Röhr MMA 160FI ARC Welder Inverter Gasless 160 Amp DC Anti-Stick Welding Machine


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  • 12 month warranty and free to call UK based technical support line
  • Auto hot start, anti stick, arc force stabilisation, thermal overload protection, 60% duty cycle
  • Scratch start, standard UK 3 pin 13 amp plug, ultra efficient ARC welding
  • Comes with lots of accessories – earth clamp, clipping hammer, wire brush, mask
  • For experienced and DIY users alike with it’s intuitive design

Technical Details

Product Description

When it comes to designing and manufacturing welders, Röhr have extensive, unparalleled knowledge. They combine breakthrough technologies to produce some of the most advanced and capable welding machines on the market.

Röhr welders are easy to use and perfectly suited to experienced and new users alike. You can carry out a huge range of welding including vehicle’s, fabrication, house maintenance or more unconventional work where specialist materials require more advanced features. Whether it’s aluminium bike frames or a revived passion for steel sculpture, there’s a Röhr for the job and a Röhr for you!

Welder machine stick weld clamp

Röhr Welders Come with a Variety of Accessories

When you buy Röhr, you will get the full package with a range of accessories to suit your welding needs. The welding machine comes with a welding mask, cleaning brush and a bag to store your accessories. Also the unit has a 2m electric cord so you can position your welder in a convenient place.

Welder machine stick weld clamp

Stick Weld Clamp 2m

Gasless welder eathing clamp

Earthing Clamp 2m

Other welding parts and accessories

Other Parts and Accessories

Röhr MMA-160FI Welder Röhr MMA-200FI Welder Röhr MMA-250FI Welder Röhr HP-250PP Welder Röhr WSME-200 Welder Röhr WSME-250
Type ARC Welder ARC Welder ARC Welder TIG / ARC Welder “4-in-1” Combo Welder “4-in-1” Combo Welder
Output Current (A) 20 – 160 20 – 200 20 – 250 20 – 250 20 – 200 5 – 250
Power Input UK 3 Pin Plug UK 3 Pin Plug UK 3 Pin Plug UK 3 Pin Plug UK 3 Pin Plug UK 3 Pin Plug
Collets 2.0mm, 2.4mm, 3.2mm 2.0mm, 2.4mm, 3.2mm 2.0mm, 2.4mm, 3.2mm
Duty Cycle (%) 60 60 60 60 60 60
ARC Function
TIG Function
Dual AC / DC
Variable Sine Wave
2T / 4T Modes


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