Oregon 2400W Powerful Electric Chainsaw with 16-Inch (40 cm) Bar, 230V Motor, 6m Power Cable ,DuraCut Saw Chain, Quiet

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Brand Oregon
Power Source Corded Electric
Horsepower 2400 Watts
Weight 14.57 Pounds

  • Powerful performance: 2400 W electric chainsaw with integrated chain brake and 16″ bar; ideal for professionals and homeowners who cut trees, logs and fire wood in harsh environments
  • DuraCut saw chain: Cuts 3 times longer than standard chain in abrasive environments; 14.7 m/sec chain speed, for heavy to medium duty cutting; instant start, low noise, with long 6m power cord
  • Clever design: Built in chain tightening system doesn’t require any tools; simply switch on, check oil and cut; oil level window and front safety hand guard protects from flying debris
  • Automatic oiler: The automatic oiler distributes oil on the bar and chain, requiring minimal maintenance, keeping your chainsaw safely lubricated and preventing premature wear and tear
  • Ergonomic: Lightweight and balanced, silent between cuts, weighs 6.6kg, easy to use, no need to add petrol, low vibration, over-mould comfortable handle; 3 years warranty included
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Getting up early and doing a good day of work is a way of life for you, and it’s our way of life too.

From saw chain and guide bars to lawnmower blades and trimmer line, we make high-quality, durable products you can depend on every day.

Why Oregon corded chainsaws? ​

You take pride in your work, and we know you work hard every day. The craftsmanship you put into your job or project requires tools engineered and built to exacting standards. Oregon stands by you.

We make our electric chainsaws so they perform to your standards, and then exceed your expectations. With the cut of each tree limb, branch, and trunk, Oregon electric chainsaws work as hard as you do.

  • DuraCut saw chain: Cuts 3 times longer than standard chain in abrasive environments
  • Corded Power – low noise, vibration, no emissions
  • Tool-less Tensioning system: Tension the chain without fuss​
  • Low kickback: Work in your yard for hours comfortably and confidently​
  • Automatic Oiling System: keeps your saw chain and guide bar oiled for less friction and longer life. ​
  • HIgh power: 15 amps, 2400 watts



Lubricating the bar and chain is very important to prevent premature wear and maintain optimal performance of your chainsaw.

When you use the CS1400 for the first time, you need to prime the oiler.

Unplug the chainsaw and remove the bar and chain.

Plug in the chainsaw and run it for about 2 to 3 minutes.

You will see oil on the bar pad.

Additional information

Weight 6.61 kg
Dimensions 28.2 × 25.6 cm
Part Number


Package Dimensions

‎52.79 x 28.2 x 25.6 cm; 6.61 Kilograms

Item model number






Power Source

‎Corded electric


‎2400 watts


‎2400 Watts

Item Package Quantity


Included Components

‎1 x Electric Corded Chainsaw

Batteries Required?


Item Weight

‎6.61 kg



Date First Available

9 Jun. 2019


‎Oregon Tool

10 reviews for Oregon 2400W Powerful Electric Chainsaw with 16-Inch (40 cm) Bar, 230V Motor, 6m Power Cable ,DuraCut Saw Chain, Quiet

  1. Snuckletup

    Comparable to petrol !I dont often leave reviews, But having struggled yet again to get my petrol Still chainsaw to start and stay running and operational , I thought I would try this what could go wrong! If you have used a chainsaw before set up is a doddle and tensioning a breeze. Yes you have a trailing electric lead so extra careful but the ease of use was able to cut (9-10) inch logs and fell ash tree easily and safely.3 years warranty out the box ! No servicing , no fuel to mix , no fumes , Was so impressed we have purchased another so the wife can get in on the action.😂👍Note Domestic garden use.

  2. Fiesta David

    FantasticUpgraded from a 20 year old Black & Decker. Very powerful motor, used for 6 hours solid on the first day without any issues. Cut through 600mm trunk no problem. Used to cut a whole 50 year old windfall Silver Birch into lengths ready for splitting and stacking.Chain does stretch in first hour of use so periodically check the tension and adjust. The adjustment is really easy and tool free.Highly recommend for the heavy DIY user.Great value for money.

  3. Kev Richo

    A+ Customer serviceI bought this saw as I’d ventured into the realms of log burners. It cut perfectly all the none processed logs I had. Both my son and I used it for a couple of days for around an hour at a time. Towards the end of our use however we found the chain would stop rotating whilst the motor carried on. I spoke directly to Oregon about this and they said that on my saw the chain was excessively sensitive. Because of this they sent me a new saw. The saws cut perfectly and the after sales service is excellent.

  4. Paula Handforth

    Very impressedWe bought this for working through 2 large trunks of dead tree that had been taken down when our battery operated chain saw just wasn’t up to the task. It was amazing. Had loads of power and made light work of the job. Husband was really impressed. It worked through thick pieces of wood.

  5. doveoscar

    Very usefulA decently powerful, well-built electric chainsaw. Feels as if it will outlast the DIY store cheap no-names that have let me down in the past.

  6. matelot

    Instant stop safetySubstantial kit. Easy to rig up and oil. Blade teeth almost too sharp for comfort!Well balanced when working, and the great feature is the instant stop brake.GVFM.

  7. Amazon Customer

    A power house of a tool!Bought with a little hesitation as I’ve always used uncorded saws before, but I am not disappointed! It packs a punch and goes like a hot knife through butter in even the thickest, hardest logs. Of course, you have to be careful with ensuring the power cable is out of the way, but it’s no hardship. It has a longer blade which also makes the work easier. I’ve tried pushing it to its limits and it stands up to the toughest job. Very impressive, and would definitely recommend buying this over a cordless electric.


    GOOD DOMESTIC CHAINSAW FOR GARDENSAfter making enquiries it appeared cheaper to buy this electric chainsaw than to hire a petrol one for the day from my local hire shops, and I can keep this electric one for friends and family to use in the future. I purchased the Chainsaw and the recommended oil, as it needs oil before use (see instructions), and both items arrived on time. Obviously I read the instructions first and in April 2022 my page 15 says an “important” rubber O-Ring must be round the pin on the tensioner “before use”. it also says on page 28 you should frequently rotate the guide bar to prevent uneven wear. Both these instructions require undoing a Philips screw. However.. when I tried the screw was locked in tight and when I exerted extra pressure the cross head screw stripped. After locating the customer service number a very helpful operator said this issue is known about, apparently the screw used to vibrate loose with use so its now FIXED in, and you don’t need to access the O-Ring, but the instruction manual has not been updated, and no information sheet has been attached for new customers. I was annoyed I wasted that time following their faulty instructions, but once I got the answer the rest of the assembly was easy, just follow the instructions carefully. And the chainsaw was easy to use and worked well on some thick tree trunks that were within the limits of this blade, but possibly better for branches, not as powerful as a petrol chainsaw, but good for the garden. Keep an eye on the oil reservoir window as it seems to use oil quicker than a petrol chainsaw, and needs topping up, but that’s easy.

  9. Jay

    My first timeI was very scared to use a chain saw of any kind, but this makes me feel so safe, easy to hold, start, stops instantly, hardly any kickback. Make sure you use all the Correct ppe Ann can oil and chain tension Regularly.

  10. BadGene

    Very convenient to use, no messing about with fuelThe good:- Plenty of torque- Good chain speed- Very easy to put together- Fairly light and easy to handle- Easy to clean and maintain- Replacement chains are reasonably priced and easy to source as Oregon have a comprehensive line of these and plenty of info on their website about which options you have (comes with an M-VXL-X chain, I put on a regular VXL on replacement as this was a listed option, prefer this chain)- no tool adjustment is very easy to use, and for stripping down for cleaning and checking lubrication holes are clear etc.- (niche) chain has the same pitch and cut depth etc as my other saw, which means my Stilh all-in-one sharpener works for this one as wellThe bad- I don’t particularly like the chain brake lever, it’s a bit plasticy and hinged only on one side, which reduces my confidence that it would trigger on kick back; I’d worry that it would twist rather than cleanly snap into place.- The bar/chain option as stock is quite a lightweight one for the rated power/speed – but when kept sharp has given no problems with whatever has been asked of it.- Not sure this is a bad thing or something to be reassured by, but it seemed a bit thirsty on oil. I was checking oil levels every 15 minutes or so when cutting hardwood.For the price and given that I have little need to use it more than a few meters from the house, it’s a hard to argue that a petrol saw would be better, with the noise, warm up time, up-front and servicing costs, fuel storage, cleaning and weight.If it doesn’t work the option is “did I switch it on”, rather than “maybe i got some muck in with the fuel, does it need new spark plug” etc.Overall it’s done everything I’ve asked of it so far, very easy to use and it’s incredibly convenient.

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