ParkerBrand 58cc 20″ Petrol Chainsaw + 2 x Chains + More

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Brand ParkerBrand
Power source Petrol
Horsepower 3.1 hp
Item weight 8.14 Kilograms
Product dimensions 50L x 25W x 28H centimetres

  • Strong & Reliable 58cc Engine
  • 20″ Bar Complete with 2 x Chains
  • Free Carry Bag, Bar Cover, Tool Kit & Chain
  • CE / GS AND EU-II Approval
  • 2.3KW / 3.1HP Engine Output
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A high-powered 58cc 20” Petrol Chainsaw that is low on price and high on performance, our Parker chainsaw was designed to tackle more challenging jobs and thus features a proven air cooled engine, an intelligent user-safety set up, and a light, ergonomic design for total user satisfaction. The powerful Parker petrol chainsaw makes short work of thicker logs and timber, making it perfect for felling wood of all sizes.

The enhanced design features a modern automatic chain lubrication system to extend the life of each blade and guarantee optimal performance every time you use it. The solid 3.1 HP (2.3kW) 2 stroke, air cooled engine is both high-powered and fuel efficient for increased performance without the added running costs. The anti-vibration system, front-mounted tensioner and dynamic chain brake provide hours of use without discomfort, putting you in complete control whilst ensuring your safety. 

Our unbeatably priced Parker PCS-5800 20” Petrol Chainsaw comes complete with a comprehensive user guide just as you would expect.  You will also recieve in the box

You will recieve in the box: 

    The body of the chainsaw

    • Bar
    • Bar Cover
    • 2 free chains
    • A basic maintainance tool kit
    • Fuel mix bottle – for precise mixes
    • Carry bag 

    Additional information

    Weight 8.14 kg
    Dimensions 25 × 28 cm
    Product Dimensions

    ‎50 x 25 x 28 cm; 8.14 Kilograms

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    Date First Available

    8 Jun. 2014



    10 reviews for ParkerBrand 58cc 20″ Petrol Chainsaw + 2 x Chains + More

    1. Phil Halliday

      A cheap chainsaw that does the jobGreat chainsaw for the price the chain tensioners is a little weak but works ok and the chains stretch quite a lot on first use, but seem to cut fine

    2. NigeB

      Does the job nicelyI deliberated for some time about which chainsaw to buy – while attracted to the big names which carry very positive reputations, I couldn’t justify several £100’s for occasional logging to feed our wood burning stoves, and general garden maintenance. So I bought this on the basis that it’s cheap, has a spare chain, and while reviews tend to be variable, there are good demonstrations on YouTube which show the chainsaw *can* work very well. The package sold by Parker included a spare chain which seemed like a good deal, and there was evidence of the company responding promptly and helpfully to customer queries on Amazon, so I chose that supplier.Having used it for a couple of weeks, and used today quite intensively, I’m very impressed with the saw, particularly given the price. Construction is fine – the plastic doesn’t feel particularly flimsy to me, the bar is rigid, the safety mechanism (chain brake) works instantly, and starting is, in the main, achieved with 3-4 pulls. No problems with chain oiling – the oil reservoir is exhausted at approximately the same time that the petrol tank is emptied, and the chain seems well oiled.In common with at least one other reviewer, I found that I had to remove and re-seat the spark plug and electrical connection to get the machine to start for the first time. But after that – no further problems. If starting from cold, it will typically run for a few seconds on the choke, and then cut. One further pull with the choke in, and it’s ready for work.I share the criticism of the position of the on-off switch; it’s close to where your hand goes on the throttle and very easy to knock off accidentally. But that’s my only gripe, and it’s hardly a major one given the price of the product.Don’t expect too much of the items that are provided “free” – the case and tool bag are flimsy and I don’t expect them to last long, and you’d be well advised to get a proper chain file with guide bar for sharpening. But for me these are incidental issues – I can buy a high quality file and bag for a few £’s.Overall, very happy – so far, it feels like a real bargain.

    3. Dave wakeling

      Just the job for the price, providing your not felling trees 5 days a week.Prompt delivery. Had a similar one ( well almost identical) for 5 years, which succumbed to a terrorist attack. This Parker Brand was quick to assemble, good instruction booklet. Fired up on the third pull, and despatched a 12yr Alder tree (14 “ wide at the base) no effort.Value for money if this one lasts half the time of the previous similar saw. For the non professional, it makes sense going with this product, then shelling out £400+ for a top end job.Word of warning, the terrorist mentioned above, was a mouse. Chewed through the fuel primer bubble on the old saw. Learned after the event, rodents are attracted to the oil/scent left behind by human hands, obviously Mighty Mouse devoured mine, and didn’t stop till he ran out of petrol.

    4. Mrs T Critchlow

      Good chainsawGood chainsaw but badly let down by cheap chains that come with it. Hubby went to cut down a tree and within 5 minutes the chain was wrecked and was burning and sparking! Put the second chain on and it did exactly the same. I can’t actually use the words that my hubby used to describe the chains! By all means buy this product but also buy a couple of quality chains to use and don’t bother with the ones that come with it.

    5. james cavill

      Great toolI thought this chainsaw wood be rubbish for the money but I was massively impressed. Was out there chopping logs for about an hour and it didn’t miss a beat. Comes with spare chain container to mix petrol, tool kit and bag. Great value for money.

    6. Cognitive Economy

      Not the best quality, but seems to get the job done.We find that Parker tools are cheap, and in fairness to them you get what you pay for, and they provide a sturdy capable tool build to a price point.This is the 3rd item we’ve had from Parker, the previous were a saw table and petrol gardening multi-tool.We found the chainsaw is powerful enough to get the job done, but felt it’s badly fitted cut off switch and cracked chain cover, and lack of out of the box quality control wasn’t a good customer experience.But fuelled up and with chain lubricant the machine started 1st time and we felled our already dead tree.Complaints: NoneComments: Would have been nice to have a better bolted together unit that passed a factory inspection before it was sent to us. The job is done now, anyone want to buy a slightly used 20″ Chainsaw?

    7. S.D

      It’s the coldest March ever! but I’m fine and toasty 🙂What a cracker! This is the third chainsaw I’ve bought – the first got stolen by a friends (!) wife when she left him; the second I lent to another friend and her boyfriend wrote it off (and I hadn’t even used it myself) so this one is never going to be used by anyone but me! It’s a bit bigger and heavier than I expected (I might have ticked the wrong box, size wise) but made very short work of a thumping great tree that fell down, two years back from the council land – 40ft high; 18 inch diameter job they didn’t want to sort. It’s now in neat little bits ( a lot of neat little bits ) in the basement and feeding the fire through the bad weather, especially good as it’s an Ash tree. Sounds OK? Given I’m female and nearly 70 it’s flippin’ brilliant. Easy to set up and use, nice, clear instruction booklet (got piccies which is great for me lol), nicely balanced, starts straight off and easy to dismantle and clean, pack away and store; what’s not to like.

    8. shane buckley

      A good, value for money chain sawBought this saw purely as a log cutter. No plans to go ‘lumber jacking’. Saw arrived well packaged with contents as advertised. Instruction manual AND small c.d which contains manual in various languages.Put the saw together, donned my protective gear and off I went to cut some logs. Fuelled up the saw, filled the chain oil reservoir and set to to start the saw up. I had a real problem starting the saw until I re-read the instructions. Set the choke, get the first ignition and then return choke to open position. Pull the starter and the engine starts. I missed that when reading the Instruction (doh) So, following the instructions correctly, the saw fired up at first attempt after resetting the choke. Various sized pieces of wood were then cut, the largest being approx. 18″ diameter. No problems whatsoever. I now have a healthy pile of logs. A good, value for money chain saw.

    9. Mark

      I will go for a Chinese saw again in futureGood machine have used a similar Chinese saw for the past 5 years which had a few easy fix issues if you know a bit about two strokes they are great value for money on looking at my parker saw all previous issues i had with my previous saw have been addressed, great saws powerful and value

    10. Charlie

      Really good valueBought this for my partner as our house is soley heated by an open fire with back boiler so as u can imagine we go through ALOT of wood. This chainsaw has filled our woodstore already and is still going strong. Cannot stress how much use this had already been used almost everyday as works as good as more expensive 1s my patner has used. Goes through whole trees easily. He did buy a different blade sharpner that is bit better then 1 that comes with it but for the price this is amazing he is very happy and we looking forward to a warm winter infront of fire lol

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