Tooltronix 2500W Electric Garden Shredder 50L Mulcher Waste Chipper Compost Mulch

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  • The 2500W shredder comes with two sharp blades that feature a max cutting thickness of 40mm.
  • Feed cuttings into the shredder gradually and wait for it to emerge shredded underneath.
  • Motor power: 2500W – Blades x 2 – Wheels x 2 – Safety switch – Safety guard
  • Max cutting thickness: 40mm – Speed without load: 4500RPM – Capacity: 50L – Sound power LwA: 110
  • Cable length: 3m – Product Size: 62.5cm X 29.5cm X 37.5cm – Weight: 11.5kg – More below ….


Garden waste is large and cumbersome. Branches, leaves, grass, and various cuttings are not easily compacted. However, they can be when you have a Laptronix electric garden shredder. Deal with your garden waste with the help of a Laptronix electric garden shredder. Safety is also extremely important for electric garden shredders. For this particular model, you have a safety switch and safety guard to minimise any risk. Good shredders will never compromise on safety.

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‎10 Kilograms

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16 Sept. 2013



10 reviews for Tooltronix 2500W Electric Garden Shredder 50L Mulcher Waste Chipper Compost Mulch

  1. Marguerite Silver

    Does the – smaller – job!You get what you pay for and I was a bit hesitant about ordering this shredder, as I wanted something to do an effective job, but on the other hand not a HUGE job I tried it out yesterday and, as other reviewers have commented, it doesn’t much like dealing with too much fresh, mainly green stuff. I needed to shred Leylandi-type cuttings consisting mainly, I admit, of the green feathery leaf, rather than the actual branches. It clogged up several times, but the plus side is that de-cogging is dead easy – just SWITCH OFF AND, PREFERABLY, UNPLUG AS WELL, unscrew the large plastic nut right in front of you until you’ve released it completely, tilt the assembly back and pull out whatever is clogging it up – in my case, un-shredded leylandii “feathers”. The shredder performed far better with ceanothus and pyrocantha cuttings which had been drying out in the shed for a week or so, since these are more branch than leaf. Branches up to the stated circumference were gobbled up satisfactorily and chippings appeared the other end! The collecting bag which comes with the shredder is useless – stick a bog-standard bucket under it. Although this shredder doesn’t do quite the job of one I had some years ago and lent to a family member who never returned it, this is a neat bit of kit, easily moved around, stores in a corner of my very small shed, and I reckon is ideal for the small to medium size garden which does not generate masses of material for shredding. It’s already saved me a 16 mile return journey to the tip and given me some compostable material.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Does tooltronix workEasy to assemble, has cut out safety feature. Excellent when pruning roses and tidying garden

  3. Amazon Customer

    exit problem keeps blocking upnot efficient

  4. Mode On Vinyl

    Not a good shredderQuick Update:****************The seller kindly refunded me – well at least I felt it was kind until I realised that all they did was leave me with a dud shredder to dispose of at my expense, rather that pay trade disposal costs themselves.****************I am going to be perfectly frank with you, this is not a good shredder. And, for the money, it is actually a very poor shredder.It is incapable of any form of self feeding, if you drop a perfectly straight stick in the chute, it simply bounces around. Once you’ve pushed it in as far as you can, it’ll rattle around.If you have a perfectly straight stick with a few leaves on you will have to mash it through and the leaves will sort of, maybe clear through.Once you have put a few sticks like that through. It’ll bung up and you’ll have to clear it. Simple enough to do, but it shouldn’t be necessary so often.But, that’s not it’s most annoying feature. The blow-through from the out chute is so powerful that’ll a quarter of what you’ve shredded will blow straight back at you.If I hadn’t of been stuck with a whole load of shredding to do after the failure of my previous shredder (6 years of service for less than this one cost), I would have sent it straight back and visited a garden centre (if we hadn’t have been in Lockdown).As soon as lockdown is over I’ll be donatating this shredder to the dump.If you see this review marked as unhelpful, ask yourself why someone would wish to hide it from you. There are better shredders out there for less money!

  5. robert price

    Better than it looks – plastickyDid it’s job well ear plugs needed but otherwise v good for reasonable garden use not a commercial product

  6. DM

    Blow backt arrives and needs assembly which is straight forward. It is compact and easy to store. It shreds fine, I was shredding some thick Laurel branches and coped well, in an hours shredding I had to clear blockages twice which is a very simple process. My main complaint and the reason I only gave it 3 stars is the pulp goes into a bag which you attach but its very loose and about 25% blows back at you and has to be swept up. I got covered from head to toe with shredding

  7. Mike Schmid

    ShredderThe basic problem is its capability sure enough it can shred leaves and very small twigs but anything mildly substantial above a twig and it blocks up, anything wet, be it leaves or Twigs and it blocks up.It isnt an expensive item so i guess i shouldnt expect more of it , but its not really a good garden shredder unless you want to shred dry leaves , then its perfect .

  8. North Product Design Ltd

    Not for serious useIf all you plan to do is shred 5mm thick branches or less then this product is ok. Anything more than that and the product will ham and the blades will blunt after running a bag full of material through. The blades are also not the easiest to remove as you need to take out and replace 12 screws. I also think the blades are made from really cheap steel that can’t hold its edge. I would not recommend.

  9. Galaxyquest

    PlasticPlastic case very brittle splits and breaks easy But if you take extra care it runs, chips, shreds and handles very well But for the price in all not a bad little machine. it has now almost fallen apart holes and cracks all over started to break up the first week I reinforced it and that did it for about a month then it just got worse there was green plastic coming out of the shoot every time I used and I plated the holes up each time yet still more appeared it is now nearly all plated on the inside and is not a great deal to break now my fault for not reading the reviews First or sending it back for a refund but I was desperate to get the garden clear before the whether got bad still in the end got the job done just left with a load of rubbish (the chipper ) to get rid of. Don’t be like me get something with a name behind it Good luck.

  10. Dean Procter

    blades bluunt quickIt looks good , and reasonably easy to use and service, but, the blades blunt or damage very quickly . jams a fair bit too. literally is one piece at a time . Not great for a reasonable amount , as the process is actually quite time consuming. It’s actually quite noisy too to be honest. had to turn blades and resharpen twice , blades are abit soft. it struggles with knots and the 4cm’s literally is a maximum . however there doesnt seem to be an a alternative without spending hundreds on a motorised machine. It’s ok if you’ve got time and just a few branches . . . for example a small garden . Not ideal for a larger one.

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