VONROC Wallpaper Steamer 2000W 4.5L 3.5m Hose



  • In order for the machine to generate this steam you simply add water, you don’t need to use environmentally harmful chemicals.
  • The steamer has a reservoir of 4.5L and you can work with a full tank for about 75 minutes.
  • It runs on electricity and has a 2m long power cable.
  • The steam hose has a length of 3.5m and is the connecting element between your water tank and the steam plate. Thanks to the 3.5m long steam cable you have a lot of freedom of movement during the job.
  • The steam plate is equipped with a handle so you can easily move the steam plate along the working surface.

Technical Details

Product Description

Easily get rid of your old wallpaper!

VONROC Wallpaper steamer

Are you moving or renovating your current home and do you need to remove a large amount of wallpaper? Let the VONROC wallpaper steamer be your solution for this project. Renting a wallpaper steamer is almost as costly as purchasing one. The most important and biggest difference is that the steamer is now yours, so you don’t have to pick it up and take it away again. You can remove as much wallpaper whenever and wherever you want.


Technical specifications

Input power 2000W
Boiler Capacity 4.5 L
Weight 2 kg
Tube length 350 cm
Tube diameter 24 mm
Steam plate dimensions 270x190mm
Working time (4.5L) 75 min


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