VonHaus Electric Tiller 1050W – Garden Soil Cultivator/Rotavator – 32cm Working Width, 22cm Tilling Depth, 4 Steel Blades,

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Brand VonHaus
Power Source Corded Electric
Material Plastic, Metal
Operation mode Electric

  • PREPARE YOUR GARDENS SOIL – Designed with efficiency and mobility in mind, get your soil ready for gardening season with this hardworking and powerful 1050W electric tiller.
  • DURABLE DESIGN – Made from durable plastic with a metal frame and distinctive black and orange colourways, this handy tool will till your garden without damaging the surrounding area.
  • EFFICENT PERFORMANCE – With a cutting width of 320mm, maximum tilling depth of 220mm and 4 durable steel blades, the tiller will quickly and efficiently work through large surface areas.
  • SIMPLE ASSEMBLY – Some simple assembly required, easy-to-follow instructions included.
  • HANDLE WITH EASE – With the ergonomic handle and extra-long 10m cable, handling the tiller is easy. There’s also an overload protection system and electric brake button for safe operation.
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Weight 10.4 kg
Dimensions 36 × 30 cm
Package Dimensions

‎49.5 x 36 x 30 cm; 10.4 Kilograms


‎Plastic, Metal

Power Source

‎Corded electric

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Item Weight

‎10.4 kg



Date First Available

17 Mar. 2015


‎Domu Brands

10 reviews for VonHaus Electric Tiller 1050W – Garden Soil Cultivator/Rotavator – 32cm Working Width, 22cm Tilling Depth, 4 Steel Blades,

  1. Richard Scott Jones

    For the price you cant go wrong!Never used a rotorvator before. This Von Haus made one was one of the cheapest out there and the reviews were predominantly very good. Assembly was very easy. Using the machine was quite scary at first but you soon get used to it. The soil being tilled was very stony and very heavy clay. I needed it to till the ground in preparation for creating a lawn area approx. 20m x 20m. Given it was clay I wasn’t looking forward to digging it over by hand with a fork, so a cheap rotovator made sense. Essentially it made mince meat of the soil and did an amazing job! However because it was on stony ground and clay once switched on it was like trying to control a wild horse ! For something that is only just over 1Kw in power this little beast is pretty impressive and tilled the area in just over 10 mins, so saved a lot of time and energy. I would thoroughly recommend this rotovator. There are a few negative reviews and these are predominantly focused on the mounting of the base to the motor casing. Although the mounting screws are pretty flimsy and there could have been a better way to mount the bars, they do however do the job and I didn’t have any problem, but I can imagine if used repeatedly on several projects over a number of years that these screw mounts could well fail ( I am sure you could fix this problem easily in some DIY fashion and probably make it better if it did fail). However, you pay for what you get. This rotorvator is very cheap, but it does do the job very well and if it is only for a small project and only needed once, you can sell it on as used for £40.00 to someone, so for the sake of only £20 or thereabouts you have saved yourself some very back breaking work and probably a whole day’s work, and I think that is well worth the price paid. All in all, for what it is………great machine!

  2. Bill Gordon

    Nearly perfectI didn’t hold out much hope for this item. I thought that it would struggle to turn over the earth in the area that is going to be re-turfed. Assembly was easy, a nice long lead attached. Time for start up and the first major problem! I found it impossible to start the machine one handed, so both hands in use, one to press the safety button to allow the hand lever to start the machine and the other hand on the lever, It was like trying to control a demon as it bucked with only one hand on the machine. Once I got the other hand on to the handle I could control it. It tilled the earth with no problem, I could go deeper by going back over the area. BUT, if it started to buck after hitting any object it took a fair bit of effort to control it! The safety lever was excellent and the machine stopped instantly.. I found it easier to work the earth by going backwards. So in summary, an excellent rotovator, good monetary value but does have serious issues with the starting procedure. I have a lawnmower with a similar staring system ( button and lever. ) the position is such that I can use one hand to start it. The addition of a starting system which can be used with one hand would make this a 5 star machine.

  3. Mike BB

    Amazing! Buy one now! 🙂If you’re a farmer and need something to plow fields for the next 20 years, probably not up to the job. If you just want to sort out a normal sized garden ready for lawn or planting then this is superb. It is very strong, and takes whatever soil you point it at and churns it up into nice crumbly soil. If it finds slabs or big bricks it gently throws them to the side. Chops up small roots, up to maybe 1-2 cm but anything bigger it will jump over. As for other reviews the safety switch is in the wrong place and means you have to use your other hand to press it until you get it started. Having tried digging about 40 sq metres manually, normally giving up after about 1 sq mtr, to get it ready for an extra bit of lawn, I used this tool and did the whole lot in about 15 mins, to a much better standard than I could have done manually. Amazing little tool, ridiculous value for money, and good fun for the little time you will have to use it. One of the best things I’ve ever bought 🙂

  4. Amazon Customer

    Very effectiveI live in an area with very hard clay soil. Needless to say this dug in and rotavated the soil in mins. It was effortless. As some say you need two hands to release the trigger lock and press the trigger but once going it works very well. Very happy and would recommend it.

  5. Chris King

    Excellent Rotavator / Garden TillerIn the process of rejuvenating my back garden after it has been neglected for many years, the fence around the garden was the original fencing from 1984, so that was 35 years old, I was amazed in fact it was still staying up!Having recently had the entire fencing replaced, this has now motivated me to get my garden back into a respectable state, and the image of the flower bed on my review had both an old climbing rose and other plants with deep roots that all needed to be cleared out before the ground could be reused for new plants, a picture of the old rose and deeply rooted shrub I dug out manually is attached so you can see that the roots for these would be fairly troublesome and large when digging this ground manually.With a fracture a few years back on my right foot, I chose to get myself a tiller / rotavator to break up the ground ready for both a new turf lawn and creating a flower bed. I have browsed Amazon for the various rotavators and as this had very good reviews and also a load of photos from other customers, and my budget allowed, I decided to get this one.Took about 30 minutes to read over the instructions and assemble this from the box it arrived in, the one thing that threw me initially was the picture on the cover of the instruction book and in the break away parts section shows it assembled one way, but the instruction picture which shows the handle assembly has it the other way round. The main cover picture is the more logical and the correct, so it didn’t take long to get the unit ready for use.With the unit all plugged in, I set about tilling / rotavating the ground where I had recently pulled up the old rose and plant with deep roots. Other customers have suggested to pull it back towards you as it digs and pulls itself forward, this certainly worked for me and I ensured the power cable was kept behind me at all times.Initial start up is similar to a flymo, where you press the button, then pull the trigger handle to start the motor, as it sits above ground, it immediately tries to dig downwards and forwards, so the resulting action is more of a bucking bronco digging itself into the ground. As soon as it hits a root or anything that could deflect, it can buck up in the air like a small leaping stag and then when landing dig itself back into the ground. It is vital you keep your hands on the handle and be prepared to keep it under control!. Once it has dug into the ground and started tilling the earth, it soon breaks up the earth and settles down. The picture of my recently “Tilled” flower bed took about 2 minutes, and I could have easily broken it down even finer. It chomped its way through roots and threw small stones up with ease, I can see this is going to make the tilling of the lawn much easier than I had envisaged.It is vital you read the instructions as it has safety tips for wearing goggles and how to service it and keep it in good operation.This is a great addition to my garden tools and so far is outperforming itself..Highly recommended.

  6. Vich

    Really good powerful little machine.I have a shared border with a house that was empty for about 3 years. The soil was compacted clay based and extremely difficult to dig and break up. The tiller did the job. It is not for the faint hearted, and not the easiest machine to use on a hard clay as it bucks about quite a bit and throws the soil all over the place, however, I have to say it got the job done and this task was at the top end of the difficulty scale due to the clay. It is a powerful little machine. An element of strength is needed to use and control this little Beast !

  7. Tenor

    Powerful and able to cope with everything I threw at it. Slightly awkward to start.Got this tiller after some careful research, for the purpose of clearing away my old lawn, for re-seeding. Didn’t want to spend too much, but was looking for something powerful enough to re-do a whole lawn, with stones and all. This cost about the same as the hiring alone of a more powerful petrol version that would be quicker, but logistically more complex for one or two uses in my admittedly naive opinion.The Tiller was easy to assemble, requiring probably around 10 minutes of assembly.Startup is straightforward and quick, but does require some awkward hand switching; there is a dead man switch you have to hold onto, as well as the start button you need to hold down at the same time as pulling the dead switch; could be a problem for the more frail user as the machine is quite strong and wants to drive forwards. Probably my main issue with this. Letting go of the dead switch will instantly cut out the motor; a good safety mechanism, and there was no cooldown period; it jsut stops dead; great if it starts bouncing a bit too much, or your cat decides it is no longer terrified of the thing tearing up their territory and decided to stand in the line of fire.The cord length is a bit short; I bought an external power cord extension reel to use this. Be very careful as with any power tool with moving parts not to trip or cut the wire. Not a problem if youre careful.Most people would use this for flower beds or veggie patches; this is more than ample power-wise. I used this for my whole lawn and it coped very well. My lawn has a particularly stony section, which even some half-bricks coming out from the soil; this machine can cope with that, though it does jump a lot, and could be a problem in earth with lots of compacted large (4-5 inch plus) stones. As I said before, I coped with that, as did the machine; it just keeps going. I would recommend mowing your lawn as short as possible beforehand to avoid getting the tines tangled with vegetation. A few tree roots got stuck in the tines of mine, which werent too hard to clear, but did slow progress; expect to need to clear your tines every once in a while during the job to make things easier.I found the best way to use this machine was to walk slowly backwards with it, pulling slowly back with my arms. I repeated this process a few times. Over-lap your areas for a good finish. By then end, my arms were very sore for a few days; I’m by no means fit and I would also concede that the purpose I used this thing for was probably a bit beyond what most poeple would expect from it, but it got the job done in just about 4 hours. Do take regular breaks to get the feeling back in your fingers after longer episodes of use, and remember to re-adjust your cables.

  8. JanJan

    The robin loves it too!The photos show a bit of before and after (and that is only after about 5 minutes) and I had to keep stopping to let the robin have a go at whatever was being churned up! The clips for holding the cable are pretty useless; they fall off after only a few seconds and personally I find it a bit difficult to manoeuvre; I sometimes have to stop and lift it up and move it, but it has made such a difference to getting through my ultra- heavy clay soil. I honestly think this might be the best £80 I’ve ever spent!

  9. Wendy F.

    Works well but clumsy to useIt did a great job of loosening up very hard soil that was covered in weeds… But it is very clumsy to use. You need to both hands to start it, leaving none to hold it down. As a result it bucks about like a wild beast when you try get it going. It will also kick up soil absolutely everywhere when you push it forward, it’s much easier to use when pulling towards you – just be mindful of where the cord is!


    Help me a lotIt is working very well. Just frame is little bit wobbly.

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