ParkerBrand 3.75 kVA Portable Petrol Generator


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  • 3.75kVa Output
  • Dual Voltage (110V / 230V)
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator
  • Run a variety of Tools & Hardware
  • Open Frame Design for Easy Manoeuvring

Technical Details

Product description


Chariots of Fire! Hand carts of glory? Portable generators of extreme utility, that’s for sure. It may yet be a gold medal winner, but we certainly already know it is.
With all the build quality and reliability of the ever popular ParkerBrand static model this generator has that bit more muscle. With a 3.75 KVA capacity you’ve got even greater capacity with which to operate a wide variety of tools and equipment.

The demand for this model was very real and we are pleased that it is part of the growing ParkerBrand stable. With all the feature that you would expect including dual voltage (110v/230v) output, and a automatic regulatory system (ARS) to protect your kit from surges. You will also note that it has a high-quality build and components that really do mean that you are getting the most for your money.

Portability has been high on many customers agendas especially those that wish to use these in outdoor locations such as caravan and campsites, cabins and remote locations. Where ever you are, we know that four-stroke 210cc 7HP air cooled engine is going to be worth it’s weight in gold knowing that you have the energy source you need – and didn’t break your back getting it there.

Robust alloy discs and fully pneumatic the wheels on this unit will have you rolling everything in to place so you can enjoy your surroundings and leave the power generation to Parkerbrand, where our designers deserve meddles and the machinery should be winning them too.


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