Trend T33A Class M Dust Extractor Wet & Dry 1200w




  • CLASS M – Trade Level M Class Dust Extractor – Minimum legal requirement by the HSE for construction vacuum cleaners to ensure safety of workers and prevent long term lung damage
  • WET & DRY PICK UP – Versatile and Efficient – suitable for liquids and dry dirt and dust collection
  • POWERFUL 1200W MOTOR – Extracts dust and particulates, effective for site and workshop use
  • 1500W AUTO START POWER TAKE OFF – Allows the extractor to auto start when a power tool is connected with 3 – 5 second run on delay to clear residual debris
  • ACCESSORIES – Includes full cleaning accessory kit plus power tool adaptor

Technical Details

From the manufacturer

t33a T33 T33 Dust Bags T33 Filter CRT/2 Hose Adaptor
T33A Wet & Dry Dust Extractor – 230v T33AL Wet & Dry Dust Extractor – 115v T32/1/5 Micro Filter Bags – Pack of x5 T33/2 HEPA Cartridge Filter for T33 Class M Dust Extractor Range CRT/3 Hose Adaptor – 58mm to 39mm
Rating Trade – M Class Trade – M Class
Motor 1200w 800w
Voltage 230v 115v
Dust Category M M
Tank Capacity 25L Dry, 17L Wet 25L Dry, 17L Wet
Power Tool Take Off
Power Tool Take Off 1500w 1000w
Suitable For T33 & T32 Range


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