Wera 889/4/1 K Universal Rapidaptor Bit Holder, 1/4″ Drive x 50 mm, 05052502001

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Brand Wera
Item dimensions L x W x H 6 x 5 x 0.5 centimetres
Material Alloy Steel
Number Of Pieces 1

  • Rapidaptor easy-in, easy-out, rapid-spin, chuck-all
  • Single-hand technology
  • Strong permanent magnet
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From the manufacturer

Wera 889/4/1 K Universal Rapidaptor Bit Holder

Rapidaptor universal holder for bits with 1/4″ hexagon head drive as per DIN ISO 1173-C 6.3 and E 6.3 (ISO 1173). The Rapidaptor allows bits to be attached without any need to actuate the sleeve. The removal of the bit is simple, just by pushing the sleeve forward. This enables rapid bit change with just one hand. The strong permanent magnet holds the bits absolutely securely. 1/4″ hexagonal, suitable for power screwdrivers with take-up as per DIN ISO 1173-F 6.3.

Rapid bit change without needing any additional tools. One-hand operation with a freely spinning sleeve for simplified guidance of the tool. Also available in a BiTorsion design.

The Rapidator quick-release chucks holds 1/4″DIN ISO 1173-6,3 and E 6,3 as well as Wera series 1 and 4 bits.

Every function of the Rapidator quick-release chuck, such as inserting or releasing bits, can be carried out with one hand. This is faster, more economical and more ergonomic. There are no unnecessary manoeuvres.

The bit can be pushed into the adaptor without moving the sleeve. The lock is activated automatically as soon as the bit is applied to the screw. Bits are held securely and wobble-free.

Additional information

Weight 0.28 kg
Dimensions 5 × 0.51 cm
Part Number


Product Dimensions

‎5.99 x 5 x 0.51 cm; 0.28 Grams


‎1 Unknown batteries required.

Item model number







‎Alloy Steel

Power Source


Item Package Quantity


Number Of Pieces


Compatible fastener range

‎0.25 inches

Included Components

‎889/4 Rapidaptor Universal Quick-Release Bit Holder 50mm

Batteries included?


Batteries Required?


Item Weight

‎0.28 g



Date First Available

16 Oct. 2007



10 reviews for Wera 889/4/1 K Universal Rapidaptor Bit Holder, 1/4″ Drive x 50 mm, 05052502001

  1. Harry

    Best bit holder aroundWorks flawlessly, can tell the design has been thought through and through. Won’t buy any other apart from wera for bitholding.

  2. English Wolfhound

    Equal Best, I Think But . . .This one has a slight wobble in use, a little more than the one from Trend but it is smaller and neater than the T and slightly quicker to release bits. I use mostly long driver bits: 75mm & 100mm so I never have problems in small spaces (pipe clips are small: irritating with standard tiny screwdriver bits). The looser fit in the holder means the tip of a drill bit is less accurate but in general use that is not too much of a problem. The price is not bad, a few cents cheaper than from the company stand at an exhibition. I rarely give five stars but I like these.

  3. D D

    Easy to useIt does everything you expect it to, and it will last.Abit expensive, but one handed use, is a god send

  4. mike g

    One of the bestQuality item should last a really long time recommended

  5. davidk

    a must have for a power screw driverThe perfect way to use drills bits with a power screw driver.very quick to use makes the job easy.big enough for the drilling of pilot holes for most common screw sizes.no more wood splits and nice countersinks too.Well made product

  6. Desmond

    BetterI hesitated on this for a long time but that was a mistake. This is by far the best bit holder I’ve tried. My samples range from supermarket bit kits to branded efforts. The designs without moving parts are strong but compromised in marathon use as they are slower, normally because holding them true is trickier due to friction. All other moving part designs tried had short lived. This holder overcomes the issue of friction as the sleeve can spin freely. But best of all, it grabs the bit and holds it with a mechanism similar to an impact driver ‘chuck’. So here is is necessary to slide the sleeve forward slightly to eject the bit. It’s brilliant as no more bits left in screw heads; a scenario which invariably happens when trying to support something uncomfortably heavy overhead with one hand, and screw it fast with the other. No more of that game for me, oh no.I haven’t worn it out yet so durability score is a guess based on previous experience with the brand. I’ve given it 4*s as worst case it breaks tomorrow and I’d score it 3*, best case it goes on and on and I score it 5*.Sturdiness: it feels sturdy -typical for the brand – so I’m again pitching at 4*s.

  7. N

    Stops my bits falling outAfter months of dealing with bits falling out of the old magnetic holder I used to use I decided to upgrade to something decent. Doesn’t get much better than Wera.Unfortunately I’m now going to have to buy the longer version as well as lots of other Wera tools.

  8. Kevin Lewis

    Wera qualityLove Wera tools, holds bits well.

  9. taildragger221

    The best bit holder I’ve ownedI’ve had a zillion bit holders over the years – the slim type with a little magnet in the bottom. Most of these have suffered from the magnets breaking in half or falling out, so a holder with a mechanical grip seemed like a good move. This Wera device is the business, it really is. The locking action is smooth and solid and just inspires confidence. You have to bear in mind that this is wider than an old magnet-type holder, so if you need to squeeze through a narrow aperture or work in a counterbored hole, then the Wera might be too wide for all applications. But I’m using this for 95% of screwing tasks now and loving it!

  10. Mr. N. Pearce

    Well built and long lasting quality bit holder. Prob the best available on the market IMO.Been using this daily for over a year now in a professional field and it must of dealt with 10’s of 1000’s of screws and drills in that time. I use it to hold hex head drill bits, screwdriver & torx bits and countersink bits and it drills and drives great with no wobble or movement.It still works now as well as the day it arrived.The magnet is just right and the catch and quick release is perfect for one handed changes of bits.It is a solid little tool and well built.If I lost this or it broke now I would order the exact same one again as for me in my trade it is absolutely perfect!It is a little more money than a similar one by someone like DeWalt and certainly you can buy really cheap ones but I would recommend spending the extra few quid and have a tool that does its job well and will last.If you are using an expensive drill then really you want to have the best bit holder as a poor one will impact the quality of the drill’s use.

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