theres a tick sheet to say all parts are present. It was well packaged. While unboxing i really couldn’t tell that it wasnt brand new. For just over half price I was expecting it to be battered. It wasn’t. It reckon mine had just had a damaged original box or something.Read the reviews and online advice. (Theres u tube unboxing videos from some scottish guy. Boring but helpful. ( like this review 🙂 Assembled it in about 20 mins (few screws for the fittings, wheels, hose reel etc). Id read it would need oil so bought some already. Oiled it (seems to take loads), put petrol in (about 3 quids worth) the tank and followed the instructions: connect water, slide choke etc. Turn fuel line to on, Turn electric circuit on. Typical petrol engine tool stuff. First pull and it didnt catch. Theres a feel you get for rip starting petrol tools like lawnmowers etc: take the tension then pull like a top. It burst to life. Seemed hesitant  but upping the rev slide fixed it.Its loud. Sound like farm equipment. Or like a petrol mower. If you’ve ever been to a hand car wash you’ll be familiar. Its powerful. I need 2 hands on the wand to steady it. Its got a turbo nozzle. I did a 28m sq patio in about 30 mins or so. Looks like new. If I do it 2 more times then its paid for itself. So, its only been used twice now for about an hour and its going strong. I really like it, glad I bought it and well worth the money. Its got 30m of hose. Cant see ill ever need that but I’ve got it just in case.Negatives: 1) Petrol cap seal doesn’t seal properly and a small seepage of petrol seems to happen on top of the tank. Gasket may need to be thicker and the rim it sits on is ridged and doesn’t make a great seal. I’m going to contact them for advice.2) The oil level mark and oil hole position are a ruddy pain to fill up and check. If there’s not enough then it won’t start but its a bit trial and error.3) Hose sleeve scratches and chafes very easily when dragging around on concrete tiles. Mentally putting £20 aside for a new one in future.Overall: seems well made and sturdy, powerful, seems very thirsty. I’ve used more than about a fivers worth so far. Maybe need to use the choke better. I can imagine its gets through quite a bit if you were to use it all day for work etcRecommend: yes. If it lasts then Ill be very happy. Certainly recommend the ‘used’ options. I’m now asking friends if they need any jet washing done. Its loads of fun TBH.Will try a car washing with it but guessing it might need a bigger area than my semi drive way.

  4. GuardHome

    A Beast of a MachineWhen I received my new power washer (replacing an ageing Karcher electric one that my daughter now has) very promptly and very well packed, I was really looking forward to testing it out.Unfortunately the manual that came with the washer had several critical pages missing, most importantly the assembly ones, and having read reviews about problems with leaking, I wanted to ensure I assembled it correctly. Eventually I received a complete manual in the post and set about assembling the unit. This was very straightforward as long as you have read and followed the instructions. No leaks, perfect. I would recommend unreeling the 20metre pressure hose and laying it out flat before trying to roll it onto the spool. The spool handle does not appear to lock into place but with a large hexagonal drive, it does the job.Filled up with oil and fuel and set about starting it, no problems either after a couple of pulls. After it had warmed up connected the water hose and away we went.Goodness me does it provide a powerful jet of water. Two hands are needed to keep it under control and I would suggest getting a bit of practice on solid surfaces before you set about power washing down your prized possessions. The various nozzles are great and providing a jet for specific purposes and I have also purchased the surface cleaner to clean patios and driveways. Looking forward to testing this out as well.As I have said this is a beast of machine, and as such it needs to be used wisely and with caution as it is quite capable of injuring humans and pets and damaging property. Naturally it is also a bit noisier than the electric ones, so now all of my neighbours know I have a new power washer, so keep it secure as well, as it would be very easy to steal!Had I received a complete manual, this would have been 5 stars all the way. I am assuming that this was a printing error as the pages were blank, so there really is no excuse, and to be fair the supplier did try to email me one but in the end it had to come in the post, so I had to wait another week before I could assemble the unit and test it out.

  5. T McCullock

    Good product good priceDoes what it’s advertised to do well priced

  6. Andrew Clark

    Good powerful unitGood points:-Powerful machine sort of in between a domestic and a light industrial unit.Easily assembled.Easily maneuverable.20mts hose as standard although got an additional 10mt hose length free when purchased.Hose drum spools as it should.Fan nozzles with various spray widths are good quality and fit for purpose.Turbo nozzle is good quality, far better than any Karcher turbo nozzle that I have used.Unit will not fire up if there is insufficient oil in the engine (excellent safety measure).Bad points:-On Off switch wire broke 2nd time of use (replaced within days free of charge by Union Mart).Oil drainage from the base of the unit is obstructed by trolley frame when changing the oil.Hose drum handle locking nut comes loose when the unit is working due to vibration.

  7. Andy Broad

    Good value for moneyHaving looked at the reviews it seemed it could be a bit of a lottery as to what you might end up with, but actually I think a lot of the problems come from user error. First mistake I made was I didn’t read the listing properly, it was a “warehouse deal” which meant it was not brand new, when it arrived it wasn’t well packed and some parts seemed to be missing, but I couldn’t tell what because there is no parts list. I contacted the supplier and they immediately sent me a new assembly kit. I put it together and topped up the oil, this was my next mistake, it’s difficult to get any sort of funnel in to the base of the engine where the filler is and with out a dipstick it’s not easy to check the level. It started and then only ran for about 20 seconds. Again I contacted the supplier and they advised a number of checks , the first being make sure the oil level is correct because the engine has an automatic cut out if the oil level is low, I used large syringe and properly established the oil level and it started and ran without any problems. I’ve used it a couple of dozen times since, it starts first pull every time and provides powerful cleaning, far better than my old electric Karcher. Great piece of kit for the price, mobility is really handy, would benefit from a better set of instruction and some of the plastic bits look a tad delicate but if you treat it with care it should give good service for some time. I’m very happy with this washer and the supplier couldn’t have been more helpful.

  8. Amazon Customer

    So far so goodWas abit concerned given the amount of bad reviews for this, however once assembled and filled up all seems well with no leaks or problems so far.The box came abit tatty and was worried it had been opened or even used but once unpacked all was there and it was totally new. Fitting the hose reel to the handle was the only real fiddly bit you need to use a screwdriver to pry open the clams to slide it on. Started on the 3rd pull but you need to make sure there is no pressure in the hose before you start or you will go no where, even try running water through first then turn it off and release pressure then start it. Time will tell on durability but as a cleaning machine it is very good.

  9. Customer

    Good bang for your buckAfter 12 hours of use, I am very pleased with this device. It was delivered quickly and packaged excellently. The turbo nozzle is just the right tool for getting out non-woody weeds in block paving and the selection of other nozzles are also very useful. I am a landscape gardener and this washer works a lot quicker than the other domestic (electric) washers I have used before, though I would get a heavy duty rotary head if I was intending to do regular pressure washing jobs. Although it is heavy, I can easily fit it in the boot of my estate car.I feel like it’s very good value when compared to the other domestic pressure washers at a similar price. I recommend it if you want to upgrade above the standard domestic washers but don’t want to spend £800+.I would, however, note the following:-The trolley handle is easily removed with a push of the two nubs, so it will fit in most cars with a tall boot.-The manual is out of date and either misses information or is vague on certain topics. For instance, I cannot see anything in the manual that mentions the engine throttle – not that I think you need to mess with it; it comes set to full throttle. It also tells you to remove a yellow pin from a red cap on the oil pump but this model doesn’t have one (confirmed with the excellent phone support) and the axle/wheel design is different. However, you should be able to get it up and running if you take your time with the install and don’t force anything. It’s all pretty obvious.-Someone in another review mentioned that the clasps on the hose reel don’t close properly, but I don’t think they are supposed to. You just tighten it until the reel can’t move.-With the hose reel, make sure its angled so that any leaking water doesn’t tip right down onto the engine and when you finish, tip the water out before you use the reel.-The hose intake should go UNDER the engine. Don’t go over or it will touch the exhaust.-The engine is a lot tougher to start than your typical Honda/Briggs mower engine. If it doesn’t start on the first pull, pull the trigger on the lance to relieve pressure, or the second pull will be a lot tougher.-Always start the engine from cold on full open choke, but be prepared to immediately close the choke after it starts. If the engine is hot (say after using for an hour) and you turn it off for 2 minutes, you’ll still need to put the choke on 50-75% open to start it again.

  10. Pawel h.

    Don’t eat yellow snow.There are good points and bad points to this pressure washer.I brought this pressure washer couple of weeks ago alongside with the usa wilks patio cleaner.Good points:Easy to essemble.Easy to start pull cord only.Powerful enought to clean patio and concrete fairly fast, much quicker the electic pressure washer would.Very portable as it has wheels.The nozzles are cool and to activate washing up suction you need to put black nozzle on.Easy to disasable.Good for cleaning vanBad points:Very loud.It shakes quiet alot.Handle that’s on the reel falls off quiet often when reeling up the hose and its scrubs againts the plastic top bit when reeling up.When transporting in van make sure to have less then half of tank of fuel as it will spill everywhere as the cap isynt sealed.Instructions regarding changing oil servicing which is important are not clear.To service machine you have to take wheels off tip the machine on its side open both black screws and let the oil out same with filling it back up.When filling up make sure to use less oil then it states in the manual as in my case it was to much and i had to drain the engine out as it flooded it which added extra 45min of cleaning out. 😅There is no phone line you can ring to ask stuff regarding this machine only email which is the shame.When it arrived the washer which is shown on the picture was rooted away which made exhaust bit shaky quick, but quick spanner and its good.Not quiet powerful enough to deal with blocked drains, but can’t fault it for the price.The pressure stated is BS its not working pressure its a peak which you get when u first press the trigger.Overall not bad for DIY stuff, it should work well if you change oil and maintain the servicing frequently.

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