Wilks-USA TX625i Petrol Power Pressure Washer 7.0HP 4 Stroke Engine 3950 psi / 272 Bar Pump Jet Wash for Patio Car Driveway &

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Brand Wilks
Power Source Gas-Powered
Colour Yellow, Black
Maximum pressure 3950 Pound per Square Inch
Weight 32 Kilograms
Hose length 20 Metres
Product dimensions 51L x 51W x 45H centimetres
Tank volume 12 Litres

  • 12 month warranty and free to call UK based technical support line
  • Super convenient usability, simply put it in the boot of your car or on board your boat and this tap or barrel fed wonder will give you high power cleaning in an instant
  • Includes five “Snap in” ceramic nozzles, each one gives you a unique cleaning function
  • Producing ultra high peak power of 3950psi, perfect for cleaning your car, driveway, paving, home, decking and more
  • Features a 7hp 210cc four-stroke engine with stubborn reliability and it’s fuel-efficient so you can keep cleaning for longer between refills


From the brand

Product Description

Wilks TX625 high power water jet petrol pressure washer

Wilks – The Petrol Power Washer Market Leader

Unbeatable Performance and Reliability

Wilks is the market leader for petrol jet washers due to their unparalleled performance and reliability. The TX625 creates high pressure output from a maneuverable unit thanks to it’s rough terrain wheels and robust handle. The sturdy, tough steel frame ensures that your pressure washer will not let you down.

High Pressure Output, Low Fuel Consumption

The TX625 produces a remarkable 3950 PSI at 272 Bar from a quality Wilks 4-stroke OHV 210cc Engine. Wilks have created a superior design that outperforms similar pressure washers. The extra power means that you will complete cleaning jobs faster and with low fuel consumption to keep running costs to a minimum.

Quality Brand, Fantastic Reputation

After many years of designing pressure washers, Wilks provide unbeatable machines that will be sure to keep you loyal to the brand for years to come.


  • 3950 PSI / 272 Bar Max Pressure
  • 3200 PSI / 221 Bar Sustained Jet Pressure
  • 8 Meter Hose and Additional 12 Meter Hose
  • 720 Litres per Hour Flow Rate
  • Wilks 7HP 4-stroke Engine
  • Recoil Pull Start
  • Oil Type 10W-40, Fuel Type Unleaded 95+
  • Includes all accessories as standard

Straight lance, gutter lance, turbo nozzle, drain cleaner and jet nozzles ideal for car cleaning

Power washer handle and five jet nozzles

Jet washer self propelled drain cleaner

Fully Loaded – All Accessories

All Wilks power washers come with a variety of accessories, included as standard. The straight lance, curved gutter lance, nozzles, turbo nozzle, and self-propelled drain cleaner are all included. Also included is a detergent pipe for the application of cleaning agents.

When you buy Wilks, you will have everything you need to get the job done.

Variety of Click & Go Nozzles

This comes with 5 ‘click and go’ nozzles, each with a specialised function. The red is for blasting, yellow for stripping, green for cleaning, white for washing and black for detergent application. With Wilks, you will be able to clean almost anything.

Self Propelled Drain Cleaner

This pressure washer comes with a drain cleaner attachment. Simply pop it in a blocked drain and it will propel itself through the drain and blockage, clearing it on the way.

Pressure washer with feed from tap or barrel

pump petrol pressure washer hymore himore rust free cleaner jet sprayer

Jet washer hose with gun

Feed from a Tap or Pond

Your jet washer is suitable for use almost anywhere with the functionality to be fed with water from a tap, bucket, or pond. A hose and filter system is included to keep debris out and protect the engine.

Robust, Heavy Duty Build

Designed with durability in mind. This power washer has a solid steel frame and heavy-duty wheels. The automatic stop/start pump ensures that you only get the water flow when you need it.

20 Meters of Durable Hose

This comes with an 8 meter hose and an additional 12 meter hose so you have plenty of reach. With the long reach you can spend more time cleaning and less time moving the unit.

Additional information

Weight 32 kg
Dimensions 45 × 51 cm
Product Dimensions

‎51 x 45 x 51 cm; 32 Kilograms

Item model number




Power Source

‎Gas Powered

Item Package Quantity


Hose Length

‎20 Metres

Batteries included?


Batteries Required?


Item Weight

‎32 kg



Delivery information:
Date First Available

13 Feb. 2017



10 reviews for Wilks-USA TX625i Petrol Power Pressure Washer 7.0HP 4 Stroke Engine 3950 psi / 272 Bar Pump Jet Wash for Patio Car Driveway &

  1. Ricardo

    Great washerI bought mine to replace an electric Karcher.I have a bigger van and it costs £20 to get it washed and I enjoy doing it when using the correct equipment.So I worked out this would pay for itself in 20 weeks 🙂.It comes with different nozzles and a blending pipe. I use a Lance mixer as it is easier to control.I did have to form a rear lifting handle to make it easier to pick up and carry. I am surprised that it is not supplied with this. It is a bit of a shame and knocks it down a star. Monouverability is everything and with my copper haldle it makes it so easy to get it in and out of my van.Mine came with 2 hoses, a turbo jet and a drain jet which it great and already had some use.It starts easily and runs very well.Please note, you need to add oil to in before attempting to start it!!

  2. caveman

    Excellent value for moneyGreat price for the machine.Everything arrived as described and very well packaged.Very easy to assemble.I’ve had zero issues so far with starting, running etc that some reviewers have experienced.It does exactly what it says it will.My only question is over performance- I’ve used an expensive electric washer with a slightly higher flow rate of 15 LPM but much lower pressure of 140 Bar, that machine is was noticeably more capable than this Wilks unit.I had a hose with good pressure attached so I don’t think supply was the issue.Overall I don’t hesitate to recommend this washer but I do question the claimed output performance.

  3. Shortleonidas

    Unless you need to blow a hole in your car, this has the power and ease of function.I write this for the happy amateur. I researched pressure washers for quite some time. I had in mind; general purpose with a need to help me with clearing drains. Power was a consideration (who doesn’t want a little extra power!) but not the main criterion. Some have complained that Wilks washers are not quite what they claim as the operational bar pressure can be considerably lower that the ‘max’ bar pressure. I just judged by comparing working bar pressure against price for different companies. This washer is still reputed to offer more blast for your buck! I settled on the Wilks TX625 as it has a high working bar pressure and a drain clearing nozzle. It is the same price as the RX550 and I did not need patio cleaning gear.When it arrived it was easy to assemble, indeed some steps had been completed in the factory. The wheels are fine for moving the machine around, just be careful on steps that you do not bang the small ‘nozzles’ on the back of the engine. These look a little delicate. The balance when wheeling the washer could be a little kinder.Next I added the 10W40 oil. It was not easy to judge the full level for the oil and I had to tip the machine to get some oil back out. It will not fire up without the correct amount of oil. The unleaded was much easier to judge.The water hose fitted easily and the spanner’s ensured that the brass connectors were tightly fitted. Pressure hose and lance in place I was ready to go. I followed the order of operation in the booklet (there a few things to do in the correct order) and pulled the starter cord. It kicked into life and the revs were booted up to keep it running smoothly. I was away!The pressure nozzles are mounted on the body of the machine and narrow down the jet of water, hence increasing or decreasing the pressure. They attach easily but you do need to make sure they are firmly locked in place before operating the gun. I ‘spat’ the green nozzle across the yard on my first use, before I realised this.The pressure is good. I’ve used most of the nozzles including the infamous red ‘zero degree’. I’ve been on the car, windows, an iron lamp post and of course the drains.The lance was able to enter the 6” square vertical drop into the drain and angle into the lead off pipes to clear debris blocking the pipes at this point. This was very handy for me. I was then able to apply the drain nozzle included with this model and clear general waste blockages in drains and down pipes.Would I recommend this washer? Yes I would, on the grounds that nothing has let me down and I have experienced that happy feeling when you know a considerable expense has worked out for the good.

  4. Legend no 9

    Don’t listen to the bad reviewsWell, am I happy? Delighted. Was I worried because of the reviews? Yes. But once bought, delivered, unboxed, built and working. I realised most people don’t know what they are doing. This is not commercial, don’t have it running for 6 hours in the sun. It heats up. Oil will leak. Give it a break. Use the tape which is supplied for all connecting parts, including the bullet which I redo every now and again as it wears away. Listen to it, you can tell well it needs you to let go off the handle for a second or two. I’ve had no problems. Tighten everything before and check afterwards. Its powerful and noisy, ear defenders are a must but once you realise how well it cleans you don’t mind not being the favourite neighbour for a day. Worth every penny in comparison to anything else around the same price. Would buy again but hopefully not for a few years. Check your oil, change before needed, tighten things, give it a break, work out why something is leaking, use the tape! Oh aye, the petrol leaking? Putting the cap on is abit fiddly, but make sure your tightening it on flat, not squint, don’t fill it right up either, use yer noggin. I’ll be back in a few months to complain it’s not working. Handle could be abit taller for moving. Small complaint. Some people would give you 1 star for that.

  5. Mick D

    Well Worth The Extra Cost!Wilks USA Pressure washer TX625i review.Order number 165060The parcel arrived one day earlier than Amazon had scheduled, which was great.During the unpacking I noticed that one of the high pressure hoses had a number of deep indentations where it had been packed to tightly against something in the box. This concerned me as it was a “High Pressure” hose. Would it lead to early failure of this part? I made Union Mart aware of this via email (Friday at 9:30pm) They replied within 12 minutes of business opening time the next morning. Perfectly happy with their answerAssembly would have been less than 30 minutes but for one small problem. The retaining spring assembly in one of the axels, it would not spring into position to hold the axel in it’s mounting tube. I had to remove the spring assembly from the axel and then run a drill into the hole to clear a little bit of swarf, after that everything worked as it should.Finally assembled, filled with oil, filled with fuel, switch the engine ON, switch the fuel ON, close the CHOKE, squeeze the trigger on the lance and start to pull the start cord. WOW, just two pulls and it started.Sounded great after I opened the choke for normal running. Tested a few of the nozzles. This is exactly what I wanted it to be. Ran it for about 15 minutes for the test, I will try some serious work in the morning.Next Morning! I now have three of the cleanest vehicles on our street and it could not have been easier. It does suck the soap up extremely fast, but the handbook warns you about this and advices mixing 50/50. I tried different settings of throttle control lever just to get used to it. If you try to run the engine to slow it will bounce around in the frame, but that’s probably to slow anyway.Despite the couple slight problems listed above, I am delighted with this purchase so far. Early days of course, I now hope the that reliability will match everything else. I expect it will!Mick DavisADDITIONAL – 30/08/19After 4 months of service, just domestic use, the unit switched off in mid wash and would not start.It took a fair bit of fault finding before I identified the On/Off switch had broken internally, the red switch cover would turn but there was no resistance.There was a little bit of confusion because my instinct was to contact Union Mart direct, but you are supposed to contact via Amazon. After that, the customer service could not have been better, I told them I was quite happy and capable to fit a new switch, so ‘Claudio’ sent me one, 36 hours later it arrived and I fitted it. Back to normal!Still HappyMick D

  6. Malcolm Whorlton

    A beast of a machineArrived 5 days earlier than expected and very well packaged. Assembled in mins and started on the 1st pull of the cord.Absolutely a beast of a machine, cleaned my monoblocks with ease. Have used electric karcher machines in the past and did not clean any where near to what this machine did.Used it for 8 hours continuous and only used half a tank of fuel.I would definitely highly recommend this machine if your cleaning any type of brickwork or decking.I wouldn’t want to use it on my car because of its shear power.

  7. mr stephen l j

    Good so FarIf you have ever used an underpowered electric jet wash then this is must. The engine starts easy and isn’t too loud the output of upper end of 190bar makes use easier and quicker. Could do with a user friendly pressure setting attachment other then adjusting the revs or the pre set PRV. But I’m happy with it so far and used it for over 7 hrs upto now.

  8. Ivan Higgins

    Returned after first useI bought this pressure washer as it specified that it could be used from a barrel or lake. The machine worked for about 30 mins from river water and couldn’t get working again. No filter blockage and disconnected etc as instructions but still didn’t work. First customer advisor said the water had to be higher than the pressure washer otherwise too much pressure on pump!! Second customer advisor first said it won’t draw from a river then later said it could draw water from a stream but depending on speed of flow!! What rubbish advice! Water is water and the flow would make no difference. I decided not to have the machine in the bottom of the river to see if it would work!!Wheel axles very badly designed. Fully tightened they wobble from side to side. Eventually sent the correct label for me to return.

  9. joe jones

    Excellent machineI decided to wait a few months after initial purchase to leave a review.The machine arrived well packaged and before due date. Unfortunately it had a faulty pump so on first use I was disappointed with the lack of pressure. Unlike previous reviews I found the supplier to be most helpful with this issue. I was asked to video the machine in use and show the problem. I was then given an option to either repackage the machine and return it for a replacement item or have a replacement pump sent out and for me to swap the pumps over myself. I chose the latter option. Unfortunately the casing on the replacement pump was damaged during transit and arrived to me useless. Again I was asked to photograph the damage and the box it had been posted in. A second pump was sent out without quibble which was duly fitted to the machine.After 6 months of use this machine remains reliable, starts first or second pull every time. Has incredible power considering the purchase price, is light enough to lift in and out of vehicles and very manoeuvrable. The various attachments all fit well and do the job they’re intended for. My only gripe would be it’s a bit on the thirsty side but considering the power of water produced I would say it’s a very small gripe.Can’t fault the machine or the supplier and I would not hesitate to buy another from this supplier.

  10. peter childs

    Tips for startingThis is a very good machine, well built and having used it for the first time to clean a large patio that was really dirty I was so pleased with the result.Delivery was quick.I had read all the previous reviews prior to purchasing it and noticed the comments on people having difficulty starting. I too had a problem so rang the supplier who told me to try a few things and I solved the issue, Like most petrol engines they can have different characteristics for start up and this is no exception.First as the guidance says check the oil level, I did this but it is difficult to judge the exact level so I assumed the supplier had filled it to the correct level. wrong it needed a good half a litre, this is so important as if you don’t have the right level it will not start.Second connect up the water and purge the system by pressing the lance, you will hear the water flowing through the machine, you don’t have to hold the lance on all the time just purge for about 30 sec.Set choke and pull the cord and it should start up first time.Once I identified the sequence it starts first time every time. You will notice that in the handbook it says before you use always check oil level, that because if lower than the threads I found it would not start.Easy to put together took 15 mins.Having owned three electric washers this is much better lets hope reliability is as good as the build looks

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