RocwooD Air Compressor Electric 24L Litre 1HP 750w 8bar 116psi 5CFM



  • The RocwooD RWCOM24S is a powerful yet compact 750w direct drive oil free low noise air compressor. Designed for DIY and trade applications the RWCOM24S silenced oil free air compressor is ideal for spray-painting, blowing away dirt and dust, nailing, inflating tyres or operating air tools.
  • Weighing only 21kg the RWCOM24S air compressor is lighter than your conventional piston type air compressor and is completely oil free, so there is no risk of oil contamination in the air supply.
  • The RWCOM24S features 2 large wheels and 1 robust rubber mounted foot and a handle for easy maneuverability. Powered by a 750w motor directly connected to the oil less pump mounted on anti-vibration rubber mounts, makes it ideal for home workshop or garage use where conventional residential power sockets are available.
  • This maintenance free compressor uses an oil free diaphragm pump to produce a clean air supply and considerably reduce noise compared to conventional piston compressors. With a massive 24 litre tank capacity this compressor provides an air displacement of 5CFM/ 150 litres per minute and a maximum pressure of 8 bar/ 116psi.
  • The pressure control system automatically stops and starts the motor to maintain the pressure in the air tank and comes with a twin gauge air pressure regulator. Fitted with Euro quick release connectors this compressor is fitted with a standard 13A UK Plug. The 5 piece tool kit, which includes blow gun, tyre inflating gun, atomizer, spray gun and 5m hose. The essential tools to get you started including spraying, blowing, degreasing and tyre inflating.

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RocwooD is an ever growing brand. We supply a huge range of garden machinery parts ranging from filters to pressure washers, RocwooD is here to supply the goods you need!


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