Vastar Mouse Detail Sander 130W 14000RPM with Dust Collector




  • ✔【24 sheets of sandpaper】Hand sander set contains 24 sheets of sandpaper (4Pcs*40#, 4Pcs*60#, 4Pcs*80#, 4Pcs*120#, 4Pcs*150#, 4Pcs*240#), which can be used for different purposes according to your needs. The hook and loop design allows for easy and quick sandpaper changes.
  • ✔【130W &14000 RPM】Vastar electric sander is driven by a built-in high-efficiency pure copper motor and runs at the speed of 14000 cycles per minute for efficient grinding. The diameter of the working pendulum is 1.5 mm, which can produce a larger sanding area, realize fine sanding and quickly complete all kinds of work.
  • ✔【Efficient dust collection】The sander can be directly connected to a 35-port hoover without adding a hoover adaptor, which is convenient and handy. The base is designed with a PU burr base and multi-hole bits for powerful dust extraction and conveying wood chips to the dust bag box, keeping a clean working environment and saying goodbye to double work. For long term use, please empty the dust in the dust bag regularly.
  • ✔【Ergonomic Design】The ergonomic design and soft rubber handle can reduce the fatigue caused by the vibration of the palm sander, compact, anti-skid and comfortable grip.Base size: 140 × 140 × 80 mm, since its size and mouse head design, it can easily reach narrow spaces, complete edges, corners and other inaccessible spaces, and provide smooth performance in various grinding applications.
  • ✔【Wide Application】Low vibration and noise, stable center of gravity. Fast heat dissipation, can be used for a long time. All of these are for you to have a wonderful working experience. The detail sanders can be used for wood, home decoration, DIY, such as polishing, smoothing, trimming, removing paint, stains and blemishes, etc.

Technical Details

Product Description


Vastar 130W sanders for wood with dust collector

  • The sander has a high power of 135W, runs 14,000RMP per minute, a working current of 1.1A, and an eccentric orbit with a diameter of 1.5 mm can produce a larger sanding area, allowing you to complete your work efficiently.
  • In addition, a finger-sand bottom plate is added to the bottom of the sander, which can polish some detailed gaps, and the hook and loop system can realize simple and fast sandpaper replacement.
  • Rovtop sander can physically remove some uneven, uneven thickness, and non-compliant materials and objects by grinding, smoothing, trimming, polishing, removing paint, varnish, stains and other physical removal methods to make it more Smooth and flat, uniform thickness.
  • The electric sander has a soft rubber handle and an ergonomic design to provide you with greater comfort and control, allowing you to have a better working experience.
  • Vastar sander machine works stably with low vibration, low noise, ideal for daily DIY sanding work.


Vastar VS Others:

  • The mouse sander on the market is basically 55-100W with a speed of only 12000RMP, which is not enough for life and work.
  • The Vastar team has innovated and improved the wattage to 130W and 14000RPM, which can be used in more scenarios, with fast speed, large centrifugal rate, smoother surface of the sanded products, much shorter sanding time and higher working efficiency.




Rated voltage 230-240V,50Hz
Rated input power 130W
Operating current 1.1A
Rotational speed 14000RPM
Material ABS+PU burr base
Sandpaper 24 pieces
Sandpaper tray Self-adhesive and strong
Base size 140 x 140 x 80 mm
Power cord length 2 m / 78.74 in / 6.56 ft
Use Sanding the surface of items
Triangular sandpaper size 140 x 140 x 80 mm
Fingertip sandpaper size 68.7 x 34.7 x 37.5 mm

Warm Tips:

  • When the sander is running, it is strictly forbidden to touch it with your hands and feet
  • Do not dismantle the safety device on the sander at will
  • Before turning on the power switch, make sure that the switch is in the OFF position


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