SUIZAN Japanese Hand Saw Pull Saw 240mm Ryoba (Double Edged) Flush Cut Saw for Woodworking

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Colour Brown
Blade material Japanese Steel
Surface recommendation Wood
Power Source Hand Powered

  • JAPANESE STYLE PULL SAW: This product is a “Pull Saw.” Most people are used to European saws, called “push saws,” which cuts through a pushing motion. On the other hand, Japanese saws cut materials via pulling and are called “pull saws.” In comparison to “push saws,” this Japanese product is lighter in weight, requires less power, and results in a cleaner edge.
  • JAPANESE STEEL: All SUIZAN Japanese saws consist of top quality Japanese steel. The high-quality steel makes razor sharp cuts.
  • MADE IN JAPAN: All SUIZAN products are manufactured in Japan by Japanese master craftsmen. The whole process of making these tools are completed in one of Japan’s towns known for its craft-making tradition with a history of over 100 years.
  • DIVERSIFY YOUR WOODWORKING LIFE: No matter if you are a master or a beginner, using traditional Japanese-style saws gives you a brand new experience and lets you make a wider range of woodworking products, thus changing your life!
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Product Description

japanese saw

hand plane hachiemon flush saw

rip cut rip saw

easy to interchange

stanley irwin push saw hachiemon

woodworking tools japanese tools hand plane chisel hand planer

Additional information

Weight 200 kg
Dimensions 3 × 1 cm
Product Dimensions

‎27 x 3 x 1 cm; 200 Grams




‎Japanese Ryoba Saw

Power Source

‎Hand Powered

Item Package Quantity


Blade length

‎240 Millimetres

Batteries included?


Batteries Required?


Item Weight

‎200 g



Date First Available

30 April 2021



10 reviews for SUIZAN Japanese Hand Saw Pull Saw 240mm Ryoba (Double Edged) Flush Cut Saw for Woodworking

  1. Richard

    If you haven’t tried the Samurai of woodsaws you’re missing out!Accuaracy…Hai. By pulling the blade it wants to straighten automatically, aiding accuracy. The long handle can be used two handed…Like Katana!…er’ ok no! But two handed aids line of cut. The fine crosscut teeth produce minimal to no tearout and it suppresses judder nicely..Ease of use…Hai. One does not force saw…saw teaches cut to open naturally. Um’ yeah..kinda true, the saw does the work almost without effort, in part due to that very narrow kerf. It is so sharp, I got cut just looking at care is needed when starting a cut. The back of thumb knuckle touching the blade side…or thumb nail beside the teeth are old skool good methods. Once underway just be careful to keep that bendy blade straight on the unpowered return stroke. It’s rate of wood removal is prodigious. For longest life and retaining its edge treat it with some deference like the precision tool it is, do not ram it hard through ply, take the time it needs and store in a dry shrine with lit candels.Value for Yen….Hai. At over £30 GBP it is not a cheap saw, but imo it is worth every penny, and you’ll likely find using it is most gratifying for years to come. If you have no experience of the Ryoba, do get one and I bet you’ll be using it as your handsaw of choice. 👍

  2. LC

    Good quality Japanese sawI love pull saw. It’s very good for crosscut. The blade is thin and it may flex a bit when you are sawing, so it takes a bit of time to learn how to control it. After a few practice, I find it much easier to use than normal saw.For long rip cut, it’s not the best saw though. Tthe problem is that because there are saw teeth on both sides, the other set of teeth will interfere with your cut when you are ripping through a long thick board. For tenon and dovetails, I suppose it’s better to buy a small tenon saw with a stronger spline for small precise cut, but as the first Japanese saw I bought, I’m very content.

  3. James

    Cuts straight & highly versatileVery happy with this saw. Purchasing a rip cut saw is tough enough these days – so having a saw with a rip AND a crosscut teeth side delivers a versatile option for a wide variety of tasks. No real criticisms per se, but the saw is slightly pricey imo, and it does take some getting used to. All in all though – I can’t think of a more versatile saw for the money? It cuts with impressive accuracy both with and across the grain. Definitely a good option for someone starting out and removes the need for 2/3 separate saw purchases.

  4. BeeGee

    Two for oneThis is a quality saw. It has two sides: One for cross grain and the other along the grain cutting using a pull motion rather than a push. Can be extremely accurate when used properly such as using the full length of the saw blade on each pull. No force required as the saw is very sharp. I found it easy to use and accurate after a bit of practice

  5. Alberto B

    Accurate and thin cuts, without weatingOn average I get better cuts than with a push saw. Easier to control the force and the blade naturally straightens when pulled an can be thinner which also offer less resistance. I’ve cut plywood and mdf from 5.5 to 18mm so far, using a piece of planed timber clamped on the piece as guide and gently pushing the side of the blade against it while sawing.

  6. ray r.

    Great cutFantastic saw, true and cuts effortlessly

  7. Mr. David Symes

    good product but expensive for what you getgreat product but so is the equivalent item I bought from lidl/aldi for 1/3 of the price. these saws allow you to easily cut wood that much saws find difficult. a must have in the workshop

  8. John from Scotland

    Very handy sawVery good for all types of woodwork ..pull saws are great

  9. Gilliander

    Love it!The media could not be loaded.

     Had to have one of these after watching Johathan Kats Moses on youtube!Cuts through wood on the pull stroke and very smoothly and quickly!Love it!

  10. Remi Butler

    wrap in brown paper and wd40you can really use your back muscles with this saw because it is a pull saw designed to remove material as you pull back on each cut as opposed to most european saws that are push saws, what this effectively means is less tired aching arms and much faster cutsaccuracy of a blade is all down to how you are cutting and this blade encourages you to use best practices, in fact it is best used with two hands and plenty of clampsi cut every board for our subfloor, every board for our top floor, reshaped a door and numerous other odd jobs with this saw and it has done it all with easeafter each use wrap it in brown paper and cover the blade in wd40 to prevent rust, it’ll last you for yonks

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