Presch Wood Rasp Set 3pcs. with Bag – High Quality Wood rasp Set incl. Flat Butt rasp, Half Round and Round rasp – Professional

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  • Optimal set – The wood rasp set consists of 3 rasps. Always the right rasp for every application. The ideal wood rasp set.
  • Rasp flat butt – Double-sided rasp for clean edge processing. Ideal for working on flat wooden surfaces.
  • Half-round rasp – Ideal for shaping holes and curves. Flat on one side and round on the other. This wood rasp is the perfect all-rounder.
  • Round rasp – Circumferential rasp for working on curves. Ideal for shaping even small, internal curves.
  • Durable – The best choice of materials ensures a long service life with high durability. For long-lasting pleasure with the rasp set for wood.
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Product Description

PRESCH wood rasp set 3pcs. + rolling bag


PRESCH wood rasp set 3pcs. + rolling bag

Sharp. Robust. High quality.

It doesn’t matter whether you need to rasp the edges of a piece of hardwood or deburr a plastic pipe: with the PRESCH wood rasp set 3 pcs. you always have the right helper at hand. The perfect rasp for every job! The set includes a practical roll-up bag for hanging.

  • Wood Rasp Flat Blunt 200mm
  • Wood Rasp Half Round 200mm
  • Rasp Round 200mm
  • +Roller bag

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Can you also file metal with the rasps?

No. The files are only suitable for wood, plastic and comparable materials.

Are the rasps also suitable for working soapstone ?

There are special files for working soapstone. However, it is possible. Since soapstone is quite soft.

Are the files/rasps rustproof?

No. Therefore, they should be lightly oiled and stored dry after use.

Additional information

Weight 710 kg
Dimensions 12.7 × 3 cm
Part Number


Product Dimensions

‎36 x 12.7 x 3 cm; 710 Grams

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‎Wood Rasps 3 pcs. + Bag


‎Carbon Steel


‎Wood Rasps 3 pcs. + Bag

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Item Weight

‎710 g



Date First Available

22 Nov. 2022



10 reviews for Presch Wood Rasp Set 3pcs. with Bag – High Quality Wood rasp Set incl. Flat Butt rasp, Half Round and Round rasp – Professional

  1. DWB1873

    Good quality and comfortable wood files3 wood files in a handy bag. Note these are wood (maybe plastic too) only – definitely not metal.They are a very hard metal and have a good heft. They are though very rough – not much grace in these but excellent for material removal.The pouch is very basic but who cares ultimately – the files are excellent.This is brand I have a few tools from (this was the first one I got through Vine – I’ve paid for all the others) as I do rate them – high quality tools at good prices. Not the same ‘extras’ / features as a wellKnown brand with a K and x, but at a much lower price point they are great for occasional use.

  2. Les Williams

    Useful. good quality wood raspsI can never find my wood rasps when I need them, possibly not helped by the fact they don’t have handles and are bare rasps, so I was pleased to see that these come in a bag, (and have handles). The rasps are oiled to stop them going rusty and have comfortable plastic handles. They are coarse and designed for quickly removing wood, there’s no finesse, these are rasps not files. The two rasps I find most useful are the round and half-round mainly for making holes just that little bit bigger for pipes and cables and suchlike. The bag has elasticated loops and Velcro to hold the files; the Velcro I found fiddly and would have preferred pockets, however it is a minor quibble. These are useful, good quality rasps ideal for DIY use.

  3. chicchick

    Great replacement for some very old toolsFirstly, would make a great gift for the hobbyist diyer or woodworker.There are a variety of these available from this company. You can buy rasps and finer files, in a variety of shapes from flat to triangle. This set comprises of wood rasps.My husband has had his set of 3 since we first got married and they are pretty blunt after 35 years. They were not an expensive set, probably about a tenner’s worth, so these although not a premium product, are perfectly adequate for the task, will probably out last him/his diy days. If he’s still doing diy in the garage at 91, I would be really surprised.I showed him the item when he got back from assembly flat pack furniture at my son’s new house and I got a big kiss on the cheek. He took one of them out of the bag and held it in this hand, ran his hand over and said “How useful?” He is prone to losing stand alone tools that sit on the overpacked shelves in our garage, next house we are going to have to sort out the storage of his tool collection, we’ve gone part way to this with a tool storage kit on wheels. This bag is useful as it will be easy to remember that the rasps are in it and also if you look at pic four they could be hang vertically on peg board and hooks with the tools still in the roll. Some might like the bag, some might not, but you can buy the items individually or as a set.I think I will be buying him the set of 6 finer files, as they will be great for his hobby of making things out of skip raided/pallet wood etc.So if he is happy, I am happy. “Happy Wife, Happy Life” but the reverse is true this time, Happy Hubby!UPDATE: My husband was so happy with these we have also ordered the set of 5 metal files in a bag to add to his tool collection.

  4. Consumed

    No ComparisonI have not used a rasp like this before to clean up any of the work I do around the house (mainly 3d printing)so I have no point of reference. These have done a great job for me in quick initial cleaning up of rough edges. I definitely wouldn’t recommend using on anything delicate.A good solid set of tools with a handy carry bag.

  5. Phil B

    Not a tool for finesse, but removes wood with gustoThese are exactly what I was after. The job that they can do can also be achieved with a power file. But that clever little device just fills a room with sawdust in seconds and even if in use outdoors the sawdust carries and spreads everywhere.These tools are the hand version. All rather aggressive in their tooling, but that’s what I wanted. I needed something that could sculpt, to an extent, and take off large amounts of wood in short order.They do that perfectly well and are easy and grippy to hold and use.

  6. Reviewer

    AmazingI didn’t know i needed these til i got them. I needed to round off edges before laying fibreglass. Tried to use my oscillating tool but i could not get good finish so remembered i got these and they worked wonderfully. So easy and fast i was amazed. Of course finish is quite rough but i went over with sander lightly and edges look great. Definitely will be using these more from now on. Great quality and price and comes with little pouch. Highly recommend.

  7. Mike J

    Seem good…A nice little set of wood rasps/files in a well made storage pouch which may not be worth the extra £2 if these are going to be added to your toolbox. Not the last word in quality but for £20 they seem to easily justify the price. A touch smaller that what i might consider a ‘standard’ file size but that’s not a negative. Slightly rubberised handles are a bonus. Recommended.

  8. A. Skudder

    A nice little setAll three of these rasps feel very solid and strong. The rasps themselves are quite coarse so not for fine delicate work but perfectly OK for general woodworking.The bag will make them take up a bit more space in a toolbox, but it does protect the tools from getting affected by rubbing up against other tools so I think it is worth the extra few pounds to have.Overall I found this to be a decent set, that fills a gap in my tool collection very well.

  9. J-Mac

    Good setVery good files for wood and metal work. Strong tools with a good sturdy handle. All collected in a carry pouch which fastens shut using two clips. Very good.

  10. keefo!

    Fine teeth for smooth resultsI used the Presch Rasp set to round off the wooded corners on my stair case, I found that the fine teeth take a small amount of material off the wood while allowing it to be easily sanded to finish afterwards. The handles are all comfortable offering a good level of grip and precision. I am very happy with the performance and finish achievable using this set of tools and have no reservations in recommending them for DIY around the home.

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