VonHaus Electric Tiller 1400W – Garden Soil Cultivator/Rotavator – 40cm Cutting Width, 22cm Tilling Depth, 6 Steel Blades,

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Brand VonHaus
Power Source Corded Electric
Material Alloy Steel
Operation mode Electric

  • EFFICIENT AND POWERFUL – Prepare your soil for the gardening season with this hardworking VonHaus 1400W Tiller, designed with efficiency and mobility in mind.
  • POWERFUL MOTOR – Equipped with a powerful 1400W motor, 280rpm no load speed and extra-long 10m cable.
  • 6 DURABLE STEEL BLADES – 400mm working width & maximum 220mm tilling depth allow the tiller to quickly and efficiently work through large surface areas.
  • WHEEL MOUNTED – The 2 rear wheels help you guide the machine effortlessly and can be tucked away for freehand use. 11kg and (L) 110 x (W) 40cm.
  • SIMPLE ASSEMBLY REQUIRED – Easy-to-follow instructions included. Overload protection system and electric brake button for safe operation. MANUFACTURER 2 YEAR WARRANTY INCLUDED
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Product Description

Additional information

Weight 14.3 kg
Dimensions 41 × 38.8 cm
Package Dimensions

‎56.8 x 41 x 38.8 cm; 14.3 Kilograms


‎Alloy Steel

Power Source

‎Corded electric

Item Weight

‎14.3 kg



Date First Available

4 May 2017


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10 reviews for VonHaus Electric Tiller 1400W – Garden Soil Cultivator/Rotavator – 40cm Cutting Width, 22cm Tilling Depth, 6 Steel Blades,

  1. Dave White

    ImpressiveMy garden was not the best to begin with so we decided to start over. This router was more than up for the task helping me dig out a ton of discarded building rubble including a full paving slab! I did shred a belt in the process and it was difficult to find a replacement, but once I did it was on the job and chewing up the ground. Great piece of kit, would be nice if spare were also supplied on Amazon

  2. Peter Manley

    Just what I wantedEasy to move around with the wheels.

  3. Mr Paul Castleton

    Works for me on stoney ground.Great medium workhorse. I’ve given this industrial use on a new build house site. It’ll do brick size stones but not boulders. Carry a garden fork and breaker bar for them. Chomps its way through stoney clay type soil as well as sandy gritty. The tines get covered in greenery which needs clearing every now and then. The tines are easy to remove and straighten in a big vice. As I said, industrial use. I’ve cleared 400m² so far with this to create a meadow and make holes for trees and trenches for shrub hedges as well as large flower beds in a very stoney site. Unfortunately, the weak point is the wheels. I’ve always used it with the wheels up but managed to break the mounting somehow. It’s not too heavy and fits in a wheelbarrow. You can safely operate the switch with one hand after a couple of practices. I fully expect this to clear the ground for my veg beds and polytunnel. I’m loving my new house.

  4. Hasski

    Buy one!If you’re reading this and thinking of getting a tiller, this a fantastic unit. I wanted to prepare an area of my garden for raised beds. It’s a pity I didn’t take a before picture but it was a mess with earth mounds, hard soil, loose vegetation and it coped with everything admirably.It didn’t throw a fit every time it hit a stone or a hard mound. Obviously it makes its life easier if you have a reccy for large rocks and clear the long weeds or they’ll gum up the blades.I recommend wearing steel-tipped boots and to be ready to exert power to control it over the harder terrain.In short, and excellent buy and I regret not getting it years before.

  5. steven burrows

    Highly competent piece of kit.I have held off reviewing this garden tiller until I had given it a real test. It was delivered some while ago but circumstances delayed my using it until the last couple of days.The first part of my purchase; ordering, prompt delivery, packaging etc., all 1st class and I would recommend the company’s systems for any deliveries in future.As for the product itself. I wanted to dig over an entire established lawn but I am too lazy to do it by hand so was hoping to find a machine to do it for me without breaking my back! Research suggested I might have to pay many hundreds of pounds for a machine robust enough for this task. Even hiring one was going to be £40 per day and I anticipated having to rotovate perhaps three or four times to obtain the required tilth. It was, therefore, with some apprehension that I bought the Von Haus tiller, hoping it would be up to the task.After 15 mins. simple assembly I’m delighted to say this machine is well up to the job! The soil was pretty well compacted and yet the tiller dug in and turned it over with no problems. I hadn’t realised how much shale, stones and even house bricks were just under the surface, yet this tiller took everything in its stride. I have achieved a reasonable tilth after only a couple of passes and can now dig in fresh top soil, sand and manure in half the time and with a lot less effort than anticipated.DO read the instructions first. Be prepared for a bit of bouncing around until the tiller digs in. It is a bit hard on the arms, but nothing like using a fork. The gear box does get a little warm after a while so don’t over do it. All these things are mentioned in the instructions so there’s no surprises there.Overall, I highly recommend this digger for its overall quality, strength, build quality and certainly not least its price.

  6. exo

    Excellent labout saving machineSaved me soooo much effort, digging a 20x20ft area down to 6 inches or so, for seiving out the stones/roots.Just right for a small garden.

  7. scanners

    Not sure if this is a brand new or refurbished machineHappy with the product but looked like it had been repacked in a spare cardboard box not original as no markings. Also box had an oil stain on it although I couldn’t see a leak from the gearbox or anywhere else

  8. Aston man

    machine too light for previously unworked groundi have been using tillers and rotavators for over fifty years and know the limitations of unsuitable ground conditions for these machines. this machine is designed to be used on previously dug and soft soil conditions. do not be fooled by other peoples reviews. my machine is used for previously dug flower beds and vegetable patch and works reasonably well.any other ground conditions needs a heavier and more powerful petrol driven machine.i would therefore suggest you hire one first to prepare the soil conditions and thereafter the above tiller should be ok.

  9. AJ

    Absoute trooperWas a bit worried after some of the reviews mentioned that shaft had snapped easily/ seized after little use. Took the gamble and well worth it!As others have said; the 1400W motor is powerful – it’s dealt with my heavy clay, stoney, soil like a champion. Avoid completely dry clay if that’s your soil; the blades haver a harder time with it.Rocks have presented no problem to it, throwing them up as big as my fist. If you hit large stones, let the tiller “bounce” off the rocks and remove them by hand.For allotments/ small sections; it’s perfect.I however wanted to turn over ~100m² garden and the narrow cutting width does make it a time-consuming job depending on how fine tilth/depth you want to achieve.With sustained use the ?transmission? can get very hot – this might explain some failures, keep an eye on temperature and give the unit a rest if it’s getting too hot.Great bit of kit.

  10. Michael A Durrington

    Superb piece of kitUsed this for breaking down old turf when relaying a lawn. Loosen and lift the turf with a fork, go over with the tiller and all the soil is removed from the side leaving just the grass and roots which is much easier to remove with a rake. Another couple of passes to remove heavy compaction underneath the turf. Made a difficult job very easy. Easy to assemble, no issues using and good value for money. Highly recommended.

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