VonHaus Lawn Aerator & Scarifier 1500W, Garden Aerator for All Grass Areas Including Lawns, Scarifier Rake with Large 28L

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  • GARDEN MAINTENANCE: Keep your garden in tip top shape with the the VonHaus aerator & scarifier. Keeps your lawn healthy whilst removing dead grass, moss & leaves with it’s interchangeable rollers.
  • BUILT TO LAST: Your super-tough VonHaus scarifying rake will last & last. With its metal frame & durable outer casing in Grey, Black & Orange your dual-purpose scarifier is your robust garden partner.
  • MULTI PURPOSE: Whether you want to collect leaves, moss or dead grass, or aerate your lawn, your dual purpose VonHaus scarifier/aerator is the perfect tool for the job.
  • FULL OF FEATURES: With 4 cutting depths, a 32cm working width, a 28 litre collection bag and a 10m cable that will get you to even the remotest garden areas, the VonHaus Scarifier has it all.
  • THE VONHAUS PROMISE: All our products are backed by a minimum 2 years warranty, so you can be safe in the knowledge that if anything happens we’re here for you. Use our products with confidence.
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Product Description

Scarifier on patch of lawn

Scarifier collection bag being emptied into a bin

VonHaus 2-in-1 Scarifier & Rake

Aerate and revitalise your lawn by removing moss and thatch with our powerful 2-in-1 lawn rake and scarifier

Dimensions of scarifier 94.5-102.5 x 107 x 50cm 1500w 10m cable 9.9kg weight

Don’t settle for messy grass, scarify and reap the benefits of a healthy lawn with our powerful 1500W 2-in-1 lawn rake and scarifier, featuring a 32cm working width for efficient use.

Scarifying your lawn aerates your soil and can improve water drainage, allowing for better absorption of water and nutrients, promoting healthy, lush lawn growth for that pristine garden look.

Choose from four working depths on each roller to suit your needs, to either rake your lawn of moss or cut deeper into the moss and thatch at their source and aerate your lawn to promote better growth.

With dual interchangeable rollers, you can easily change between:

A raking drum to remove thatch, moss and dead leaves, with working depths of +4, -4, -8, -12mm.

A dethatching drum to scarify and aerate your soil, with working depths of +1, -7, -11, -15mm.

Constantly having to empty your scarifier can be annoying, but with a generous 28L collection bag, you’re able to cover large areas before you even have to think about emptying.

With a two-stage safety trigger, you can have peace of mind that your scarifier is safe to use, only starting once both buttons are pressed.

No matter your height, our scarifier is easy to use thanks to its height adjustable handle, and also included is a 10 metre power cable to allow for a wider range of unrestricted movement.

With included easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll have your scarifier assembled in no time!

  • Dimensions: 94.5cm-102.5cm x 50cm x 111cm (H x W x D)
  • Power: 1500W
  • Weight: 9.9kg
  • Collection Box Capacity: 28 litres
  • Working Width: 320mm
  • Working Depth (roller 1): 4 to -4 to -8 to -12mm
  • Working Depth (roller 2): 1 to -7 to -11 to -15mm
  • Guaranteed Sound Power Level: 98dB

Scarifier scarifying lawn

Motor of scarifier

Height settings on scarifier

Scarifier scarifying lawn


Whether you need to rake or scarify your lawn, our multi-purpose scarifier features two rollers each with 4 working depths to suit any of your lawn-related needs.

Powerful 1500W Motor

Tackle any lawn with ease thanks to your scarifier’s powerful 1500W motor.

4 Height Settings

Raking drum: +4, -4, -8, -12mm.

Dethatching Drum: +1, -7, -11, -15mm.

Choose from two different ranges of 4 heights over the two drums to suit your preference.

Why Scarify?

In order to keep a healthy green lawn, thatch, moss and debris have to be removed. With a scarifier not only can you accomplish this, but you can also aerate the lawn, allowing for better water and nutrient absorption for improved lawn health.

Additional information

Weight 8.5 kg
Dimensions 42 × 31 cm
Part Number


Package Dimensions

‎53 x 42 x 31 cm; 8.5 Kilograms

Manufacturer reference


Power Source

‎Corded electric



Batteries included?


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Item Weight

‎8.5 kg



Date First Available

4 Feb. 2016



10 reviews for VonHaus Lawn Aerator & Scarifier 1500W, Garden Aerator for All Grass Areas Including Lawns, Scarifier Rake with Large 28L

  1. Amazon Customer

    Good raker poor grass boxI have only used the raker ,it is very light weight and rakes very well. But the grass box is difficult to fix on as you can’t not see how to hook it on to the raker and it is also difficult to remove because the raker handle gets in the way.Roy

  2. David

    Von Haus have brilliant customer serviceI recently had to return my scarifier which I purchased last year . The company and their distributor immediately sent me a no quibble replacement . They are exceptionally efficient , polite and helpful . Very pleased indeed as after sale support is very important

  3. Mr. S Whotton

    Like all the reviews said great machineUsed it for the first time yesterday couldn’t believe how good my lawn is now so tidy looking

  4. Alex

    does the job quick and worth the valuegreat product at reasonable price, I’d say the taking dead grass is working fine, moss is a bit harder on smaller patch. The aeration head doesn’t really deliver high value though. It basically dethatch too.


    Excellent A+Excellent A+

  6. Andy

    Cheap & lightweight but fine for a small lawnI bought this as a lawn scarifier & rake. For a small lawn it does those jobs just fine. Niggles: the collection box is tiny & the assembly instructions are too simplistic. The box is ok for collecting rakings but for scarification I left it off & tied the rear flap open with string at a suitable angle. And I still haven’t managed to assemble the power cord properly!

  7. LDY8

    It does what it doesLuckily DH fits it together but found it really fiddly. Once up and running excellent rotation but churns up the lawn when you need to turn corners or come to doing the edges. It is very lightweight and therefore the top handle area is heavier than the machine which means it tips over easily. Once you get the hang of it it is good to go. I would recommend

  8. jabnett

    You get what you pay forFor the price, good machine just gets filled up quickly.

  9. G S

    It has to get worse before it gets betterI’ve never scarified a lawn before so ended up watching a tonne of videos on the subject on YouTube to make sure I got it right.First thing to be aware of before tackling a lawn scarify is there are only 2 times of the year (Spring and Autumn) recommended to do this job. This is because this is when the grass is actively growing and will have a better chance of recovery. Bear this in mind when buying this machine as it could be sat in your shed or garage for up to 6 months before you come to use it.I bought this scarifier based on all the positive reviews on Amazon. Having now completed the scarification of my lawn I am blown away by the effectiveness of this little machine. Our lawn hadn’t been scarified in 5 years, and as a result it was in a very poor condition. Moss and thatch had taken over, hampering the growth of any grass across large sections of the lawn. At first it was quiet a surprise to see the amount of rubbish this machine extracts. I filled our garden recycling bin in around 10 mins! After going up and down in one direction and then again left to right in the other i could have filled the garden recycling bins 6 times over! At this point, the lawn was looking pretty sorry for itself, but all the videos I watched and articles I read online all mentioned that it needs to get a lot worse before it looks better. After raking up all the thatch/moss, I then used a petrol mower with the blades set very high to run up and down the lawn to essentially hoover up any last bits and pieces not picked up after raking. Following this I spread an even dusting of rich in nutrients topsoil across the lawn and then scattered new rye grass seed on top of that. I then watered with the “EverGreen Spray and Lawn Feed” hose attachment to give the existing and new grass the best possible start. So far so good, the new seed has grown and the lawn is looking much better. Still early days, but i will repeat the process again in spring. Fingers crossed it should start to look much more respectable.

  10. Ken Jones

    Good for routine rakingVon Haus appears to be part of Domu Brands, a UK marketing and branding company that imports its manufactured goods and products, mainly from China. The scarifier I purchased from Amazon arrived very quickly and was immediately put to use. It first needed some simple assembly – the base motor unit is complete and looks well constructed but the handle needs to be assembled and fixed to it. Here things were not quite so perfect – one of the four coach bolts had a faulty thread and needed replacement. A simple thing to supply, you might think but, no, I was told the entire machine needed to be returned. As it was easier to obtain a bolt of near-enough the correct description locally I kept the machine and Domu made a token credit against the order. The inference for me was that spares for these machines may not be that easy to obtain, although I see the drums are available on Amazon. Hence four rather than five stars.In practice the machine does what it is supposed to and is excellent for an average domestic lawn. There’s a lot of good advice posted here about only using the machine in spring and autumn. However, apart from these two periods, the purpose of my machine is to rake out lawn weeds, like clover, as they occur during the entire summer season. For this fairly regular job I use the lightest setting – 4 – attacking any significant areas of weed as they arise, rather than the whole lawn. When used lightly in this way, over moderate areas, the grass collection basket is perfectly adequate and the lawn recovers quite quickly if it is suitably watered. However, as I usually perform the light raking as part of the mowing job I normally leave the basket off, using the mower to do a final tidy up. I’d agree with others that deeper raking should be done in the appropriate season and that the collection basket is then best left off as larger volumes of thatch are being produced.Whilst you should only push the machine forward whilst scarifying I do not always find this convenient or quick when I’m clearing clumps of clover etc. For this I simply raise the tines off the ground by pushing the handle down slightly when I need to reverse between short forward moves – rather like a sweeping movement.

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