RocwooD Air Compressor 50L Litre Electric V Twin 3HP Portable 2.2kw 116psi 8bar 11.8CFM



  • The RocwooD RWCOM50V is a powerful yet compact 3hp V-twin cylinder direct drive air compressor. Designed for DIY and trade applications the RWCOM50V air compressor is ideal for spray-painting, operating air tools in the workshop or home garage inflating tyres and inflatables.
  • Weighing 39kg the RWCOM50V features 2 rear wheels and transportation handle for easy manoeuvrability. The V-Twin pump features long lasting cast iron cylinders and aluminium cylinder heads for improved cooling, and comes ready to go including oil. (Replace the transit plug with the breather/filler plug before use).
  • Powered by a 3hp electric motor with a 230v 13amp plug, makes it ideal for home workshop or garage use where conventional residential power sockets are available. The V-twin direct drive design connects the motor straight to the pump increasing efficiency, allowing all the 3hp produced by the motor to be used to drive the compressor air pump producing more power in what is a very compact design.
  • The massive 50 litre tank capacity provides a constant supply of air for airtools with 11.8CFM, 396 litres per minute air displacement. Twin quick release air outlets for increased versatility allow two air-lines / tools to be connected at the same time. The pressure regulator allows the outlet pressure to be increased or decreased and the two pressure gauges measure pressure in the tank and the outlet pressure.
  • It’s also fitted with an over pressure safety valve, the automatic pressure control system switches the compressor off when the maximum pressure of 8 bar has been reached and restarts it when pressure drops to 6 bar. Fitted with quick release Euro connectors this compressor is fitted with a standard 13A UK 3-pin Plug.

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RocwooD is an ever growing brand. We supply a huge range of garden machinery parts ranging from filters to pressure washers, RocwooD is here to supply the goods you need!


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