VonHaus Heat Gun for Paint Stripping



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  • POWERFUL: The powerful 2000w VonHaus heat gun can be used over & over again for all those ‘must do’ household jobs like paint stripping, loosening adhesive (those stickers?) & lighting barbecues
  • VERSATILE: Your VonHaus heatgun comes with 5 really useful nozzle attachments including a glass protection nozzle, heat concentration nozzle, a reflector nozzle and a targeted heat nozzle
  • EASY TO USE: Lightweight but powerful, your heat gun has been designed with being used in mind. It’s ergonomic shape and optimal weight distribution make it really comfortable to use for long periods
  • SAFETY FIRST: Made from PP composite for extra durability and temperature resistance, your VonHaus hot air gun is built with your safety in mind, this heatgun will last & last & last
  • THE VONHAUS PROMISE: All our products are backed by a minimum 2 years warranty, so you can be safe in the knowledge that if anything happens we’re here for you. Use our products with confidence.

Technical Details

Product Description

Heat gun stripping paint
Paint Scrapping

Concentrator Nozzle

Directs a concentrated heat flow to the work surface – ideal for removing paint from awkward corners, crevices, mouldings, beading or architraves.

Paint Scrapping


Reflector nozzle


Concentrator Nozzle


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