The Handy THISWB Electric Garden Shredder with 40L Collection Box for Woody Prunings and Soft Cuttings 2500W – 2 Year Warranty

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Brand The Handy
Capacity 40 litres
Colour Multicolor
Product dimensions 36D x 46W x 123H centimetres
Item weight 13.8 Kilograms

  • CHOP UP WOODY GARDEN WASTE AND LEAVES – simply press the button to start, then feed branches, cuttings and withered leaves into the hopper where it will be drawn in by the blades, chopped and shredded to 1/10 its original size
  • QUICKLY MAKES A FINE MULCH FOR YOUR FLOWER BEDS OR COMPOST – steel blades rotate at 4500rpm to slice through withered leaves and small twigs and branches up to 45mm in diameter to create a small pile of clippings for feeding your garden
  • EASY TO USE AND TRANSPORT – a large on/off switch makes it very simple to operate and the hopper is removable for easier feeding, while large wheels mean you can easily push the shredding machine to a suitable place for working
  • SAFETY FEATURES – the shredder has a locking lever on the collection box to prevent access to the blades and will also cut out if the machine is overloaded
  • AUTHENTIC BRITISH BRAND SINCE 1938 – The Handy is known for well-engineered, robust and reliable products that get the job done and make gardening easy, with a helpful and knowledgeable aftercare team based in the UK


Product Description

the handy garden machinery leaf blower banner

THISWB electric impact shredder

THISWB electric impact shredder

THISWB electric impact shredder

Powerful 2500W motor and strong steel shredding blades

Easy to use with simple controls and large wheels

Large collection box for fewer trips to empty it

THISWB power cable 3m

THISWB electric motor 2500w

established since 1938 the handy garden machinery



Handy was founded in 1938 by Geoffrey Handy in Old Town Swindon, in the heart of England. Originally a specialist Garden Machinery dealer the company has grown to become one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of reliable, affordable non-powered garden equipment that really does the job at hand.

Robust, well-engineered and effective, Handy tools are powerful but uncomplicated and very easy to use. Whatever the task is in the garden, Handy makes gardening a pleasure and a relaxing pastime.

Additional information

Weight 13.8 kg
Dimensions 36 × 123 cm
Product Dimensions

‎ 46 x 36 x 123 cm; 13.8 Kilograms

Date First Available

‎ 10 Oct. 2016




‎Handy, The Handy

10 reviews for The Handy THISWB Electric Garden Shredder with 40L Collection Box for Woody Prunings and Soft Cuttings 2500W – 2 Year Warranty

  1. Amazon Customer

    Perfect for the jobIdeal product I have used it on a number of occasions now and it does the job well as described. It does occasionally require cleaning to prevent blockage especially if shredding branches with leaves on.

  2. Bigbeardie

    Works fine as long as you don’t over load or overwork it (bit like me!).Works fine as long as you don’t over load or overwork it (bit like me!). Only done about 12-15 box loads so far so will see!

  3. J

    Works well and and reasonably priced.I read lots of reviews before picking this one paid £119 for it. I am very impressed.Chops up leaves, branches with little effort and found it hard to find fault its operation.took me about 10 minutes to assemble with the tools provided.I did expect spare blades but not sure if I read that or not but they are double sided sono problem.The chippings are quite fine and I think will make a perfect addition to the compost heap when mixed with the grass clippings. Was forcing leafy branches though the size restricting holes with no jams whatsoever.I am finding it hard to pull the box out after disengaging the safety catch so just have to give it a pushfrom the other end.A few things that I feel should have been written are some warnings maybe the seller can sort this.1, A better warning to use ear defenders and safety glasses. I did not feel it was too loud but it does get used for a long time so better safe than sorry.2, This will pull items to be cut into the machine so you should consider long blanches are going to be pulled in at quite a speed as they are snatched out of you hand. Beware the long prickly brambles.To sum it up a very good machine for the money and would recommend it.

  4. Hawk

    It’s Ok, it’s not great.It’s ok, not great. I bought this one after reading a few reviews and this one seemed the best bet for the money. It’s simple enough to assemble and easily manoeuvrable due to its light weight. I’ve shredded about a bin full of apple branches that have been sitting in my garden all year since spring. The biggest of these was about 3cm across and it was these it had the most difficultly with, that at times it was quite a battle to get the shredder to take them. The blade just doesn’t seem man enough to shred them. On a couple of occasions I had to open the top to release a branch that was refusing to be chopped. Opening the top was a fiddly process as the single threaded knob that holds it down has an exceptionally long screw, which takes ages to undo, especially when wearing gloves. A simple quick release with auto cut out would’ve done. On inspection of the blade, it was obvious to see that there were a few chunks out of the cutting edge, which surprised me as I’d only been using it for 10mins.It also seems to strip a few branches leaving long strands of bark in the chippings (see photos).Noise level is high and I would definitely recommend ear defenders. I’m surprised it didn’t come with them to be honest. I’m not sure how long this will last as the blade already looks like it’s done a years work after 20 minutes use.

  5. Badger

    ITS VERY LOUD!!!!!!!The thing you will notice when you first use this shredder is how loud it is. As will everyone else in a 100 mile radius. I mean this thing is embarrassingly loud. Not when actually shredding, just the motor and blade spinning. I don’t think they could have made it any louder, it must set some kind of record. You will need ear defenders. I don’t usually bother with things like my chainsaw, but this thing is insane and my ears were ringing after a few minutes.As for actual use, don’t expect to be cutting branches of 45mm thick very often. I tried a stick of about 30mm thickness and it jammed the blade. After clearing it out the motor would not start again, and I found the fuse in the plug had blown. Such much for the integrated circuit breaker. This happened twice in the first hour of use and I had to pop out to get another fuse.If you have a tight budget and only a small amount to shred, this might be OK. When you feed it the right stuff it’s pretty effective. But not sure I can be bothered to constantly change the fuse.Also it’s very loud.

  6. r j hilling

    Does what it’s supposed to.A great buy for garden shreddies.

  7. Ken From Scotland

    This product performed surprisingly better than a different makers (more expensive ) productIt said up to 40 mm and it just ate it up like butter and performed impeccably over a 5 hour period reducing mountains of here and bushes cuttings and branches , some over 6foot in length

  8. Geoffrey Brown

    More time clearing and maintaining than shredding?I bought this shredder in October and have had a few frustrating sessions trying to chop cuttings/twigs prior to adding to the compost heap.I have just spent an hour trying to shred some shrub branches (all less than 3/4 inch) 45 minutes of which have been spent taking the shredder apart to free debris from the mechanism. This has happened a number of times and is quite frustrating The problem (I think)is that the blade has worn very quickly and the design allows fairly large slivers if twig to wind round the underside of the chopping mechanism. At best you can free these by unscrewing the hopper and pulling the debris out. At worst you need to take the top off the mechanism by removing 8 awkwardly placed screws then another cover plate and then a spanner to remove the cutting plate.In the time I have spent faffing with freeing debris, I think I could have used a decent pair of loppers to cut the twigs into small pieces.All in all a bit disappointed and frustrated with the machine.

  9. Carol Pearson

    Just what I wantedGood ,strong machine .Easy to use and move around .Used to make chippings from a huge apple tree.Read lots of reviews on more expensive machines which were not good ! We already have the Handy trolley so thought worth a try .Love it .

  10. val jones

    Good valueWhips through larger woody branches, struggles a bit with leafy softer cuttings, but overall quite good.Shredded bulk is ideal for composting.Easy enough to clean, which you need to do, especially if you’re shredding soft or leafy waste.

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