Ryobi RPW150XRB 2200W 150bar Pressure Washer

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Power Source AC
Colour Yellow, Black
Maximum pressure 150 Bars
Weight 12.2 Kilograms
Hose length 8 Metres

  • High-performance 2200W motor delivers max pressure of 150 bar and max flow of 420L/H
  • Durable and flexible 8m steel-armed hose resists kinking for an easy cleaning experience
  • Hose reel for quick and easy storage of hose when not in use
  • Incorporated 1L detergent tank with on-demand detergent function easily accessible from the wand
  • Includes 30cm surface cleaner, rotary brush, turbo lance and vario lance
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From the manufacturer

The RYOBI Pressure Cleaning Range


The Ryobi Pressure Washers range, awarded ‘Best Buy’ (110b model) within Gardener’s World (Mar 2021)

When it comes to compact, powerful cleaning. The Ryobi pressure washer range raises the performance ‘bar’. With varying levels of power catering for all manner of home and garden applications. Whether you need to freshen up your patio, brighten up your decking, or give your car a show-room shine, there’s a pressure washer equipped to power through the toughest of tasks.


Ryobi RPW150XRB 2200W 150bar Pressure Washer

The RPW150XRB from Ryobi is a powerful 2200W pressure washer capable of producing up to 150bar of water pressure with a max flow of 420L/H. Great for removing dirt and moss from patio, decking, stone paths and driveways and equally adept at cleaning cars, bikes and even your Ryobi tools. Compact design with on-board storage saves space in your shed or garage, with an integrated handle for transportation. Equipped with: Turbo lance, vario lance, 30cm surface cleaner and rotary brush.

Features and Benefits





Powerful Cleaning

The Ryobi RPW150XRB Pressure Washer delivers 2200W of power, producing up to 140bar of water pressure for exceptional multi-surface cleaning.

Compact Design

Equipped with Integral wheels for easy transport and storage. Great for when you need to move around your car or wash large areas.

Built In Convenience

This Ryobi Pressure Washer comes with a built in pressurised hose reel as well as on-board accessory storage for added convenience and ease of use.

Durable Hose

8m Steel-Armed Hose for improved strength, durability and flexibility. Perfect for cleaning hard to reach areas.







Ryobi Horizontal Brush Ideal for cleaning decking, conservatory roofs and any other flat surfaces. Soft bristles prevent surface damage. Compatible with all Ryobi pressure washers.


Ryobi Surface Scrubber Brush for scrubbing flat surfaces like decking or siding. Works up to max pressure of 150bar.


Ryobi foam washer detergent is great for removing dirt from cars, bicycles, motorbikes and caravans. This detergent can be used with all pressure Washers.


Ryobi Extension lance designed to increase the length of nozzles and brushes. Comes with 4 pieces with 1.7m total length.

Additional information

Weight 12.2 kg
Dimensions 39.4 × 38.2 cm
Package Dimensions

‎103 x 39.4 x 38.2 cm; 12.2 Kilograms

Item model number





‎150B – Old Model

Power Source



‎2200 watts

Item Package Quantity


Hose Length

‎8 Metres

Included Components

‎RPW150XRB Pressure washer, turbo Lance, vario Lance, 30cm surface cleaner, rotary brush

Batteries Required?


Item Weight

‎12.2 kg



Date First Available

17 Feb. 2020



8 reviews for Ryobi RPW150XRB 2200W 150bar Pressure Washer

  1. Cliff Walton

    Worth it’s costI was debating getting this (150bar version) or another Karcher K4. As the stats seemed comparable and the Ryobi was £70 cheaper, I went for this.The good things about this pressue washer are, it comes with a flat surface scrubber, a vehicle brush as well as the lance with adjustable spray attachment and high pressure nozzle. I also liked with the adjustable nozzle, you could control the flow, and therefore the soap delivery with a twist function on the nozzle. There is a separate twister that controls the jet pattern. It goes from a single stream to a wide fantail.I’m yet to use the car brush, but it looks ok. The hose is also a good length. The hose on my current Karcher K4 is approx 2m shorter. The soap dispenser, located on the main body requires filling, and then seems to flow well through the washer and is dispensed during low pressure useage. The Karcher requires brand specific bottles which slot in to the machine. Obviously, these bottles can then be refilled with another product, meaning just one initial purchase of named brand detergent. I liked too the stowage of the hose on a spool on top of the machine. This would be easier still if the hose wasn’t so rigid. I’m thinking of buying an after market hose that is more flexible.The things I don’t like about this machine is; the build quality is far poorer than the karcher. It’s noiser but the worst thing for me, is the flat surface scrubber, which is my favourite karcher accessory is woeful on the Ryobi. The extension poles are thin and flimsy. The join to the body is feeble and the unit just keeps lifting up. The Karcher is far sturdier which equates to a better product that is easier to use. The Ryobi comes with a 3 year warranty, so should last at least that long.To conclude, this Ryobi pressure washer is worth the money, but I’d sooner pay more and get a better quality machine.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Good purchase. Happy!Much better than expected. Wouldn’t mind the pressure hose being a couple of meters longer. But never mind. Happy to have chosen this cleaner.

  3. Chris

    Better than Karcher and easier to fixMy Karcher packed in and I bought this Ryobi, I’m very impressed with the included accessories and the build quality is much better than the K2 it replaced.As a bonus spare parts seem to be easier to get also.Highly recommend to all weekend car cleaners.

  4. Debra O’Brien

    Great value for moneyGreat light weight pressure washer and good value for money. Previously had a Karcher that didn’t work and decided to opt for a Ryobi this time and I’m really pleased with it.

  5. Nitro

    Good enough for the priceOk, so I decided to wash the car, an almost weekly task, and I am again reminded how useless the foam gun accessory is.If you intend to use a foam gun then factor in the cost of a decent all brass head foamer.Outwith that, the pressure hose is too short… Unless you have a short car.It seems almost without exception the pressure hose is made of a material which is at best barely manageable and at worst intent on breaking your leg. It’s entirely possible to supply a properly flexible hose, but hardly any manufacturers do it. So the Ryobi isn’t alone.The trigger and gun are good, the hose attached easily and clips into place without leaking, a little harder to unclip, but its manageable. The attachments with the exception of the foamer, work well. The base unit is light and the handle comfortable to use. The mains power cable is long enough… Always need an extension anyway, so length…. In this case, doesn’t matter.All in all a good purchase, aside from the above I’m happy with it, and good value.

  6. Lori

    Great machine…Great pricePower machine, Great for cleaning the car and the patio has .ade light work of both jobs.

  7. Mark

    Ryobi Pressure WasherIt’s a great pressure washer, really cleans hard stubborn dirt off anything with the turbo nozzle, not the lightest of machines but it’s very sturdy when stood up working

  8. Phil

    Good bit of kit.I’ve been a fan of Ryobi for a while. It’s cost versus performance is good value for money. This works a treat.

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