Ryobi RSH3045U 3000W Silent Impact Shredder, Amazon Exclusive

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Capacity 40 litres, 55 litres
Colour Hyper Green
Power source AC

  • Powerful 3000W impact shredder
  • Two reversible, hardened steel blades shred branches, brambles, and shrubs to a fine mulch
  • Integrated handle and large wheels for easy movement around the garden
  • Large container holds up to 55L of shredded material
  • Safety plunger pushes green material into the shredder and keeps fingers away from the cutting blades
  • Amazon Exclusive


From the manufacturer

About Us

“What do you think about going into die casting?”

It was September 1943 when this proposition was brought to Ryobi founder Yutaka Urakami.

The proposal came from the manager of Mitsubishi Electric’s Fukuyama Works in Hiroshima . Yutaka, then operating a small trading company, was no technician and, with no knowledge of die casting, had to ask “What’s die casting?” The manager explained and Yutaka immediately set to work reading about the process, learning about it from scratch.

After this momentous conversation and careful consideration, his reply to the manager was decisive: “I’ll do it.” This decision came just one week after Yutaka heard the term “die casting” for the very first time.

Additional information

Weight 24.1 kg
Dimensions 57.5 × 41 cm
Package Dimensions

‎ 62.5 x 57.5 x 41 cm; 24.1 Kilograms

Date First Available

15 Feb. 2019


‎ B07P6L584D

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10 reviews for Ryobi RSH3045U 3000W Silent Impact Shredder, Amazon Exclusive

  1. Suttonian

    Great shredder – just keeps on going!I had initial reservations about ordering this shredder: I was initially drawn to to the Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 (as I’m generally confident in their products ) but it had enough variable reviews to put me off. This Ryobi has a bigger power output and generally looked ‘beefier’ so I thought I’d take a chance on it instead. I’m so glad I did because I have been most impressed with its performance since!The unit has a relatively small footprint and is easy to move about via the its wheels. It’s not too loud in operation and you won’t need ear defenders. The clippings box is a decent size at 55 litres (which translates to being full every twenty minutes or so if shredding constantly). It’s very simple to operate: basically just ‘on; ‘reverse’ (if the mulched gets jammed) and ‘off’. It’s very safe to use also – and there is no danger of losing any fingers even when using them to force down the odd bit of resistant garden matter (though use of the provided paddle for this is better and more effective).So far so good, but what’s great about this shredder is how reliable It is and pretty much happy to handle anything I’ve thrown at it. It claims a maximum width of branch/stem of 40ml and it manages this with ease (and I’ve often exceeded this) you can stuff things in pretty indiscriminately (ie grab a handful of mixed diameter branches mixed with softer/greener stuff) and it just chips it all without fuss. I have used the shredder for several hours now for long periods and not once has it overheated or required manually freeing up/clearing the mulching gear/mangler. What you tend to find is that once the collecting box is full it won’t accept new material until it’s emptied. This too is a safe process as the collecting box acts as a circuit breaker once it is removed (ensuring that the unit can not be activated until it is replaced). I’ve probably only needed to use the ‘reverse’ function a couple of times to unblock a jam (and this worked fine).In short this is a great product that I’m really pleased with. Simple, effective and safe – and for the money probably as powerful as you might get. Highly recommended.

  2. Mr B.

    Incredible performanceI’ve drastically reduced a silver birch in the garden and had loads of branches to dispose of. My previous shredder was a spinning disk type and continually struggled with even quite thin branches, often getting blocked and seizing up.When I saw the video of this machine in action I could hardly believe what I saw – but it really does chew up whatever it’s fed with!I’ve used it for days on end and not had any problems with blockages. The built in collection box is easy to remove and empty, then return to its place, with a sliding safety catch.Thoroughly recommend this machine for ease and efficiency of use.

  3. DigitalDave

    Shredder or Chipper?I have owned a Bosch AXT RAPID 2200 shredder for over 6 years and despite having a sharp blade, decided we needed something with more grunt. Well the Ryobi certainly has that. It munches branches up to 45mm all day long and the only time it came to remotely being clogged was when the collection box was full. However, bigger branches finish up as nuggets the size of say a marshmallow. So its cylindrical blade (which is self feeding unlike the Impact type shredders that require you to push the branches in), chips rather than shreds, so much so, that we have been passing the contents of the Ryobi box through the Bosch to get a finer shred, in order that it will mulch faster. I could have looked at the Bosch AXT25TC but at nearly £200 more, passed on that and it seems to be similar in how it cuts.Smaller branches and brambles are not a problem, providing you don’t choke it by putting too much in. Common sense prevails!My conclusion is that when it comes to domestic garden shredders there is no one size fits all but one thing for sure, the Ryobi with its 3000 watt motor takes NO prisoners!A FINAL WORD OF CAUTION. If you are using this on an extension reel make sure that the cable is rated for 3Kw AND THAT IT IS FULLY UNWOUND to prevent the cable from overheating.

  4. Hugo Minney

    Crushes rather than slices, which means it handles wood extremely wellThere seem to be two sorts of shredder – those with a spinning blade, and those with a slowly turning cog. This is the cog type. Put a chunk of wood in, and it cranks it through and crushes it into pieces about 40mm long and generally crushed sideways into fairly small pieces. This compares extremely favourably with my dad’s shredder which is the spinning blade type and apart from getting clogged every 10 minutes, can chop into lengths 20cm or more.When it first arrived, the cog was set with a bit of space between it and the adjustable crushing plate. This meant that if i put wet wood/ green leaves through, they were corrugated but not cut. There are few instructions, it tells you that there is a knob to adjust but not what is the optimum position to adjust to, so i had to experiment a bit. Correctly set, it’s fantastic and very fast.Note that it doesn’t have a hopper to fill up with stuff, just a short length of housing with a hole at the top only just big enough for the size of wood it accepts. This has a number of advantages – one being that there’s no hopper to clear out when it jambs; but a disadvantage that you can’t put bits of wood with sharp angles in. But because the cog turns fairly slowly, this shredder doesn’t fire things out at high speed and doesn’t wiggle a branch rapidly (my dad’s often bruised hands by catching the branch on its way in)

  5. Janette Weekes

    Does the job, but NOT silent!Not exactly silent, but this is a good shredder. It deals with our garden pruning and branches of the Christmas tree, shredding them neatly into its bin. We use a Hotbin for composting and that needs a supply of wood chippings. The shredder gives us a good supply of these, stored in the shredder’s bin. I have deducted a star because while the motor is not deafening, it is not silent, as advertised.

  6. Shippers

    Great piece of kitAfter a couple of minor hic cups with the assembly we started shredding.I wouldn’t say it was ‘silent’ but it is very quiet, for a powerful shredder. So far it has handled every thing we have thrown at it, large branches, about 1.5 inches, (~35mm), diameter are chewed up with ease.It has reduced a 100Lt bin of waste to less than 20Lts volume. Very easy to use and would definitely recommend it to others.

  7. SGS

    An impressive domestic shredderMy Ryobi shredder arrived very quickly from Amazon. I am an elderly lady(5ft tall), with mobility problems, but found it quite easy to deal with.I was able to slide the box across laminated flooring into my living room to unpack it. Laid on it’s side and with the tape cut, that was simple enough. Checking the parts on the diagram, included was also simple.Following the diagrams it took me about 20 minutes to completely assemble the machine and to stand it upright onto its wheels, ready to wheel outside into the garden.It is simple to operate and I put a large pile of Eucalyptus branches through the system in 10 minutes. That 1/2 -filled the collection box which is heavy enough for me to deal with. This included hard wooden stems that had already had the side growths removed with a small hand saw. I was only left with the wide part of the branches, will provide logs.Having previously used an old Bosch model which was good but certainly not as fast, or strong as this and also having tried the new very expensive Bosch which was very difficult to unpack and assemble, then failed to switch on, resulting in having to pack it up for return, I am more than satisfied with the Ryobi model and look forward to using it in short sessions to deal with mor of my garden rubbish. I can certainly recommend it.

  8. Amazon Customer

    Shreds everything with ease, lovely bit of kit.Very impressed, easy to set up and use, it just pulls everything straight in with ease. I bought it mainly to shred all the constant pruned branches of my willow tree and am so pleased with its performance, a nice sized bin. Would recommend for any home gardener.

  9. Ron.

    Look no further, just go for it.The media could not be loaded.

     This is one big buy and being low priced I was geared for some disappointing performance. This is the best purchase i made after my house and car this year (a little noise there kkk)Compared to other high priced kits in the same small domestic ranges; I think this one is the best. I have run it for a tough 4 hours right from packaging and must say I have no regrets on first day of use.The is an adjusting screw for the shredding, The machine is not as silent as stated but rest assured it’s not uncomfortably loud. Assembling is so easy, took less than a minute (at least I quickly figured out). Assembly instructions are there but too much graphical, would have preferred a few more words.Now I don’t have to hire some pricey guy who goes dump the waste in places illegal; i can happily take to recycle point and for some time am sortedThe only thing I wish was there out the box is bucket-free mode rather than having to empty the collection bucket after a few minutes shredding. A more conical/funnel on inlet gap would be a big plus as with current one it does get too small for some cuttings.I just hope in the next versions there is emphasis on power saving by way of a built in auto-switch that can cut off/on when needed rather than run even when there is nothing in the machine.Overally, i am very impressed.

  10. AlwynUK

    efficient mechanism, silent enoughThe Ryobi RSH3045U 3000W Silent Impact Shredder is brilliant. There is no better garden shredder in my view.Previously I’ve used the Bosch 600853670, Shredder AXT Rapid 2200 (2200 W, 230 Volt System, Cutting Capacity 40 mm, in Carton), Green/Black which was very basic. This has a spinning disc mechanism which gets easily jammed. I’ve also used a heavier petrol shredder from a friend which was expensive to buy, heavy to transport and very noisy.The Ryobi RSH3045U 3000W Silent Impact Shredder, isn’t easy to lift, about 25kg, but easy to manouvre and wheeled. It is easy to assemble, collects the mulch conveniently. Best of all it takes 4-5 cm thick stems without jamming. It also has a clever self feeding mechanism which pulls long stems through after the initially feed. Didn’t clog with slender Virginia creeper stems either.Great tool.

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