SI FANG 48Pcs 1” 2” 3” Mini Random Orbital Air Sander Kit


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  • ★ Package include: 1Pcs Air Sander ,9Pcs 1inch Polishing Buffing Sponge & Wool Pads ; 9Pcs 2inch Polishing Buffing Sponge & Wool Pads ; 9Pcs 3inch Polishing Buffing Sponge & Wool Pads ;3 Pcs Backing Plates ;15 Pcs Sandpapers,1 Pc screw and 1 Pc screwdriver.
  • ★ Small Size, Light Weight, Low vibration, Easy to take grip operation, Different type of sandpaper can be installed with different type of disc. Various size and type polishing pads can be installed with different type of discs. You could choose a suitable pad to polish something according to your demand.
  • ★ Suitable for : Ideal for spot sanding focus areas, removing solder joints and rust spots on metal products, deburring furniture and woodwork, mold manufacturing, polishing automotive and detailing work, et
  • ★ SI FANG air polisher adopts eccentric double-rotation polishing method to make the polishing effect more uniform and smooth. low vibration rate and low energy consumption ,15000Rpm, Orbit diameter: 4mm; Air consumption: 6-8 CFM; Working pressure: 6.3 BAR; Net weight: 0.68 KG.
  • ★ Ergonomic Design: Heavy duty, lightweight, compact design for great comfort and control, decreasing user fatigue by reducing vibration.

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Product Description


SI FANG is an innovative company focusing on producing cost-effective electric and pneumatic tools. We wish to help our clients improve their productivity by using our durable and affordable tools. We cares about customer’s feedback, and are willing to hear your voice to make our products better to meet your needs.


Kindly Reminder:

  • Before you use the 2″ and 3″ random orbital air sander, please add 2-3 drops of oil from air quick connector and please allow the tool to run for a few seconds after filling to make sure it works well. (oiler not included in our box)
  • This tool is intended to be operated as a handheld tool and is air-powered. It requires an air compressor that will provide a clean lubricated air, where the air hose is connected to the tool when the tool is running.



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