TOUGH MASTER Electric Power Planer 1000W


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  • PLANING WIDTH: This electric planer machine has a maximum planing width of 110mm, unlike many other models that have a standard 82mm planing width. This option will greatly facilitate your work and save you time
  • POWERFUL & EFFICIENT: This TOUGH MASTER corded planer offers an impressive 1000W of power. Its premium pure copper motor works at up to 16,000 rpm for powerful sanding, and boasts a longer service life
  • ADJUSTABLE PLANING DEPTH: The ability to adjust the depth from 0.25 to 3mm will allow you to choose the optimal degree of material removal. You can precisely set the value you need, because this planer can be adjusted in 0.25mm increments
  • TWO DUST REMOVAL PORTS: The planer has a two chip removal ports, one on each side, for ease of use. That way, you have a choice of two, making for easy, automatic clean up wherever you’re working and whether you’re right or left handed
  • ADDITIONAL DUST REMOVAL FEATURES: You can connect the planer to an industrial vacuum cleaner for more efficient removal of dust and debris. The inner diameter of the dust port is 35mm; the outer diameter of the dust port is 38mm
  • REVERSIBLE BLADES: The planer is equipped with double sided blades, which doubles their lifespan: When one side of a blade is worn, just take it out, turn it over and reinstall it. Reinstalling the blades is easy, and requires no special tools

Technical Details

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x Electric Planer
  • 1 x Parallel Guide
  • 1 x Hex Wrench
  • 2 x HSS Blades on Tool

Product Description

TM-PL113 TM-FS252E TM-OS125E TM-BS76E ‎TM-CS185 ‎TM-MCS115
Electric Power Planer, 1000W Wood Planer Electric Power Finishing Sander 240V Random Orbital Sander, 430W 124mm Belt Sander 800W Electric Sander With Dust Bag 1400W Circular Saw, Heavy Duty Wood Cutting Tool Mini Circular Saw 705W Including Laser Function
Model TM-PL113 TM-FS252E TM-OS125E TM-BS76E ‎TM-CS185 ‎TM-MCS115
Power 1000W 250W 430W 800W 1400W 705W
Variable Speed RPM/SPM 16 000 RPM 12 000 RPM 26 000 SPM 120 – 260 m/min 5000 RPM 3 500 RPM
Number of Speeds from 0.25 to 3mm 6 6 6
Dust Collector 2 Dust Ports Dust Box Dust Box Dust Bag Dust Port Dust Tube
Weight ‎4.3 kg ‎1.6 kg ‎2.18 kg ‎3.1 kg ‎5.47 kg ‎3.13 kg
Connect the Vacuum Cleaner
Power Cord 3 Meters 3 Meters 3 Meters 3 Meters 2 Meters 2 Meters
Accessories 1 x 110mm Planer 2 x HSS Blades on Tool, 1 x Hex Wrench, 1 x Parallel Guide, 1 x Electric Planer 1 x Finishing sander 2 x Sanding sheets 2 x Backing pads 1 x Dust box 1 x Orbital sander with a Dust Collection Box Plus Filter ‎1 x Corded belt sander, 1 x Dust collection bag, 1 x Sanding belt 1 x Circular Saw 185mm, ‎1 x Vacuum cleaner adaptor, 1 x Parallel guide ‎1x Corded mini Circular Saw ,1x 115mm 24T TCT blade ,1x Edge guide ,1x Dust pipe ,1x Hex key
Plug format BS Plug BS Plug BS Plug BS Plug BS Plug BS Plug


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