VonHaus Wallpaper Steamer/Stripper/Remover with Fast 2 Min Heat Up Time 2.5L




  • STEAM-ASSISTED TECHNIQUE – ideal for assisting the removal of all kinds of wallpaper, including multi-layered, textured, and painted ceilings and wall coverings. This steamer softens the glue/paste used to hang wallpaper and makes removal quicker and easier
  • EASY TO USE – fill the detachable 2.5L water tank, attach to the main unit and use the steaming plate against the suitable surface. The heat-resistant hose and plate handle, as well as wheels and unit handle make the whole process hassle-free. Built-in water softener demineralises hard water to prevent limescale build-up and prolong performance
  • EXTENDING PLATE – use the steamer plate attachment to adjust the size of the plate – the smaller plate is ideal for smaller spaces around plug sockets and light switches
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT OPERATION – the unit heats water as-and-when required to save energy whenever possible

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