P1 Petrol Pressure Washer 3000psi / 207 Bar, 212cc Hyundai Engine Jet Wash with 5 Quick Release Nozzles, High Pressure Washer,

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Brand P1PE
Power source Corded Electric
Colour Orange
Maximum pressure 2990 Pound per Square Inch
Hose length 12 Inches
Specification met REACH
Product dimensions 23.6L x 19.7W x 39.4H centimetres
Tank volume 8.7 Litres

  • Powerful 7hp petrol engine produces 5600w, most DIY electric pressure washers are only 1400w to 2000w. 1.8L/h fuel consumption at full load.
  • Generous large 12 inch puncture-proof wheels for easy transport.
  • The power washer is also fitted with a quick release soft-grip handle and integral detergent tank.
  • This high-performance petrol jet washer comes with 5 spray nozzles and is perfect for home and DIY use.
  • For your peace of mind comes with 2 year P1 warranty and full UK after sales team.


From the manufacturer

P1 Pressure Washer, Petrol pressure Washer, Electric Pressure washer

Petrol pressure Washer

Petrol pressure Washer

Petrol pressure Washer

Strong Performance

Strong performance: Approximately three times more powerful than a standard electric pressure washer, this petrol pressure washer is powered by an easy-starting Hyundai IC210 7HP 212cc 4-stroke OHV engine and will make light work of even the toughest cleaning jobs, whatever the weather.

Fast and effective

Fast and effective: The P3500PWA delivers a continuous 2990psi pressure and a flow rate of 8.7L/min from its high pressure pump for quick, effective and simple cleaning, ideal for cleaning patios, driveways, cars, off-road bikes, boats, etc. This jet washer also features a built-in detergent tank for deep cleaning purposes.

Superior Design – Invest in the Best

Superior design: Quiet yet powerful, this compact jet washer is equipped with a 7m long hose for added reach and extra manoeuvrability.

Invest in the best: For your peace of mind, this pressure washer is also covered by a 2 year P1 WRNTY (as well as full UK service and parts) to maintain it for years to come.

Simple to Use

Simple to use: The pull-start engine allows you to complete jobs where there is no electricity readily accessible or available. The frame of this easy-start pressure washer is fitted with puncture-proof tyres for easy mobility making this a machine that can be easily used anywhere. The P3500PWA is also quick and easy to assemble out of the box.



At Hyundai Power Products we pride ourselves on providing a quality product at a very competitive fee, delivered promptly to your door. All repair work which is under guarant is undertaken in-house and we keep a huge stock of spare parts for all Hyundai machines.

As a company, we set ourselves the highest standards possible and our business practices come solely from the notion that we treat others as we would expect to be treated ourselves; with respect, courtesy and in an ethical way.

P1 Petrol Pressure Washer 3000psi / 207 bar | Hyundai IC210 Engine | P3500PWA

The P3500PWA is a powerful portable petrol pressure washer by Position One (P1) Power Equipment. The Pressure Washer is powered by a Hyundai 212cc 4 stroke petrol engine which produces 7hp and 5.6kW of output power.

This high-performance petrol jet washer is perfect for home and DIY use. If you have a patio or driveway to clean, this is the machine for the job.

P1 Power Equipment – P3500PWA Pressure Washer

Manufacturer P1 Power Equipment
Weight (Kgs) 31.5kg
Engine Type Hyundai IC210 7HP 212cc 4-stroke
Starting System Easy Recoil Start
Fuel Type Unleaded Petrol
Engine Oil 600ml of SAE30 or 15w40 Engine Oil
Hose Length 7m
Operating Pressure 2990psi
Flow Rate 8.7L/minute
Item Model Number P3500PWA
Product Dimensions 600 x 500 x 1000 mm
In the Box Pressure Washer, Operational Manual, Spray Gun, Lance with Snap-On Nozzles, 7m High-Pressure hose with M22 Fittings, Spray Nozzles – 0°, 15°, 25°, 40° & Soap Nozzle, Spray Gun Hook (Upper), Rubber Foot, Q/R Garden Hose Fitting
Fuel consumption 1.8L/h fuel consumption at full load
Fuel consumption 0.98L/h fuel consumption at half load
Fuel consumption To get the run time on a full tank, you can simply divide the fuel tank volume by the fuel consumption to get the number of hours of worktime per full tank.

Additional information

Weight 31 kg
Dimensions 19.68 × 39.37 cm
Product Dimensions

‎23.62 x 19.68 x 39.37 cm; 31 Kilograms

Part Number


Material Type

‎Steel, Alloy, Plastic

Power source type

‎Corded Electric

Item model number




Date First Available

18 Nov. 2020



7 reviews for P1 Petrol Pressure Washer 3000psi / 207 Bar, 212cc Hyundai Engine Jet Wash with 5 Quick Release Nozzles, High Pressure Washer,

  1. Daniel K

    Little beastAfter long research process and which would be the best pressure washer to buy for home use and some cleaning service jobs I have decided to go with P1 Pressure washer.At first I was in doubt and didn’t know what to expect from it. After reading that most reliable and most powerful engines are Honda GX ones I was a little bit disappointed to find out they are 4-6 times more expensive. I have to say that for price just above £300 I have to say this pressure washer is pretty amazing.I found some unclear information and obstacles which I will mention as short as possible. First of all some assembly guide pictures and instructions do not match with actual pressure physical pressure washer appearance and after checking and comparing user manual from the box and online one I could see where the issue was. Most probably included user manual was not updated yet online was. Second thing I found is that mentioned operational instruction includes part where you need to pour 600ml of included SAE30 oil. After noticing I had no oil provided in the box I quickly contacted customer service which apologised and dispatched required oil which was on my doorstep in couple of days. This was a massive benefit towards the product. Not only they provided missing oil, but they answered all my questions about which is the best one oil to use, clarify the pressure and WPM of the machine. Another thing about the oil I have to mentioned is that it seems engine already had some oil in it as I managed to pour a lot less before measuring stick showed right level of oil.After first start up and using the pressure washer I can say I definitely didn’t expect the beast to be in my hands. First job I have done was my garden which has roughly 30sqm of square concrete slabs and this machine just remove all dirt off them in no time. Decided to go and do my uncles house with approximately same size garden and yet again this beast performed superb.Two attachments that I have tried with it were turbo nozzle and karcher 15″ flat surface cleaner and yes, this pressure washer can handle both of those pretty well.Loudness wise I would recommend wearing ear protection as In some tight spaces and using this machine for over an hour can get annoying and painful to ears.Lastly, IMO great benefit and improvement for the machine would be that it is possible to use it with buffer tank in order to eliminate any water tap and low pressure issues that might occur this would probably save any engine repairs that might occur with low flow of the water or engine over-heating.If you are looking to get yourself some budget friendly and good domestic pressure washer, look no further and get this one. Great customer service, and super powerful machine for any job to be carried out.

  2. Mrs K. Bradbury

    Good quality performance, but irritating instructions and nozzle storageOverall, I am pleased with this. Although it is more expensive to run than the electric one that it replaced, it is more powerful and better built. It ships without engine oil and this is clearly advised. How much to put in? RTFM! 600ml say the instructions, so, I measured 600ml and poured it straight in; it overflowed by about 100ml. Now, I’m not a RTFM person, but when I do RTFM I expect to be doing the right thing. Who would think to put in a smaller quantity, at first, just in case the instructions be wrong? The other gripe is that the nozzles, which are attractively stored in colour matching holes, vibrate out and fall onto the ground.

  3. Ash

    PowerfulPowerful kit, but loud. I used Aspen fuel so was expensive in the end but next year it’ll. r petrol. Much better than my karcher.

  4. NC

    Powerful, versatile jet washerEarly days yet, but experience to-date indicates great jet washer, powerful, easy to assemble and started first time – also purchase the Tool Daily 15 inch surface cleaner – cleaned our large patio in about an hour rather than the 3 hours with the Karcher K7 I borrowed. Only obvious negative is that it’s loud so ear plugs etc. may be the next purchase! Think the manufacturers have made a couple of design improvements, with the nozzles being held in place by rubber holders. Easy to manoeuvre given big wheels and hose long enough for my purposes (patio and car cleaning).

  5. Alan K

    Well-built and effective pressure washerI bought this for cleaning a large double driveway, large patio and hard paths that build up algae over time. My previous electric one seized up as I don’t think it could cope and took way too long to cover the area one little patch at a time. Looking at the prices for a decent electric replacement, it wasn’t too much of a leap to go for petrol.It arrived the day the BBC reported a petrol shortage, panic buyers went into overdrive and I daren’t go to the petrol station with my can, so have only just assembled and used it. First impression is that it was worth the money (I paid about £256). It was securely packaged, build quality looks good, assembly was straightforward, ease of use and performance is impressive. The range of 5 nozzles it comes with give a range of cleaning options. Not sure about using it on the car as it’s pretty powerful but it has a tank for detergent so I might try it and just avoid standing too close. The engine is built by Hyundai so I hope it will last well.My one tiny criticism is that the handle on the recoil start is made of hard plastic, which cracked when the cord pulled it out of my hand and it hit the casing. However I can easily replace that with a rubber one and put it down to my failing to follow the starting instructions to the letter – there are some high pressure forces involved, so it pays to familiarise yourself with the process. Other than that, very good and I’m happy with the purchase.

  6. Terox

    No comparison to an electric pressure washerPro’s,This is the one for the jobmuch better than an electric pressure washer, much faster , way more powerful, much more robust and far superior resultsYou will need to buy oil for it. (But you need to do that for any petrol engined device)Cons, its a little noisy… that’s about it. (Oh and can’t get it away from the wife)I use it to clean a very large area of council style flag stones (The big concrete ones) that get absolutely covered in moss and algae over the winter months.I also bought a surface cleaner, this one… which it works well withhttps://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B099RK5QKX/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

  7. Phil

    Hyundai jet washerGood power washer 👍use it for washing trucks at work, will be replacing hose has the one on it isn’t very flexible 🤷🏻‍♂️Early days using it so can’t comment on reliability yet ,but no problems up to now 👍👍

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