SWAREY Portable Power Station S500 518Wh 230V/500W Portable Power Generator


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  • 【Compact Size, More Powerful】The newly upgraded S500 portable generator has a larger capacity of 518Wh (3.6V/144Ah, 21.6V/24Ah) and a high-power 500W output (Surge Peak Power 1000W) suitable for a variety of equipment. The compact size (19*16*17cm), sturdy hidden handle, and carrying bag, perfectly in the backpack or backseat on long road trips.
  • 【Charge 8 Devices At The Same Time】Equipped with 500W AC power socket(pure sine wave), 30W USB-C port, 2 USB-A ports, 1 QC3.0 port, 1 car socket and 2 DC ports, multiple output ports are suitable for your car refrigerator, sports/digital cameras, smartphones, laptops, tablet, drones, projectors, etc.
  • 【Multiple Charging Methods】You can charge it via the wall sockets, car chargers, and the SWAREY 100W solar panels (not included). The built-in MPPT charge controller can maximize the power generation efficiency of the solar panel and shorten the charging time.
  • 【Quiet Camping Battery & Eco-Friendly Clean Solar Power】No gasoline and fuel are needed, the solar generator for camping or emergency backup off-grid is completely safe and reliable to use in your RV, tent, and home. At the same time, it also has LEDs with SOS mode, allowing you to travel worry-free.
  • 【Safe & Secure】The screen displays the remaining battery, power, voltage in real-time. The excellent battery management system (BMS) provides temperature protection, voltage protection, and short-circuit protection. With PSE, METI, FCC, CE, ROHS certification.

Technical Details

Product Description


SWAREY Portable Power Station 518Wh 500W/230V

3.6V/144Ah, 21.6V/24Ah

Equipped with a pure sine wave AC / DC / USB / Type-C and other current output interfaces, it presents a new method for charging most indoor and outdoor electronic devices. It is a powerful emergency power supply to meet the needs of outdoor activities (like RV travel, camping, fishing) and indoor power outages. It can provide steady power to your car fridge, sports / digital camera, smartphone, laptop, drone, and projector. Can achieve fast loading and wide compatibility.

Customer FAQs & Recommendations:

  • —1) Recommendation: To protect the battery life, when using the generator for the first time, please fully discharge the battery and then fully charge it.
  • —2) Question: How do I know if the device is suitable?


Answer: 518wh power station AC port only supports less than 500W, and the maximum output of the DC port only supports less than 120W. If the connected device has an adapter, please refer to the “INPUT” power of the adapter; if there is no adapter, please check the power “INPUT” of the device.

  • ** Power (W) = voltage (V) * current (A).
  • —3) Question: Is it possible to output AC, DC, USB while charging the power station?


Answer: Yes. It is worth mentioning that:

a. If the output power is greater than the charging power, it may be displayed on the screen that the power station cannot be fully charged for a long time. This is normal, please charge the power station separately.

b. If you supply power to a high-power product while charging the product, the temperature of the portable generator may be higher, but this is normal and will not damage the product.

  • —4) Question: How to choose solar panels?


Answer: We recommend choosing a solar panel of 100-120W, the charging speed is faster in the range of MPPT 15-36V/3A.

  • —5) Question: How to calculate the usage time?


Answer: Use time = 518Wh * 85% /W. For example, if you use a 100W device, it can run for 4.4 hours.

SWAREY 518Wh Power Station




  • AC Voltage: 220-240V
  • AC Output: 500W (Rated Power) (1000W Surge Peak Power)
  • DC Output/Socket (5.5*2.1mm) * 2: 12V/10A (120W MAX)
  • Car Charger Output: 12V/10A
  • USB-A Output * 2: 5V/2.4A
  • USB-QC3.0 Output: 5V/3A; 9V/2A; 12V/1.5A
  • Type-C (PD 30W) Output: 5V/3A; 9V/3A; 15V/2A; 20V/1.5A



  • DC Input (7.9*0.8mm): 12V-36V(10A Max)
  • AC Adapter: 19V/3.42A (65W)
  • Solar Panel: MPPT 15-36V/3A
  • Car Charger: 12V/5A


166Wh Portable Power Station B1502 240Wh Portable Power Station S2401 518Wh Portable Power Station S500 100W Solar Panel HYD-T100 30W Solar Panel BS-30
Capacity 166Wh (3.2V/52Ah, 12.8V/12.96Ah) 240Wh (3.2V/75Ah, 12.8V/18.75Ah) 518Wh (3.6V/144Ah, 21.6V/24Ah) 100W 30W
Battery Type LiFePO4 LiFePO4 Li-ion NCA ETFE Monocrystalline ETFE Monocrystalline
AC(220V-240V/50Hz) <150W <200W <500W / /
Surge Peak Power 200W 400W 1000W / /
AC Output 1 Port (Correction Wave) 1 Port (Pure Sine Wave) 1 Port (Pure Sine Wave) / /
DC Output (5.5*2.1mm) DC Output * 2, 12V/10A DC Output * 2, 12V/10A DC Output * 2, 12V/10A DC Output *1, 18V /
USB Output USB Port*2; QC3.0*1 USB Port*1; QC3.0*1; Type-C Port*1(PD 65W) USB Port*2; QC3.0*1; Type-C Port*1(PD 30W) USB Port*1; QC3.0*1; Type-C Port*1(PD 60W) USB Port*1; QC3.0*1
MC4 Compatible /
Special Function Lightweight; Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery; Long battery life is up to 10 years Type-C bidirectional output / input (PD 65W) Compact Size, More Powerful ETFE Coating; Waterproof Fabric; IP67 Lightweight; IP67 ETFE Coating


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