VonHaus Leaf Blower 3000W, Garden Vacuum for Clearing Patios & Gardens of Leaves & Other Waste, 10m Cable Reaches Whole Garden,

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Brand VonHaus
Colour Grey
Power Source Corded Electric
Voltage 230 Volts
Form factor Handheld
Special feature Mulcher
Included Components Collection Bag
Weight 3.56 Kilograms
Material Plastic

  • ULTIMATE GARDEN TIDY TOOL: Your VonHaus leaf blower tidies lawns, patios, gutters and driveways. Powered by a 3000w motor & with its huge 35-litre bag capacity, piles of leaves are a thing of the past.
  • VACUUM & MULCH: Blowing leaves is great but getting rid of them is even better. Your VonHaus leaf blower sucks, blows and mulches all in one. Keep your garden looking its best all year round.
  • FOR YOUR WHOLE GARDEN: With the extra-long 10m cable, you’ll reach every part of your garden including patios, driveways, gutters & lawns, whilst the handy harness takes the strain & saves your back.
  • STRESS-FREE GARDEN CLEANING: Now with a handy shoulder strap/harness, plus wheels for extra mobility in the garden, your VonHaus leaf blower is your go-anywhere garden cleaner.
  • THE VONHAUS PROMISE: This product is backed by a 3 year warranty, so you can be safe in the knowledge that if anything happens we’re here for you. Use our products with confidence.
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Product Description

leaf blower
Keeping your garden tidy all year round.

VonHaus 3-in-1 Leaf Blower

Lost sight of your garden’s grass or decking underneath an ever-growing pile of lingering leaves? Your VonHaus 3-in-1 Leaf Blower will give your outdoor space that refresh it needs, blowing, sucking, and mulching its way to a gloriously green garden once again.

Keeping your garden tidy all year round.

Blower, Vacuum, & Mulcher All in One

Tackle your lawn, driveway, or patio head on with your garden vacuum, with a 10m power cable to help you reach leaves in every corner of your outdoor space. Simply strap the harness over your shoulder, choose between the blower, vacuum, and mulcher settings, and watch the leaves disappear! Once the leaves have been vacuumed, the mulcher shreds them into the 35L collection bag at a tenth of their original size, allowing you to get the whole job done – no more running between your garden and bin.


Wattage 3000
Collection Bag Capacity 35L
Power Cable Length 10m
Shredding Ratio 10:1
Weight 3.56kg
Dimensions 119 x 17 x 32.5cm
Shoulder Strap Included

Can the blower function be used on wet leaves?

The blower function can be used on wet leaves. However, for optimal performance we recommend use on dry leaves as wet leaves. This is because wet leaves can stick to the ground, making them more difficult to blow away.

How much does the leaf blower weigh?

The leaf blower weighs 3.6kg with an empty collection bag. Please note as the collection bag fills with mulched leave the machine will become heavier. Use the harness provide to help with the increase in weight.

How do I use the vacuum mode?

Switch the dial to vacuum mode and keep the end of the chute as close to the ground as possible for optimal suction.

Can the vacuum function be used on wet leaves?

The blower function can be used on wet leaves. However, for optimal suction we recommend using on dry leaves. Wet leaves are much harder to get off the ground than dry leaves, making them harder for the leaf blower to collect.

Will the built-in mulcher shred wet leaves?

The mulcher can shred wet leaves. However, for optimal performance we recommend using on dry leaves. Mulching wet leaves can form a paste that can block the exit port. To clear, turn off the power, remove the collection basket and clear the blockage.

Additional information

Weight 3.56 kg
Dimensions 17 × 32.5 cm
Part Number


Product Dimensions

‎119 x 17 x 32.5 cm; 3.56 Kilograms

Manufacturer reference



‎3000W Leaf Blower







Power Source

‎Corded electric


‎230 Volts

Special Features


Included Components

‎Collection Bag

Batteries included?


Batteries Required?


Item Weight

‎3.56 kg



Date First Available

27 Jun. 2018



10 reviews for VonHaus Leaf Blower 3000W, Garden Vacuum for Clearing Patios & Gardens of Leaves & Other Waste, 10m Cable Reaches Whole Garden,

  1. Mark Chisholm

    Value So Good Its HilariousI paid about 35 quid for this. The price I’d pay for a meal with my missus at a value for money restaurant. Staggering when you think about it. Because, despite the bargain bin price it works surprisingly well.When I got this the box it came in looked about the size of a shoe box and I wondered if I’d ordered the wrong item to be honest. When I opened it up there’s no doubt I was looking at a marvel of packaging the likes I’d hardly seen before. And whilst one of course understands that this is because the manufacturer – which despite the name is probably something like ‘The Lucky Garden Company of Kowloon,’ is being parsimonious with the disposable materials, in fact the by-product of this approach is minimal waste.I like that to be honest.So, once assembled we have what is a standard(ish) sized leave vac/blower that due to its low rent price is very lightweight and easy to use. F1 car designers spend millions making a part a few grams lighter. Can I suggest that instead they have the same budget of this company and they will really see some cuts.So being cheap, its light to use and ideal for those who don’t have arms like a gorilla. Win, win.In use the thing that astonished me is that it actually works and works well. Really. The only problem is that the nozzle is clearly designed to make the best of the small motor and is thus quite small so that if you bury this in a pile of leaves it will block up. Once you get the hang of not doing that it works fine.Best bit is the blower function. That very same narrow idea is transferred to the underslung blower section and that means quite a powerful jet of air that’s more than able to shift most of the leaves easily.And this comes with a decent length of power cord.Honestly, even if you bought one of these a year you would still be quids in. And given that despite the cheapo cost, actually its not badly made means you’ll probably get a few years out of this.Amazing.

  2. Z

    Well worth the moneyI only have mid sized garden but get annoyed with leaves dropping from trees in the surrounding areas and now I have artificial lawn for the dog, I want to keep it weed free. This little sucker and blower was perfect, it came in a surprisingly small box and attaches together great. The cord was long enough for my garden and you don’t even need to take the bag off to remove the leaves, there’s a zip at the bottom of the bag for easy access. Really well designed and thought out. Would recommend if you want a well priced little runaround instead of spending an hour raking and bagging leaves – my back thanked me for this purchase and now I can do the job in minutes instead of an hour. Time is money kids.

  3. Stuart M.

    Impressive for the price!I bought this after reading other reviews. I’ve already got another item from the same company (a stove vacuum cleaner) so I had pretty high expectations regardless of it being so competitively priced and it hasn’t disappointed.For the price it’s highly recommended, I’ve used both the blower and the vacuum part of it and both work well. Cleaned up around our house in about an hour blowing everything into a corner and then using the vacuum function to suck it all up!Really pleased. Much better than you’d expect for the price.

  4. Bonsai Dave

    Best customer service I’ve come across in ages.After purchasing a garden vac a year ago, the bag strap broke, although the bag itself is extremely strong. I contacted Vonhaus customer service to see if the bag was covered under the 3 yr warranty. The customer service department namely Jeremiah was so helpful I was surprised, not only did he respond immediately to my query he resolved my problem with a few emails.I cannot praise Vonhaus enough, I received a replacement bag and strap within a few days with no hassle.Thank you Vonhaus and especially Jeremiah

  5. R. W. Walker

    Very pleasantly surprisedAfter reading a few of the negative reviews I was expecting the worst but at £40 I couldn’t resist a bargain. Its lightweight, powerful, easy to use and even easier to assemble, just 2 screws, no need for instructions. My main concern was it would pick up my stone chippings but it didnt, I checked the bag afterwards, I couldnt find one, amazing. It mulched up wet and dry leaves together, including twigs, and never blocked. In my view an outstanding bit of kit.

  6. Peter T

    Not as good as previous VonHaus blowersI brought this leaf blower as a replacement to an older VonHaus model that had come to the end of its life but I had been pleased with. While there have been some improvements to design VonHaus have taken a retrograde step by having a narrower vent into bag that blocks easily especially if leaves are damp. This is compounded by it being difficult to access vent to clear blockage. Not as good as old design but still fairly efficient leaf collector but things take longer than they did with old VonHaus blower.

  7. Herefordshire

    Worth the moneyTried this on dry leaves. Good blow, if used to suck you need the tube very close to the ground. Easy to assemble and overall thought it was good value for money.

  8. Art

    Great gadgetI was surprised at the small box that arrived could contain the vacuum. Once assembled which is easy I put it straight to work. It is magnificent with mulching but dry leaves only. Wet ones bung it up and you need bottle nosed pliers to get the blockage out.When using it to blow its powerful enough for me.Very light machine. I found it easier to use without putting the wheel on the bottom .

  9. Aries1959

    Great Value toolVery happy with this. It is big and a little heavy, but incredibly effective for the price.

  10. Mick Millership

    Does what it says on the tin!Great price, great tool with long guarantee. 👍

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