Wesco Circular Saw 1500W Electric Saw 5800RPM




WESCO 1400W Electric Circular Saw 5800RPM,24T/40T Blades(185mm),Max Cutting Depth 65mm(90°),45mm(45°) for Cutting Wood,PVC Pipe,Soft Metal, Plastic


WESCO is a power tool brand with premium quality and competitive prices. It’s synonymous with durable tools, smart design, reliable brand, and competitive prices.

WESCO circular saw is for cutting wood, PVC Pipe, soft metal, tile, plastic with ease. We provide 1 x Wesco circular saw, 1 x cutting blade (185x24T), 1 x cutting blade (185x48T), 1 x parallel guide, 1 x hex key, 1x vacuum adapter, 1 x user manual and 2 years after-sales service.


Voltage 220-240V~50Hz
Power input 1400W
No load speed 5800rpm
Blade size 185mm
Cutting capacity 90° 65mm
Cutting capacity 45° 45mm
Bevel capacity 0-45°


Lift the depth of cut lock lever and raise the saw body away from the base plate. Set the depth of cut with the scale and push the lever down to lock. Always add 3mm to your depth of cut so that the blade can cut through the material.


Turn the base plate bevel lock in anti-clockwise direction to loosen the angle scale. Tilt the base plate away from the machine until the required cutting angle is adjusted on the angle scale. Tighten the bevel lock by turning it in clockwise direction. Do not use the depth of cut scale when making bevel cuts due to possible inaccuracy.


It is used for making cuts parallel to a workpiece edge at a chosen distance. Slide the parallel guide arm through the fixture to achieve the required cutting distance then tighten the lock knob to clamp. It can be used from both sides of the base plate. For straight cuts, use the 0° guide mark to align with your parallel guide scale. For a 45° bevel cut, use the 45° guide mark to align with your parallel guide scale. Securely clamp the parallel guide.

About this item

  • 90° & 45° BEVEL CUTTING: the cutting angle can be flexibly adjusted from 45° to 90°and max cutting is 65mm at 90°, 45mm at 45°; the parallel guide together helps to cut precisely
  • DOUBLE SAFETY SWITCH & LOWER SAFETY GUARD: Lock-off button and the on-off switch are designed to double ensure your safety; When you press both of them, the machine starts work. lower parallel saw blade guard also protect you from potential Injuries
  • STRONG POWER & HIGH SPEED: a powerful motor of 1400W drives WS3441 circular saw to rotate at a speed up to 5800RPM, covering almost of your cutting needs around house
  • SOFT GRIPPING &ERGONOMICS: The ergonomic soft rubber grips give you a comfortable gripping;together with the front head, you will have firm handling and excellent cutting visibility
  • WHAT YOU GET: 1 x Wesco circular saw, 1 x blade (185x24T), 1x blade (185x48T), 1 x parallel guide, 1 x hex key, 1x vacuum adapter, 1 x user manual, 2 year warranty since purchase date

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