Vacmaster M Class Dust Extractor 110V with Power Take Off 38L 110V




  • WET OR DRY – The WD M38 110V is built for powerful performance with a 1100W motor and a 38L collection capacity. 110V 16A POWER SUPPLY – Manufactured to meet the UK Health and Safety Executive guidelines for safe, portable electrical equipment
  • M CLASS DUST EXTRACTION – Independently certified, this model has been proven to safely and effectively capture medium hazardous dusts by removing 99.9% of dust particles with an OEL value of less than 0.1mg/m3
  • IMPROVED AIR FLOW – Vacmaster’s new Push Clean Filter System does the grimy work for you by utilising reversed airflow to clean the cartridge filter and push trapped debris back to the collection tank, preventing clogged filters and drops in suction performance
  • TWO STAGE DUST COLLECTION – The WD M38 110V comes with 5x hygiene seal dust bags and 5x disposable tank liners. Place a liner into the tank and a dust bag onto the suction inlet for the Two Stage Dust Collection to ensure that no hazardous dust becomes airborne or is left in the tank
  • VACMASTER BY CLEVA – We use the latest processes and highest engineering standards to create powerful products inspired by your needs. The result is a wide range of products with exceptional output and durability
  • Power source type: corded electric

Technical Details

Product Description


From Vacmaster by Cleva

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Technical Details

Model Number: VDK1138SWC-110
Power Supply: 110V
Motor Power: 1100W
Motor Type: Single Fan Bypass Motor
Working Reach: Approx 14m
Cord Length: 10m PVC Coated
Max Airflow: 68 L/sec
Max Vacuum Pressure: 22 kPa
Air Watts: 218 AW
Cord Length: 10M Abrasion Resistant Rubber Coated
Working Reach: Approx. 14m
Weight: 11.45kg
Collection Tank: 38L
Power Take Off: 660W 110V
Hose Length: 2.5m
Dimensions (Complete Unit): H 79cm x W 40cm x D 46cm
Vacmaster WD M38 with Push Clean Filter Wet & Dry Vacuum M38 PCF - VDK1538SWC-01M
Vacmaster WD M38 PCF 110V Wet & Dry Vacuum Vacmaster WD M38 with Push Clean Filter Wet & Dry Vacuum
Product Description Vacmaster WD M38 PCF 110V industrial M-Class wet and dry vacuum cleaner is independently certified for the safe extraction of medium hazardous dust. The 110V power supply and integrated power take-off socket meet electrical safety standards. The Vacmaster WD M38 is designed for powerful and effective extraction of medium hazardous dust, with a Push Clean Filter for improved airflow and deeper cleaning. Push Clean Filter system improves airflow during operation.
M-Class Certified
Power Supply 110V 240V
Motor Power 1100W 1500W
Max Air Flow L/s 68 L/s 71 L/s
Push Clean Filter
Two Stage Dust Collection
Power Take Off
Variable Speed
Working Reach 14m 14m


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