Ryobi OLM1833B 18V ONE+ Cordless 33cm Lawnmower (Body Only), Anthracite/Green

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Power source Battery Powered
Material Metal Plastic
Colour Anthracite/Green
Style Lawnmower Only
Item weight 7.7 Kilograms
Cutting width 33 Centimetres
Number of positions 3
Operation mode Manuell
Product dimensions 157.5D x 28.4W x 157.5H centimetres

  • 33cm (13”) cutting path designed for easy manoeuvrability around the garden
  • Cordless Battery convenience – no potentially dangerous mains cable or messy petrol
  • Mow right to the perimeter with easy edge grass Comb feature – no need to finish it off with a grass trimmer
  • 5-Levels of cutting height (25-65mm) and 3-position telescopic handle
  • Part of the Ryobi one+ system – over 100 tools powered by one battery
  • Autonomy: Up to 250 m² with an 18V ONE+ 5.0 Ah battery.
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From the manufacturer

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Ryobi RLM18X33B40 18V ONE+ Cordless 33cm Lawnmower Starter Kit (1 x 4.0Ah)

Designed to be compact and lightweight, the 33cm cutting path is ideal for easy motility around the garden. Featuring a 5-position, single point cutting height adjustment from 25-65mm gives greater flexibility over cutting heights. The EasyEdge grass comb feature allows you to mow right up to the perimeter of your lawn. Incorporating an ergonomic handle design, with 3 height positions to accommodate all users, which folds down along with a collapsible grass catcher for easy and compact storage.





The Ryobi RAC434 33cm Lawn Mower Replacement Blades compatible with the Ryobi OLM1833B 18V ONE+ Lawnmower.



Pair this bare tool with an 18V ONE+ 5.0Ah Battery, letting you cut up to 250m² on a single charge



The Ryobi RGS01 Safety Glasses provide the vital protection you need when taking on DIY projects around the home.

Additional information

Weight 7.7 kg
Dimensions 400 × 400 cm
Product Dimensions

‎72 x 400 x 400 cm; 7.7 Kilograms

Part Number


Material Type

‎Metal Plastic

Power source type

‎Battery Powered

Item model number




Date First Available

23 Mar. 2019


‎Techtronic Industries (UK)

10 reviews for Ryobi OLM1833B 18V ONE+ Cordless 33cm Lawnmower (Body Only), Anthracite/Green

  1. L. Chalmers

    Game little mower.For such a little mower this Ryobi has a lot of umphf……our older cabled mower has a direct drive motor and rarely shies at anything we throw at it but its heavy……and dragging the cable behind is tireing……so we were a little concerned this little one wouldn’t cope with what we were about to ask it to do……how wrong we were we dont have acres of lawn but being tiered lawns and pasture grass they can grow thick at the edges and have long patches which can carch a mower out.Both hubby and I have been unwell since the end of September so hadn’t cut the grass and with the wet and mild weather it had grown with gusto to the point that the birds were hidden from view on the ground when they came for food……so today whilst cold…….it has been dry for a few days……hubby decided to give “Robbie” the test of his cutting prowess……so starting on the highest setting he walked “Robbie” round the lawns……..”Robbie” performed wonders so lowering the setting to no3 he walked him round again and though its not as short as it could be at least we can now see the birds as they come down for food…..”Robbie” is a game little mower and we are glad we got him.

  2. Starry night

    So light, easy, and effectiveWell. On the whole I’m very, very impressed with this amazingly light little mower, which runs on the same battery system as a wide range of other tools (both indoor and outdoor). The mower is supplied without battery and charger – and these do add a good chunk to the cost – but we already owned several batteries and the fast charger for this series, so didn’t need to buy anything new/extra in order to run this. The only assembly needed for this relates to attaching the three pieces of the handle, which is pretty straightforward. Although the diagrammatic instructions show fitting it, this came with the mulching plug pre-installed (needs to be removed before the grass collection bag can be used). The grass collection bag has a cloth base, so is collapsible for storage, whilst the handle of the mower can be folded by simply unscrewing the two large side screws. For storage purposes, this is great, taking a comparatively small amount of space whilst the grass collection bag is reasonably generous.This works well. It is unbelievably light compared to a petrol mower. More like pushing a lightweight stroller or a child’s toy than a lawnmower (although there is a bit of vibration through the arms). My Dad at 72 hasn’t used a mower on anything other than self-drive settings in years, but he loved this push mower: it’s so light that pushing this is less effort than steering an SD petrol mower. No fumes. No need to faff about with engine oil. Comparatively, this is really quiet in use.We’ve only used this with 5.0ah batteries. When well-maintained, a fully charged battery is easily capable of coping with a couple of good sized lawns (over 2000′ squared/ a good couple of hundred meters). If grass has started to get a bit out of hand, this still cuts well, but with the 5.0Ah battery you can hear it placing strain on the power supply and the battery drains significantly faster. The small size and light weight make this very easy to manoeuvre, and this goes in next to obstacles (such as trees, bird feeders, and lawn edges) really well.The only issue we’ve had with this relates to the cutting height adjustment ‘lever’. This is wholly plastic, and works by means of pulling a plastic handle out, moving it side to side, and pushing it back in so that a little plastic peg slots in to one of 5 cutting height selection holes. The 5th hole – the one for the highest cut on grass – is not good. On this setting, the peg gets stuck. There doesn’t seem to be sufficient space between the lever and the wheel to disengage this once it has been set to this height. The handle on the lever really strains and feels as though it might break, with no sign of dislodging the peg. I ended up using the end of a flat head screwdriver and poking this down the side of the hole selector to extract the peg without placing undue pressure on the handle. Will be avoiding this setting in future.On paper this mower isn’t really suitable for our garden. We live out in the countryside and have a half acre plot – significantly more than the size for which this is recommended. However, our garden isn’t all lawned over one area each at the back/front, but over seven separate ‘zones’; is on a slope; and has walled areas and steps between every lawn. It’s really a series of smaller lawns rather than a big one. Until now, we’ve used petrol rather than electric mowers – the cabling needed for electric models is completely impractical in a large, tiered garden that’s prone to retaining water.Previously, it’s been quite hard going lugging a mower round between walled areas, up and down steps. To make matters more interesting, our soil is clay: prone to cracking deeply and developing odd lumps and bumps in dry weather; and waterlogging, then remaining boggy, when it rains. That this is light has not been astonishing, but this mower has surprised by proving easier to use over lumps and bumps caused by cracking lawns and ants’ nests (a constant battle in our garden!) than petrol mowers. The lighter weight doesn’t do anything to help restructure the lawn, but does enable this to glide over obstacles, instead of struggling and even getting stranded on them. This has also proved more practical in some respects when it comes to our water-retaining soil: this is so light that it can be used pretty much as soon as the soil is OK to walk on, whereas heavier mowers can start to sink/dig in to the ground if it’s not dried out below the surface. If we mow by using multiple batteries, or doing only a couple of lawns at a time, this lightweight battery mower works really well, even on a large garden.4.5/5

  3. Robert Hennah

    Battery hungryBought this has I have a number of tools from the Ryobi one+ range so figured I’d give it a shot. I was a bit hesitant from the mixed reviews and was torn between the 33cm and 40cm blade versions, I figured the larger blade version would make for a quicker job but the price difference was just daft so I bought the 33cm body only and snagged a third party backup battery from Amazon.First impressions, it was light, looked typically Ryobi, the lever to change cut depth is stiff and difficult to change.My lawn was at a ridiculous length and of reasonable size, it took the full charge of two batteries over the course of about 15-20 minutes. There’s no warning battery is low but you’ll know because the mower will stall at anything with more resistance than a fart in the wind.It’s a learning process using a battery mower, what length is too too long for the settings and therefore cause a cut out but once you get the hang of it, the ease of cutting and the speed in which you can wizz around the lawn makes it worthwhile.It seems to do a good job, it’s too early to comment on reliability but I’ve been using Ryobi one for over 10 years and my original tools still work great and original battery still going therefore I have faith in this little mower. The lever to change level and the rate at which it burns through batteries would be irritating unless you’ve got plenty of battery backups and a fast charger.Grab a few third party backup batteries and make sure you have at least two at full charge if doing a lawn of reasonable size. If doing more than one lawn then double your batteries and if this seems too much hassle then this mower isn’t for you.Oh, and the assembly instructions are rubbish, luckily assembly is pretty logical and straight forward.

  4. Peter Clewes

    small battery lawnmower.a lot better than I expected, very happy and would recommend.

  5. john williams

    Great for small gardenFirst of all this lawn mower is not for everyone.It’s very power hungry I have put a 2.5ah battery in it.After about 10 mins to complete my grass cutting it’s half used.This is being used once every week the first time I used it as the grass was longer it took 1 and half batteries to complete the job.My concussion:Good if you have a small lawnGood if your going to cut it every week maybe fortnight.If you have a got a large lawn or you can’t cut it often this is not for you

  6. GarethJ

    Good Lightweight MowerLightweight mower and very maneuverable, far more so than my old Flymo. Perfect for a small lawn.

  7. Steve

    Perfect for small lawnsI read lots of mixed reviews so thought I’d add to the confusion after buying one :-)I only have a very small lawn and this lawnmower is fine. I’d like it to cut the grass a little shorter but I can live with the results. It’s very agile and lightweight and easy to store. It works with my 1.5AMP batteries I had when I purchased a Ryobi drill although it runs out out juice after 10-15 minutes but since I have two batteries I can get my small lawn done in one session. I imagine a larger capacity battery would solve this problem but for me, the point of buying Ryobi is that you don’t buy multiple batteries. I found the 1.5A battery lasted about 10-15 minutes of cutting.Someone mentioned poor build quality and I agree the handle seems rather flimsy – hasn’t failed yet but see why it’s a concern which I find unusual in a Ryobi product.Also someone mentioned “The mulcher” which is basically a big piece of plastic blocking the path of he cut grass into the collection bag. Even knowing this thing might be there, it must be noted the instructions aren’t crystal clear about how to remove this and I spent my first mow wondering why the grass box was empty.Overall though I was quite happy with this. Works with my other Ryobi tools (and batteries), gives a reasonable (if not great) cut and is very lightweight / portable / collapsible. I can however see why anyone seeking a closer cut or mowing a medium size or larger lawn may have been disappointed with this.

  8. Critical Critic

    Not up to Ryobi’s usual standard.The first mower took 3 weeks to arrive (almost unheard of for Amazon). When it did, having painstakingly put it together, it turned out to be faulty and wouldn’t start (the start button was jammed so couldn’t be depressed) and so I had to take the whole thing apart and re-box it/deal with the return process.To Amazon’s credit, the second mower arrived within 48 hours. On the upside, it took seconds to assemble (having already had some practice). Holding my breath, I depressed the start button and thankfully, the motor kicked in. (This does take a few seconds and is very quiet so had me worried at first).Pro’s:1. It’s very lightweight so is easy to carry around/manoeuvre.2. As above it’s very quiet so no chance of upsetting the neighbours if you want to mow the lawn at an anti-social hour.3. When it can cope with cutting the grass it does a lovely cut.Con’s:1. Instructions supplied are a waste of space, so you’ll need to figure things out yourself. (Not particularly difficult but irritating nonetheless).2. It’s a hungry beast (well actually, it’s more like a greedy mouse). I have a tiny lawn (photo attached for illustrative purposes). A fully charged (5.0) One+ battery conked halfway through cutting this lawn. Luckily, I have numerous other Ryobi tools and batteries, so had plenty other fully charged batteries at my disposal to finish the job.3. Initially, I had the length setting on ‘1’ (I like to see that a lawn has been mown). This lawnmower can’t cope with that strength of setting and the motor kept cutting out. It does seem to manage with setting ‘2’ so could be worse, I suppose.4. Whilst lightweight to carry/move around, this is a downside when using the mower. As it bounces around and conks every time it hits a bit of uneven land, it feels more like you’re using ‘Tommy’s toy mower so he can help Daddy mow the lawn’ as opposed to the real thing.Tips:1. It comes with the ‘mulching plug/guard’ already installed. (It took me a while to realise why it wasn’t picking up the cuttings).Conclusion:Whilst this is the cheapest mower within the Ryobi family, it is undoubtedly far from the best and I firmly believe your money can be better spent either buying one of their higher-grade mowers (or despite the temptation of a cordless, sticking with a standard electric mower). Time will tell, but I don’t believe for one second this will outlive the 3-year warranty… in fact, I’ll eat my underpants if it lasts a season). As a Ryobi fan, merrily collecting tools within the One+ range, I couldn’t be more disappointed with this product and certainly couldn’t recommend it.

  9. Fisherjim

    Love itI had mains hover mower that this replaced which was more trouble than it was worth.I was very surprised at how good this mower actually is, it is lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and makes a good job at clearing up the cuttings in its ample sized collector box.I had a 1.5 AH battery and a 5AH battery already, the 1.5 AH battery isn’t big enough even for my small lawn the 5AH one is great.One small criticism the handle is fiddly to put on and take off due to the bottom screws being difficult to locate in their holes, as I fold this up to put in a garden chest it’s a bit time consuming.

  10. Leslie Sanders

    Easy to useI already had a Ryobi mower from 4 years ago. I bought the bare tool as it was much cheaper and I already had the battery and charger. For me it is light and easy to use. Also the bag is not too heavy. I have 2 batteries so that I cna be charging one while using the other.

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