WERA 05004016001 Imperial 1/4-inch Drive Zyklop 8100 SA6 Metal-Speed Multi-Function Ratchet and Socket Set (28 Pieces)

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Colour Silver
Brand Wera
Material 8pc,
Item dimensions L x W x H 20.5 x 11 x 6 centimetres
Weight 0.8 Kilograms

  • Freely pivoting ratchet head with 5 predefined locking positions
  • Fine toothing with 72 teeth
  • Small return angle of only 5°
  • Free-turning sleeve for high working speeds
  • With Take it easy tool finder: colour coding by size
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From the manufacturer

Zyklop Speed

Zyklop Speed Ratchets

Featuring Wera’s famous Kraftform handle. Like no other, the Kraftform handle is shaped to perfectly fit the hand for the best possible screw-driving experience. The multi-component design features hard zones for rapid working speeds and also softer gripping zones that provides high torque transfer and extreme comfort during intensive use. Wera’s Kraftform handle – makes blisters and calluses a thing of the past. Zyklop Speed ratchet heads pivot freely, meaning it can be locked into any pre-defined position using the slide switch. Predefined locking at 0° allows the ratchet to be used as a conventional screwdriver with the attachment of a bit holding adaptor and bit. Additional locking points at 15° and 90° both to the left and right ensure safe working without any slipping of the ratchet head. Combine the features of the Kraftform handle, a free-spinning sleeve and an impressive 72 fine-tooth ratchet mechanism… Zyklop Speed ensures fast and precise working in all situations. Simple clockwise/anti-clockwise direction change by using the thumbwheel. The ball lock mechanism securely holds sockets for safe working, with easy removal via pressing the release button on the back of the ratchet head.


Zyklop speed multi-function ratchet

Finely toothed ratchet mechanism

Thumbwheel direction change

Zyklop Speed ratchet

Freely-pivoting Head

Lockable into any position. Zyklop speed ratchet heads pivots freely, meaning it can be locked into any pre-defined position using the slide switch.


The impressive 72 tooth ratchet mechanism provides a short return angle of only 5°, for fast and precise working.

Simple Direction Change

The thumbwheel can be used to quickly and easily switch between clockwise and anti-clockwise ratcheting direction.

Multi-function Ratchet

  1. Fine-tooth ratchet
  2. Flex-head ratchet
  3. Angle ratchet
  4. Quick-release ratchet
  5. Power ratchet
  6. Screwdriver

Tool Rebel

Wera Tool Rebels

Our mission is to challenge the standard – develop tools that transform ordinary, traditional ideas into ground breaking innovations that make the user’s work easier, faster and safer.

Additional information

Weight 800 kg
Dimensions 11 × 6 cm
Part Number


Product Dimensions

‎20.5 x 11 x 6 cm; 800 Grams

Item model number



‎One Size









Power Source


Item Package Quantity


Number Of Pieces


Head Style


Measurement System


Compatible fastener range

‎0.25 inches

Included Components

‎8100 SA 6 Zyklop Speed Ratchet & Socket Metric Set of 28 1/4in Drive

Batteries included?


Batteries Required?


Item Weight

‎800 g



Date First Available

1 Jan. 2010



10 reviews for WERA 05004016001 Imperial 1/4-inch Drive Zyklop 8100 SA6 Metal-Speed Multi-Function Ratchet and Socket Set (28 Pieces)

  1. ” MILT”

    Perfect set for a tool bagReally pleased with this set. Really good quality and a joy to use.

  2. lee clinton

    Quality product!Great product..

  3. F. Anderson

    A nice handy setAs a satisfied owner of several Wera items, I ordered the SA6 set in March 2018 to save lugging around an old and cheap 1/4″ & 3/8″ drive socket set.I like the SA6 set very much. The fold-out case is compact, convenient, and well-designed. After 5 months of use the “Velcro” still holds the case shut, the elastic loops are still stretchy, and the plastic socket and bit holders still retain their contents.The bits, sockets, and accessories are of high quality. The set I received had the “Take it easy” coloured sockets, which I find very helpful when selecting the right socket. Since a 9mm socket wasn’t included in the set, I ordered one separately, and attach it to the long extension to save it getting lost.I like the idea behind the Zyklop ratchet, and I make full use of the swivelling head. It really helps to speed things up.Up to this point, I have been full of praise for Wera’s SA6 set, however I do have some negatives, and they all concern the Zyklop ratchet:Firstly, I find that the sockets are rather stiff to attach and detach from the ratchet. They fit nicely onto the long and short extensions, but fitting them to the ratchet is always a bit harder. You have to press the silver dome of the ratchet head to allow the socket to pass over a ball bearing on the 1/4″ square drive, and it feels that the ball bearing doesn’t retract enough to allow the socket to pass smoothly over it. A spot of oil/grease doesn’t help much, but no doubt it’ll get easier as the mechanism starts to wear.Secondly, I find the green serrated knob on the ratchet head is a bit fiddly to operate, and I would have preferred a “fixed” position as well as forward and reverse positions.The third problem relates to the mechanism which holds the head at different angles to the handle. When used for driving screws, a pin inside the saddle drops into a detent in the silver dome of the ratchet head to stop the head swivelling. Unfortunately the detent isn’t very deep, and when the handle is rotated and sideways force is simultaneously applied, the pin can walk out of the detent and the head will flop to the side.Lastly, there is quite a lot of lateral movement (“wobble”!) to the bit when the ratchet is used as a screwdriver. This is quite understandable, given that the bit fits into the bit adapter; the bit adapter fits onto the square drive; and the square drive is mounted on a swivelling and ratcheting head, however the amount of wobble still comes as a bit of a disappointment.Despite my complaints, I do love using the set. It has a “feel good” factor, and makes me smile when I use it. If it hadn’t been for the third problem, I would have given the set 5 stars, but have had to reduce it to 4 stars because of the occasional unreliability when used for screwdriving.

  4. Bristol Dave

    Tools that bring me joyMy wife is reading a book about decluttering and comes across the phrase, “is it functional, or does it bring you joy?”Well, I can happily say that Wera tools do both, and this set is no exception.The set itself is well put together and a mix of sockets as you’d expect from a ratchet, and driver bits.As far as sockets go, you’ve got nine in total ranging from 5mm up to 13mm, missing out 9mm and giving you a 5.5mm instead. This is a good range for mechanical bits and bobs and servicing of various bits of kit; lawnmowers, pumps, tools etc. They are colour coded using Wera’s ‘Take It Easy’ palette, meaning a 10mm socket has the same colouring as a 10mm spanner or ratchet. That’s pretty cool.For drivers, you’ve got your Philips, PoziDrive, Hex and Torx 50mm drivers. NB: no slot heads here. These don’t have the ‘Take It Easy’ palette on them. If you got the Wera Advent Calendar (yup, it’s real), then the bits don’t have the coloured collars denoting bit type and size. Hey ho.Now the ratchet itself. This is great. It’s got the standard Wera patented grip which is a two density plastic style. I really like it as it’s comfortable and seems to fit your hand no matter how you hold it. It also has heft; you pick it up and it feels positive and present, not like a toy.What makes this ratchet really neat is that you can lock it at zero degrees, essentially giving you a straight ratchet driver. The Rapidaptor adaptor allows you to insert any bit and use it this way. The black plastic body around the shaft rotates to allow faster turning action. If more torque is required to tighten/loosen a fixing, just unlock the ratchet, swivel the handle round and use it like a standard ratchet. Genius!It’s worth noting that the ratchet mechanism doesn’t have a static mode; it’s ratchet clockwise, or anticlockwise. Not a big deal for me, but may be important.All this comes with an extension shaft, and a wobble shaft, allowing you to get to nuts, bolts and screws in hard to reach places. The whole set comes in one of Wera’s woven plastic cases. These have end pieces that ensure nothing falls out, and a velcro backing that allows it to be stuck to a bag, workshop or van wall. There’s a big rubber graphic of the Zyklop wrench on the exterior to make the kit easily identifiable.Overall, yes, you could pay less for a similar kit, but from experience, tools break when you need them most. These are good quality, and unlikely to fail at the most inopportune moment. Ultimately, tools you enjoy using get way more use that ones you don’t. I love using these, and I think anyone buying them will probably unbox and go “wow!”.

  5. Reeves Knyght

    Very high qualityA joy to use, great feel and action, obviously a high quality tool. Worth it over cheaper tools if you use tools even occasionally. Very nice addition to my tool set- will be buying more Wera tools based on this set

  6. Emteq

    The socket-set that shrank in the wash?This is a 1/4″ socket set to set expectations accordingly, the ratchet is about 15cm long and the handle is petite. I bought this from Amazon Warehouse which took some of the edge off the ‘sticker shock’.In the heavy canvas roll, you have the socket set and bits, ratchet and various extensions. To stop the sockets falling out, each is held on a post with a quarter twist to lock and unlock. There is also a large self-adhesive Velco pad supplied so you can stick roll to side of toolbox etc.To make use of the bits, there’s a 1/4″ to 6mm adaptor with locking ring. The Wera ratchet head can locked to ‘straight ahead’ so it can be used as a screw-driver – well, sort of. It’s nothing like the feel of a screwdriver, My add-on purchase was the Wera 073240 Kraftform Kompakt 28 Screwdriver so I can use the bits in a ‘proper’ screwdriver.Note that there’s no flat bits, probably as they would be useable in use due to cam-out with the ratchet.The fit and finish is excellent, the tools are are like precision instruments. However, there’s no instructions and I had to look on-line to figure out the ‘wobble’ extension.Definitely a toolset for the connoisseur.

  7. Nick mortimer

    Excellent quality and usability.A very versatile and well made tool. Expensive but worth the money.

  8. JH

    A high quality but incomplete set.A beautifully made ¼” metric ratchet and socket set, which will last me for years. I have two gripes however:Firstly – four of the thirteen 8790 HMA ¼” sockets manufactured by Wera are excluded from this set, namely 4mm, 4.5mm, 9mm and 14mm. Of course the missing sizes are less commonly required in practice, but can be purchased separately if required – they’re available from Amazon and I decided to buy them all. Three additional sockets can be securely squeezed into the case – by securing one to the 8000A Zyclop ratchet, one to the 8794 LA extension and the other to the 8794A wobble bar, but this is a less than satisfactory solution and I could find no practical means to secure the fourth additional socket within the case.My second quibble – Why on earth are standard Torx bits supplied? It would make far more sense to substitute these with Z (security) Torx bits, which are 100% compatible with the basic ones and are far more versatile. The cost difference in manufacture must be virtually negligible.So it’s four stars, not five for me.

  9. Dan Jones

    Perfect KitIdeal for reaching into narrow spaces

  10. Jason White

    AmazingA great set of tools

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