Vacmaster Multi 20 PTO Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner 20 litre 1250W motor



  • WET & DRY EXTRACTION: Clean up water, sludge, dust and dirt with this heavy duty vacuum cleaner. This high performance wet and dry vacuum is powered by a self-cooling 200 air watt bypass motor that clears messes in your home, garage, or workshop
  • HOOK UP POWER TOOLS – 1740W power take-off socket. Plug in your power tool and connect the suction hose to start extracting dust as you sand or drill. Operate the vacuum cleaner remotely from the power switch on your tool
  • BAGGED OR BAGLESS OPERATION – Simply fit the dust bag to hygienically dispose of dirt and fine dust. Or use without a dustbag when vacuuming larger rubble or liquids into the 20L tank
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL DESIGN – There are few spaces the Vacmaster Multi 20 can’t reach. Light and compact with multiple accessories, this vacuum can easily clean corners, car interiors, curtains, carpet and floors. Its blower function turns it into a garden and gutter cleaner or pumps air into paddling pools and airbeds
  • VACMASTER BY CLEVA – We use the latest processes and highest engineering standards to create powerful products inspired by your needs. The result is a wide range of products with exceptional output and durability

Technical Details

Product Description

Vacmaster multi 20 PTO wet and dry vacuum cleaner

From Vacmaster by Cleva

Manufacturer of over 40 million appliances worldwide.

Technical Details

Model Number: VQ1220PFC-01
Power Supply: 220 – 240V Electric
Motor Power: 1250W
Motor Type: Single Fan Bypass Motor
Noise Level: 75.5 db(A)
Working Reach: Approximately 7.5m
Cord Length: 4m
Hose Type: Standard Flexible
Tank: 20L capacity, Impact Resistant Polymer
Suction Tubes: 3 Plastic Tubes
Blower Function: Yes
vacmaster multi 20 vacmaster power 30 vacmaster outdoor artificial grass vacuum
Vacmaster Multi 20 Vacmaster Power 30 PTO Vacmaster WD 18 Garden & Artificial Grass
Product Description Extraction of dirt, dust, sludge or water, a multi-functional cleaner for your garage, workshop or home. Connect power tools and extract dust as you’re working. Capture everything from dust, to rubble, to gloopy water blocking a sink. The latest Vacmaster Power 30 PTO wet and dry vacuum cleaner delivers more suction power and greater versatility. Now with a 60% increase in air watts and dual mode floor head, you get improved performance across all floors. Vacmaster WD 18 AG is the first wet and dry vacuum cleaner designed specifically for cleaning artificial grass, patios, pathways, driveways, decking and other outdoor spaces. Suitable for all artificial lawn and AstroTurf surfaces.
Motor Power 1250W 1500W 1250W
Collection Tank 20L 30L 18L
Air Watts 200W 230W 160W
Max Air Flow L/Sec 50L/s 48.5L/s 40L/s
Power Cord 4m 4m 10m
Drainage Port
Blower Function
Power Take Off
Patented Artificial Grass Tool


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