Sealey MIGHTYMIG100 100A No-Gas MIG Welder



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  • 100A Maximum performance.
  • Heavy-duty high output transformer and forced-air cooling to maximize duty cycle performance.
  • Supplied with comfort grip non-live torch, 1.8m earth cable, 0.45kg flux-cored wire and 1mm contact tip.
  • Suitable for no-gas operation only.
  • For use with flux cored wire.

Technical Details

From the manufacturer

Welding Current 55-100A 30-150A 40-170A 40-190A 45-210A
Wire Capacity 0.9kg 0.9kg 5kg 5-15kg 5-15kg
Duty Cycle 60%@55A, 20%@90A 100%@30A, 15%@105A 100%@55A, 15%@140A 100%@70A, 15%@180A 100%@80A, 15%@210A
Cooling System Forced Air Forced Air Forced AIr Forced AIr Forced AIr
Gas Type N/A CO2, Argon, CO2/Argon Mix CO2, Argon, CO2/Argon Mix CO2, Argon, CO2/Argon Mix CO2, Argon, CO2/Argon Mix
Torch 1.8mtr Non-Live 2.1mtr Non-LIve 3mtr Euro Non-Live 3mtr Euro Non-Live 3mtr Euro Non-Live
Supply 230V 230V 230V 230V 230V
Absorbed Power 3kW 4.5kW 5.4kW 7.2kW 9kW
Case Size Compact Compact Large Large Large
Weight 15.4kg 26kg 41.5kg 49.5kg 51.5kg


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