SuperHandy Lawn Scarifier, Raker 2 in 1 Walk Behind Dethatcher Electric 230V with Collection Bag Yard, Garden Care, Landscaping

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Brand SuperHandy
Power source Gas Powered, Corded Electric
Material Alloy Steel
Colour Black,orange, Black
Style Rotary
Item weight 17.53 Kilograms
Cutting width 15 inches
Number of positions 5
Operation mode Manual

  • PERFORMANCE SPECS – This 2-In-1 Scarifing, Raking and Lawn Dethatcher is powered by a 230V All Electric Motor; Designed with a Adjustable Deck for tailored raking depth with the 5-position depth control mechanism and a rake path of 15″ wide
  • BUILT TO LAST – Lightweight, ergonomic and balanced design will help you move freely with professional quality and maximum control/comfort; Our Air boost technology with spring Steel tines for maximum thatch pickup and life the endurance
  • ECO-FRIENDLY – (Green and Safe), unlike gasoline-powered devices, electric-powered units produce no smog/fumes/emissions and are both gas and exhaust free, while being quieter when compared to gas powered units; Included is a detachable thatch collection bag for easy disposal
  • SAFETY – Always operate the product with eye and hand protection. This is electric powered Scarifiing, Raking and Dethatcher does not require fuel to operate; Included is a cord lock to prevent accidental unplug
  • BEST APPLICATIONS – Outdoor use for gardening, lawn care/light mowing, grass raking, waste green management and landscaping; Use the Scarified function to cut grass roots for thicker growth for a healthier lawn
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Product Description






Additional information

Weight 17.53 kg
Dimensions 52.07 × 43.18 cm
Package Dimensions

‎59.05 x 52.07 x 43.18 cm; 17.53 Kilograms

Material Type

‎Alloy Steel

Power source type

‎Gas Powered, Corded Electric



Date First Available

22 April 2021



10 reviews for SuperHandy Lawn Scarifier, Raker 2 in 1 Walk Behind Dethatcher Electric 230V with Collection Bag Yard, Garden Care, Landscaping

  1. Jason Burgess

    Total piece of crapNot fit for purpose, if you to spend a weekend on your knees buy one of these and end up chucking in a bin like I did.

  2. its only me x

    Lawn careI have a large garden and thought this would help.It’s lightweight and relatively easy to put together but if you want to switch from raking to scarifying the grass you have to turn machine and dismantle it to move from one set of blades to another normally when switching between pieces of a machine it’s a simple process whereas this is quite a major job.There’s a few issues with performance.I tried the taker first, it picks up well but the collecting basket is way too small.This is probably better suited to a small garden it’s too much work emptying the collecting basket much quicker to just use a rake

  3. Yorkitiger

    Poorly made and hard to use.Scarifying the lawn

  4. Trebor

    Powerful but better suited to infrequent use and smaller gardens.The lawn scarifier arrived safely, and it comes well packed in a large box. It requires a bit of assembly before first use but I didn’t find it difficult, even with the basic instructions. When not in use the handle can be folded for easy storage.It does a good job of picking up the leaves, but I found the collection bin to be way too small and even with my little garden I was stopping frequently to empty it. I had a large area of moss at the bottom of the garden, and it pulled it all up a treat. The scarifier seems to work well and will help to keep my lawn in tip top shape. It’s quite a noisy machine to operate and id describe it as sounding like a power drill.The quality is a bit questionable, and I feel there is way too much plastic on this machine which makes me feel like I have to be delicate with it. Some of the foam from the handle had ripped off before I even took it out of the box and the operating switch and lever is one of the cheapest, I have ever used. The motor seems to handle things fine, but I feel the rest of it will break before the motor does.Overall, while the machine is powerful and works well, it’s not something I would describe as being heavy duty and built to last, it may be much better suited to a small garden and infrequent use. Its not the cheapest out there but it does work out better value than buying a well-known brand, if you look after it!

  5. Faye

    Easy to use scarifierAfter receiving this machine, the installation is completed within half an hour. The workmanship is very good, the user-friendly design, the power is very easy to use, the motor operation is several times better than the fuel engine, the depth is completely controlled by the person, very easy to use, the walking rubber wheel is directly installed On the rotary cultivator, you don’t need to dismantle the rotary cultivator or the engine back and forth. Just push it up and go. Today, it’s easy to rack a few hundred square meters. After using it for a while, we will review the product quality.

  6. Ken D

    A lot of power behind the motorFor an electric driven power tool this scarifier / garden raker has a lot of power behind the motor.The scarifier blades are strong and will last a long while but one must remember to oil it after use to prevent rusting. The same with the rake, the needles are quite flexible yet strong and need oiling to prevent rusting.The unit is easy to assemble, it takes a few minutes and no more. It is easy to use, just push in the button and pull on the bar for raw power turning whichever attachment is in place.The attachments are easy to change over and there is an included allen key if one doesn’t already have one.The bag for collecting the debris / grass cuttings etc. is a good size but needs emptying regularly and the machine itself has five height settings.The only negative thing I find with this machine is that the wheels are a little on the small side so this will not be any good on wet ground yet is suited to medium to firm ground so it is best not to use this until at least a couple of days after any downpours otherwise the low level of the machine added to the amount of raw power with the number of revolutions that the attachments spin at is likely to damage the lawn if the ground is too soft / wet.I am recommending this product as although there is a lot of plastic involved in it the parts that do the job are metal and strong. This is a good quality product that only needs to increase the size of the wheels to make it better and it is good value.

  7. Ash

    Does a good jobDespite this Superhandy Lawn Scarifier being flimsy and lightweight, it does a good job of scarifying the lawn. There is a fair and of effort involved and it was time-consuming; however, considering it’s only once a year, this doesn’t bother me. I mowed my lawn before use and scarified in a few passes in different directions, lengthways and corner to corner. I kept the first pass on a higher setting. Important to not use if the lawn is wet and it will pull the grass up by roots. I watered a couple of days before scarifying. The scarifier did a good job removing moss and thatch. I have a reasonably large lawn and it does fill up really quickly and needs frequent emptying, which was a pain. It would be better suited for small/medium-sized gardens

  8. Claire Mc

    Great for the priceSo I’ve aerated my whole lawn and in a few weeks before we get snow in Scotland I’m going to scarify it then. I’ve tried the rake attachment and it did take up what moss I had in my lawn grass with ease.There’s 5 height adjustable settings which you’ll need to suit your type of grass. Always have the glass cut low before using this as it’ll save filling up the thatch bag with grass that you didn’t want pulled out.Nice foam grip on handle and 2 switch safety operation to engage motor.Assembly was easy and when required the handle easily folds over the top of the unit to store for when not in use.Decent amount of flex cord with it and good cable management clips to keep flex up and clear when in use.I’d happy buy this unit again as I know using it will improve my grass and have a better lawn with spending some time looking after it.Also going to add fine sand to lawn with some seed and feed mixed in at start of spring to hopefully full out the lawn after I’ve taken all moss off.

  9. E Hughes

    Decent scarifierI got this for my daughter who has moved into a new house and the lawn in the back garden is thick and water is not getting through properly.So we have tried this with both settings. We found that the de-thatcher works well with getting quite deep into the thick growth and the scarifier – although works well too – we do feel that if you have a huge garden then this is not for you (it’s mainly for smaller gardens). However i think this may be down to the quality of materials used to make it. Don’t get me wrong these are decent materials but for large lawns i would go with a much bigger unit.The unit is lightweight possibly due to the plastic parts but overall it is a decent machine for smallish lawns

  10. El Jay

    Decent looking dethatcher and scarifierDue to the current season, I could not test this products true potentials. I did only managed to scarify the lawn for few metres and had to stop due to the wet ground and grass.This product arrived in a decent sized box and it was pretty easy to assemble. The tool I requires was a Philips screwdriver. It was simple and straight forward, the instructions were pretty clear in this regard.Most of the material is plastic and some parts appear a bit flimsy. Hight adjustment mechanism is simple and resembles me that of a pedal toy car. The height can be adjusted in 5 levels and seems to be okay for a smaller to medium sized lawns.

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