VEVOR 4 Trumpet Train Air Horn Kit 12V Air Compressor 150PSI




  • Premium Quality: Our loud train truck horns kit is composed of zinc chrome-plated material and carbon steel body to ensure maximum strength and durability. It is can withstand harsh weather conditions or extreme temperatures with trusted quality and lifespan.
  • 150dB Loud Air Horn: The loudness of these air horns for trucks and trains can reach up to 150 decibels. 4 different size stainless steel horns emit a super loud warning, audible from several miles away. With such a strong sound, it is the most effective and safest way to alert others of your presence.
  • 120 PSI Compressor: This air horn comes with a 3L / 0.8 gallon air compressor equipped with an automatic safety protection design, which will automatically stop pumping when the air pressure reaches 120PSI inside. Besides, it is equipped with 4 vibration pads and a 30-ampere fuse under the mounting leg to avoid hazards effectively.
  • Easy Installation: This train horn for cars is easy to install with all mounting hardware included. It is flexible and portable, so you can easily detach it from one vehicle to another. In addition to basic components for your quick installation, there are additional sealing tapes and a 6.56ft/2 m extra hose for your replacement and other use. Professional installation assistance won’t be needed. You can use them anytime and anywhere.
  • Wide Application: The 4-trumpet train horn kit is compact enough to fit most vehicles, such as cars, boats, trucks, tractors, vans, motorcycles, etc. It is highly suitable for large vehicles in heavy traffic or emergencies.

Technical Details

From the manufacturer

train horn kit

4 Trumpet Train Air Horn Kit

150dB & 120 PSI & Chrome Steel

Need a powerful air horn beyond average capability? These train horns can fit in almost any vehicle, but deliver the big sound you need. Don’t be fooled by their size, they may be small, but they pack a punch that can rival any air horn out there. Our product will work on almost any vehicle and deliver super loud surround sound when you need it. If you think other drivers won’t see you coming, don’t worry because they sure will hear you.

  • 150 dB Loud Air Horn
  • 120 PSI Compressor
  • Premium Quality
  • Easy Installation


1 2
Onboard Air Compressor Train Air Horn Kit
Max Pressure 150 PSI 150 PSI
Material Stainless Steel Chrome-plated Metal
Tank Capacity 6 Liter / 1.6 Gallon 3 Liter / 0.8 Gallon
Loudness / 150 DB
Trumpets / 4


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