Vastar 135W Multi-Functional Rotary Tool Kit with 212 PCS



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  • 【Rotary Tool Kit】Rotary tool kit contains 212 parts and 3 accessories. The rotary tool is powerful, with grinding, cutting, engraving, drilling, polishing. rotary tool can meet all your needs.
  • 【Functional advantage】 High-performance rotary multi tool,pure copper motor, can provide strong rotational power. The rotary tool has 6 speeds, and the speed of rotation from 8000 rpm to 35000 rpm, the mini-drill switch is designed to prevent misconduct.
  • 【Structure advantage】Mechanically improved the regulator gear and switch of the rotary tool. The speed control switch is more stable during the work, it is difficult to slip, improve stability, and let you work.
  • 【Comfortable use】Electric grinding machine uses PUA rubber twows, non-slip and durable, beautiful appearance, comfort. Let you focus on engraving, grinding and polishing, and more stability. Mini process drill ergonomic design makes you a long time to make it easier.
  • 【Note】 The electric grinding machine will be heated for a long time. After a period of time, the power should be turned off, and then use it after it is cooled. When replacing the part, please be sure to close the mini grinder first.

Technical Details

Product Description


Vastar 135W multi tool

  • Vastar 135W rotary tool, equipped with 212 accessories, 3 accessories, can meet different work needs.
  • 6-speed variable speed, convenient adjustment, 8000-35000rpm speed and anti-misoperation safety switch design, improve safety.
  • The fuselage is designed with a heat dissipation hole design to fully dissipate heat and avoid overheating and hurting people.
  • The hook design is convenient and safe to place.
  • Rotary tool has a wide range of uses, suitable for cutting, engraving, drilling, grinding, polishing and other scenes.



Hook design

A hook is installed on the back of the rotary multi tool, which can effectively place the electric grinder and work safely.










Product Information:

Weight: 1.65 kg

Size: 30*18.5*8.5cm

Material: plastic + stainless steel accessories

Purpose: cutting, engraving, drilling, grinding, polishing, etc.

Voltage: 220-240V

Power: 135W

Speed: 6 gears, 8,000 rpm to 35,000 rpm



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